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  1. 1-PLPC 2-Dip 2 3-Lusitanias 4-Boli PC 5-Monte 2 6-Monte Petit Edmundo 7-R&J Churchill 8-Sir Winston 9-CoRo 10-JL2
  2. jackupster

    high roller bourbons

    Angels Envy is good as is Blanton's. It's hard to find but Hancock's Presidents Reserve is excellent too. Another is Four Roses Single Barrel
  3. Im like 50/50 on Dip 2 and PLPC. Probably the Dip
  4. jackupster

    Robusto's smoking great?

    Regio and JL2 have been excellent!
  5. Your West Coast trip sounds like a great idea. Fall in California is the best time of year! I know several members in Nor Cal that would head to SF to have dinner and some drinks...with a cigar of course. Head west young man!
  6. I was the one smoking the funny looking Nor Cal Double Corona's!
  7. Being too young to have gone to Woodstock...I was lucky enough to see this when I was 21. Bill Graham Memorial concert Golden Gate Park 11/3/1991 300,000 attended-Still the largest concert in SF city limits Dirty Dozen Brass Band Jackson Browne Santana W/ Los Lobos Bobby McFerrin Robin Williams stand up routine Journey-Yes Steve Perry Aaron Neville Joe Satriani Tracy Chapman Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young The Grateful Dead-Joined with John Popper on Harmonica for one song John Fogerty with the Dead playing back up band for CCR tunes Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson and Graham Nash
  8. jackupster

    It will be hard to beat these...

    So glad I was able to get a box of these! Yah I'm bragging!
  9. jackupster

    Pappy Van Winkle prices

    Not worth it!!! Get some Blantons, 4 Roses single barrel or Woodford Reserve and save the money for more cigars.
  10. Been digging this band Low Cut Connie! Rock n roll!!
  11. RA Club Allones-Just awesome. Luckily I picked up an extra box recently PLPC-Cheap and always good. DIP 2-TOS code of these is some of the best smokes I have ever had Lusi-The flavor profile is perfect for me. My usual golfing smoke BPC-Another cheap and always good choice
  12. jackupster

    The next cigar trend....and why?

    Since the current trend is bigger cigars...I say they go all in. Take The Woody for example. Who doesn't want a 21" 100rg stick?...Just think of how many bands they can fit on it!
  13. Didn't mean to start a ruckus. Whatever you decide is fine with me Prez. I just didn't consider it an option so I never pulled a HUPC out of my stash to compare. I had RJPC and BPC to compare with and did try them before mystery stick #3. RGPC is on my wish list but have missed them the last couple offerings. Thanks for the fun!
  14. I thought all the blind sticks were “regular production” ? So that includes discontinued vitolas? That makes them not in production.

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