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  1. jackupster

    Someone Offered Me A Box Of Siglo VI. Real Or Fake?

    Monte band looks fake too!
  2. jackupster

    Someone Offered Me A Box Of Siglo VI. Real Or Fake?

    Factory stamp looks fake!
  3. Local Nor Cal band that got back together after 15 years and has a solid new album! 60-70s garage sound.
  4. jackupster

    Would this bother you?

    Rob this is why I buy 95% of my stogies from you....Boxes that are inspected and graded. I dont mind paying a little more for PSP/HQ.
  5. jackupster

    Wedding Cigars

    I would do some special smokes for you and the groomsman...like aged, EL, or RE's. You would also want some handout PC or robusto regular productions for the rest. Unless you're a baller want to hand out $30+ sticks to everyone? Congrats!
  6. I got these from our host a couple months ago. They are rare but not unicorns.
  7. Sorry I made a joke...Just saying 50 cab's of Lusi's are sexy.
  8. Same as this but it looks a little better! 😉
  9. jackupster

    So why no La Trova?

    Thank you for asking the questions on my mind...I think we saw them once on 24:24. They are on my list to get.
  10. jackupster

    Home brewing

    I have homebrewed for 25 years off and on. 3 years ago I took the plunge and bought a Blichmann Top Tier with the Tower of Power from some guys in Silicon Valley. I got it for about half retail...still pricey. But going to all grain and 10 gallon batches was worth it. Watch Craigslist and you can get some deals on equipment. Current taps Simcoe-Amarillo-Citra IPA Rye Pale Ale-Maybe my best beer ever! Hoppy Red Black Porter
  11. Illusione Ultra Toro or Robusto Padron 1964 Exclusivo Maduro Ashton VSG Torpedo Fuente Hemingway...any of them Alec Bradley Prensado
  12. These have been on my list to get for awhile. I think we have only seen them 1X on 24:24. Love the Reyes and Coloniales!
  13. I believe everyone is an agreement about cigars bought on the island...It's the exports that are in question. I think Monterey misspoke when he said "customs". Anything bought on the island should be froze. People can freeze them if they want. But I will take the hosts word for it that he hasn't seen a live beetle in a long time. He says he looks at 12-14K boxes a year!
  14. Good flick but not a classic. The True Grit remake was really good and more Jeff Bridges to enjoy!

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