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  1. jackupster


    Build up enough funds to go crazy on 1/4/2019! 😂
  2. jackupster


    If I hadn't gone crazy the last couple months and it wasn't so close to Xmas...I'd be all over the HDM DC cab....must resist!
  3. Illusione Ultra Toro or Robusto Padron 1964 Exclusivo Maduro Ashton VSG Torpedo Fuente Hemingway...any of them Alec Bradley Prensado
  4. These have been on my list to get for awhile. I think we have only seen them 1X on 24:24. Love the Reyes and Coloniales!
  5. jackupster

    Factory Codes Running List

    Just received a box of Sir Winston’s with RUM Jul 18. I don’t see anyone mentioning this same code?
  6. I believe everyone is an agreement about cigars bought on the island...It's the exports that are in question. I think Monterey misspoke when he said "customs". Anything bought on the island should be froze. People can freeze them if they want. But I will take the hosts word for it that he hasn't seen a live beetle in a long time. He says he looks at 12-14K boxes a year!
  7. Good flick but not a classic. The True Grit remake was really good and more Jeff Bridges to enjoy!
  8. Prez has stated he hasn't seen a live beetle in the warehouse in a long time (10 years or more i believe)The dead ones got killed in the freezer in Cuba...he looks at more boxes than all of us combined. As long as I know the location it was purchased and it wasn't Cuba...I don't worry about it. A friend of mine that has 100+ boxes feels the same.
  9. The price of the EL's and RE's as others have stated. Talisman....FU! 10ct boxes are are nice since I can try them without spending my kids college funds in most cases..RACA, Dantes being examples of excellent sticks that wont break the bank. The worst of 2018- Upmann Mag 56 EL...I have had 2 this year from 2 1/4 boxes I bought and both were plugged to high hell. There's $50 wasted. Now I have the PerfectDraw for the next one I try. The best Sir Winston from the 2017 Xmas Sampler Made me splurge and grab a box a few weeks ago. Punch Sabrosos RE a friend gifted me...amazing! Monte Dantes EL! Made me buy a couple boxes to let them rest for awhile. Finally Bolivar Coronas Gigantes. luckily bought a box a few months before HSA stuck their heads up their arses and gave them the ax. Best Freshie- PLPC 2017...I just love these!
  10. Some are worth and some are not. I will consider whole boxes of the 10ct offerings but have never bought a 25ct RE or LE. Thankfully the prez offers 1/4 box options on most of them. I don’t end up with them all but some have been exceptional. RACA LE and Bushido RE have been favorites!
  11. I mostly drink Kirkland from Costco dark roasts. The Sumatra French roast is $14 for 3lbs is an amazing bargain. We go to Fort Bragg, California often and they have Thanksgiving Coffee Roasters. They have amazing beans. They have some retailers in the Bay Area too.
  12. Buy more than you smoke which has been stated above. You also can get boxes with 2-4 years on them in 24:24 all the time. Yesterday Prez had Monte Medio Corona with almost 3.5 years already. Recently I have bought PLPC with 1.5 years and some BPC with 2.5 years. 30days down and you can start sampling them.
  13. jackupster

    Wineador help!

    Leave it unplugged unless your temps are way out of range. If they stay between 60-80 you’ll be fine. Get the cedar shelves and a bunch of RH beads and you should be good to go. I put some LED strip lights in mine.
  14. Buy one bigger than you think you need....you will thank me later!

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