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  1. 65% Bovedas in my Tupperdores like the one posted below. But doing an experiment now for some lower humidity Bovedas that I'll report on in a month or so.
  2. Before the crisis I tended to work very long hours, and had very little time to smoke a nice cigar. Since the virus, I have now been able to enjoy some very nice cigars, and have made it a point to smoke some old stock which has brought me pleasure
  3. Tony told me it was a corporate decision, without any further details. I know that they paid seemingly high prices for their cigars, and then huge taxes on top of that so for many the prices were an issue. And they were constantly fighting attempts to regulate their shop, but still were able to allow smoking, liquor and coffee service. Usually a place will close if they can't make money, so I assume that was the bottom line reason. I'm thinking of flying up just to make one last trip, which seems like a waste of money, but might just do it anyway. It sucks for me personally because I just bought a vacation home in the Laurentians and was planning to spend some quality time at LCDH.
  4. I just received an email that confirmed a rumor I had heard, that the store is closing, and the date of the closing is May 31, 2020. I know the manager of the store, Antonio, and his predecessor Marc and they ran a first rate shop. When I was last there in the Summer Tony and I sat down at the bar in the back, and drank fresh espresso, drank from the stock of single malts they carry there, and some armagnac too while I smoked a cigar from his personal collection, a Montecristo especial that had 10 years of age on it. He is an interesting and classy guy, extremely knowledgeable about his cigars, and simply a nice guy. His store will be greatly missed. I'll continue to visit with him, but it is a real shame the store is closing. RIP
  5. So do we have any potential dates and locations in October that would work? I'd enjoy smoking a cigar with some new mates.
  6. BBFs, Sancho Panza Belicosos, R&J Cazzies But this is from memory. Could be time to do another inventory!
  7. I prefer but seldom use spills, then a long wooden match or a jet lighter depending on wind conditions and availability of spills or matches.
  8. If the band is loose out of the box, I just take it off before I start smoking. Most of the time I leave it on until I am smoking down to the band, then I'll twist it, and if that doesn't do the trick, I have a keychain that has a knife and a small pair of scissors and I'll use one or the other to remove the band rather than risk damaging the cigar.
  9. Just read an email from CA and this is good news indeed. Now my visits to Canada will be less stressful as I cross the border back home. Of course, our host still has much better prices, and very high quality.
  10. If you are running out of room you have to do something. 5 box in/out 60 box limit seems fair. Is there a way for you to track if each member is in compliance and then generate a reminder email in November advising them of their status so they can be compliant before year end?
  11. I'm a tupperware and Boveda guy. The main thing for me is to keep them at a cool temperature. Not always easy when you are on vacation. And make sure you bring more than you think you could possibly smoke. You never know!
  12. I was on my voyage de noce (honeymoon) in Paris and I went to a tobacconist and purchased a R&J Churchill tubos. This was in 1987. I had smoked cigars a bit, mainly with my dad, and a few supposed Cubans (probably fake). I lit up the cigar with some cognac, and this cigar told such an amazing story from beginning to end and I realized I had to smoke cigars, and Cubans if I could get them. I took a few unbanded cigars home, and a couple of years later went to Montreal and found some OK cigars and then found the LCDH and scored big time. Still didn't smoke much though, I smoked cigarettes until 1991, and didn't smoke anything for a while, and only smoked a few a year. Even now I don't smoke much. But when I do, I want something good. Pres is a big help for me now. I have some great cigars that will last me several years.
  13. That's awesome. Great to think that I may have such a cigar hidden in my collection. And I had a Monte Esp 1 in Canada last summer that was in the low 90s. Hopefully more to come.
  14. I would not smoke multiples of the same great cigar- unless I am on vacation. I like to hold onto something good and be able to have some at a later date. I have multiple bottles of single malts with only a few drams left in them. I'm the same with cigars unless I'm on vacation when I'll bring 3-5 of a really great cigar. Even then I don't necessarily smoke all of them.
  15. I voted the MC2s, but that is probably because I have had many more MC2s and have always (almost always) enjoyed them. I've had only @ 10 Dip 2s, but I must say that I have enjoyed them very much. In fact, I just bought a box from our host a few days ago.

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