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  1. So a good friend sent me this as a congratulations on my new!
  2. Had the opportunity to try Balvenie 21 last weekend. Wanted to try something similar, but not at that price range. Found this....
  3. Liga1069

    What's for dinner?

    Wife and kids gone for the weekend. A good excuse to practice my 'reverse sear' technique.... - Rubbed Garlic and salt into both sides of meat and put on wire cooling rack. - Let steak rest on counter for hour and half - Bake for about 25 minutes on indirect heat of about 225 - Goal is internal temp of about 110 degrees - Pull from Grill and permit to rest while heat is cranked up to about 500 degrees - Sear both sides for 60 seconds - Pull and enjoy
  4. Happy birthday Di, Thank you for the gracious way you answered my initial questions about the forum and specifically about participating in the '24' buys. John
  5. The removal and replacement of the labels seem odd, but I can tell that the other site I order CC's from does open the box and inspect prior to shipping. They use a razor blade though, and until you go to open the box, you would never know the seals had been tampered with.
  6. The Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady led New England Patriots have to be included on any dynasty list. Patriots of 2001 to 2016 : • New England’s regular-season winning percentage of .766 over these 16 seasons is the best of any team in league history in a span of at least 12 years. • New England has won 14 division titles in those 16 seasons, the highest rate of division/conference titles won by a franchise over that span. • Including playoff games, no team over a long term has averaged as many wins as New England, 13.8, in a season. That, of course, is helped by the fact that playoffs have expanded. But it’s still an impressive number. The Patriots’ 13.8 wins is a full win better, on average, than San Francisco’s 12.7 wins from 1981 to 1998.
  7. "Fauda" is a contemporary series about an Israeli counter terrorism unit operating in the West Bank. It is really well done.I was just reading today that it has been given a second season.Unless you are able to channel your inner Ziva David, you will have to tolerate the subtitles as it is primarily in Hebrew and Arabic. Absolutely worth it though in my opinion.
  8. Thanks for this section, I've reposted my intro (since I have been away for an extended time) and look forward to being an active (and hopefully productive) member.
  9. Wonderful device! Has already paid for itself.
  10. Another HUGE +1 for Perfect Draw. I actually purchased mine because my last Serie E was rolled so tight I would have blew out a lung trying to keep it lit. For those who are wondering, code KATMAN still worked as a 15% discount.
  11. For the umpteenth time I just re-read the Ender's Game series.(Orson Scott Card.) Now I am about to re-read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. (Stephen R. Donaldson)
  12. I lurk, but don't post much here, tough to break into a new group. That said, The more I think about this bit with the FDA, the more pissed I get. Thought I'd go to JR and CI and see what they had to say about this....hang on, it has to be on their website somewhere...ummm...really? Nothing? Not even a CRA ad? I've done a little internet sleuthing and found that General and Altidas have not lifted a finger to fight this. And for the most part, American's favorite online retailers will pretty much be left alone. Gee I wonder who owns the most popular online sticks? ***General Cigars*** - Olivia - Macanudo - Cohiba - Partagas - La Gloria Cubana - CAO - Punch - Hoyo de Monterrey - Excalibur - Foundry ***Altidas*** - H. Upmann - Montecristo - Romeo y Julieta - Siglo Limited Resserve LikeShow more reactions CommentShare
  13. My Honda has a sun roof. I've found that opening it into "vent" pulls the smoke out pretty well. One advantage is that you can do this in cold or even light rain.

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