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  1. I had surgery on both hands back in ‘94 and don’t think there was any noticeable ill-effects. I would think that the success rate for the surgery has only improved in the last 24 years...
  2. Einstein, along with his brothers, invented Bagels. Or maybe that was who invented beagles...
  3. Aristotle, along with Socrates and Plato, invented Grease...
  4. Good Point, Piggy! If you really are Piggy, that is.... I think the real question that could change everything is "How do we know the reality we experience isn't just the fever dream of a dying lunatic in some desert wasteland?" I mean, that could really change everything. But, having done an in-depth comparison of the dimensions in the photograph: cigar to cigar, cigar to likely hand and watch band dimensions, trigonometric calculations of cigar to keyboard dimensions based on likely keyboard dimensions and likely distance cigars are from keyboard, and assuming and controlling
  5. el.barbudo


  6. There is this topic from last year: http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/123830-to-re-light-half-smoked-cigars/?page=1 Ethernut, when you say "a relight" what time frame are you talking about? A few minutes after going inside to, um... mix another drink? A few hours like Cep mentioned? The next day as Arnold claims? In my experience even serious purging before, clipping, and purging after a relight still leaves you with a cigar that tastes like it was re-lit. I just realized, of course Arnold relights his cigars days after; think of all the terminator sequels he has
  7. DEC13 LFdC Grandioso Wow! Selectos are not very good, but the Grandioso was stellar. Maybe just slightly underfilled, but truly the best I've had in many months.
  8. Will your basement temps really call for a cooled cigar storage? My father's basement near Chicago rarely gets up to 70 in the summer. Just sayin'... could spend that money on more cigars!
  9. "... doesn't think you have the balls to pull the trigger." What happened next, was unspeakable...
  10. My grandfather was at Medenine, Tunisia in March of '43 as a temporary Lt Col, 7th AD (RA) and received a DSO commendation. He wrote in a letter to my grandmother that his equal in the 2nd NZ should also have earned a DSO, but that to his knowledge wasn't mentioned "simply for being a Kiwi". My uncle (also RA) served with some Australians in Malaysia during the "emergency" (he doesn't much like to speak about his experience there) and also has a very high opinion of them. ANZAC day also represents the disgrace of how "commonwealth" soldiers, sailors, and airmen were too often treated as "se
  11. It's been a couple of years since I had the Cohiba, but my memory and brief notes report being very impressed. I'll fire up another of the 8 I have left soon...
  12. Ditto your reaction, Cigcars. The original post was funny, but the knee-jerk anti-ACA reference was off-putting....

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