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  1. drunkbuckeye

    Whynter or Newair pre fab frigadors

    I've had my whynter for a year and 5 months and it holds temp and rh. If it helps I lived in Atlanta, GA with hot humid summers and recently moved to LA. Still no issues. I used HF beads if that matters.
  2. I was thinking of the two and haven't seen them up head to head, but if you picked just one, which would it be? I've had a great siglo iv and great club allones, but never tried the gigantes. Am I missing out?
  3. drunkbuckeye

    A Guide to 24:24 & 24:72

    Great write up!
  4. 250... Wow I couldn't imagine what to do with over 1000. I'd probably take a break and retire haha.
  5. drunkbuckeye

    Hello from Kennesaw, GA!

    Welcome from another fellow GA resident!
  6. drunkbuckeye

    Cigar budgets

    I spend within my means. Since I smoke only like 3-5 a week and smoke nearly all myself, easier to stay in budget with a nearly full humidor.
  7. drunkbuckeye

    My dad's ash tray

    I always said cigars are more biodegradable the cigarettes
  8. drunkbuckeye

    Plugs: What do You Do?

    I dry box when I can prior to smoking, then try kneading the area that I think the plug is in, then try cutting more off the cap, then shishkabob through the plug. If all else fails I then toss it. I figure if I put my time and effort in obtaining it, I would try to get what I could from the smoke. Especially if I spent like $15+ on the cigar. If it was a cheaper one like less than $10, I'd toss it after kneading and dry boxing.
  9. i use it for transporting nc in a herfador when flying
  10. I would love to be a plastic surgeon
  11. drunkbuckeye

    Trading Area

    I can't wait till I can access it as well. Till then the 24:24's are my best friend
  12. Congrats! A gorgeous looking case. Enjoy!
  13. drunkbuckeye

    voting age

    Ideally with formal education one can make more informed decisions. then again if you are old enough to enlist in the military and die for your country, then may as well be able to vote

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