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  1. jackupster

    Whynter CWC351-DD

    Bigger! Decide what you think you need and then double it. Minimum. I'm a huge fan of buy once, cry once. Your welcome!
  2. NO! I'm sure they are tasty but so are $5 PLPC's and $10 Dip 2's.
  3. jackupster

    Wine locker storage for cigars

    57F is too low and 60RH is the bottom of what would be acceptable. 65-70F would be the preferred range with 62-68RH IMO.
  4. God I would like to try one...not at $900 each! Never had a GR, maybe someday Ill be lucky enough to get one. Great review Ken!
  5. Totally an inappropriate comment. Men women and children were murdered while doing nothing wrong! I think a scary thought is 100+ people shot with 49 dead in minutes.
  6. Lusi for me. Usually light up about hole 4-5 and gets me through most of the rest.
  7. jackupster

    I Really Hope These Are The Real Deal

    Those are some top notch fakes! I would never buy BHK from anyone but an LCDH or someone that I would trust my children with....Our host too but they never seem to show up on 24:24! LOL
  8. jackupster

    Who here home brews?

    I see a local Nor Cal guy! Bike Dog, YOLO, Fieldwork and Knee Deep.
  9. jackupster

    Who here home brews?

    Where about's do you live?
  10. jackupster

    Who here home brews?

    I love it. After few runs and watching a bunch of Youtube I have it pretty well dialed in and can hit all my expected numbers. Electric would have been the only thing I wish I had...I have to brew outside with propane. I got lucky and bought this one from two tech guys in Silicon Valley for about half what they paid new. I had to drive 3 hours one way to pick it up though. They had done about 20 brews when I got it. The were both about 30 and had pregnant wives...LOl. Watch Craigslist and you can often get deals on systems. Someone in my area about a year ago had a Sabco BrewMagic for sale and I was trying to get my buddy to buy it. He kept trying to offer way too low and it sold to someone else. Now he regrets it! Let me know if you have any other questions...I love talking beer!
  11. jackupster

    Who here home brews?

    I have been brewing since the early 90's. My wife bought me a beginners kit with ingredients at a local homebrew store. I recently upped my game and have a high end system that does 10 gallon batches. I could get 30 gallon kettles and move up to 20 gallon batches. I also went to 5 gallon corny kegs and a kegerator. I just entered my first contest, the California State Fair Homebrew Contest with 3 beers. A Red IPA, A Rye IPA and a Russian Imperial Stout. I usually stick to beer flavored beer and not fruit or spices etc. But I have added bourbon and oak to a few batches. Is it worth it? I have a bunch of money in it and It doesn't save tons of money unless you buy ingredients wholesale. But tasting something delicious from something you made from raw ingredients is sort of magical. So if you enjoy making great food then you will enjoy making great beer (booze-wine).
  12. The Bolivar PC is such an exceptional value. I got these from our host with 2 years on them for $6 ea. 1rst 3rd: perfect draw and burn. Cocoa, coffee and cedar with a touch of what I think is graham cracker. Medium body in the main so far. 2nd 3rd: a little touch up due to a honey-do neglect. No headed to medium full with strong coffee and leather taking over the cocoa and cedar. My graham cracker on the retro is still there. Finally: really stayed about the same from the 2nd with the strong coffee and leather up front. Really good as always. I will always have some some of these on hand as they always deliver. If you don’t have some, I suggest you add to your rotation as they are a tremendous cigar for the price.
  13. jackupster


    Nice review....glad I snagged a box by chance a couple months before they got the ax. Now I dont want to smoke them!
  14. jackupster

    Someone Offered Me A Box Of Siglo VI. Real Or Fake?

    Monte band looks fake too!
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