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  1. I've had my whynter for a year and 5 months and it holds temp and rh. If it helps I lived in Atlanta, GA with hot humid summers and recently moved to LA. Still no issues. I used HF beads if that matters.
  2. I was thinking of the two and haven't seen them up head to head, but if you picked just one, which would it be? I've had a great siglo iv and great club allones, but never tried the gigantes. Am I missing out?
  3. 250... Wow I couldn't imagine what to do with over 1000. I'd probably take a break and retire haha.
  4. Welcome from another fellow GA resident!
  5. I spend within my means. Since I smoke only like 3-5 a week and smoke nearly all myself, easier to stay in budget with a nearly full humidor.
  6. I always said cigars are more biodegradable the cigarettes
  7. I dry box when I can prior to smoking, then try kneading the area that I think the plug is in, then try cutting more off the cap, then shishkabob through the plug. If all else fails I then toss it. I figure if I put my time and effort in obtaining it, I would try to get what I could from the smoke. Especially if I spent like $15+ on the cigar. If it was a cheaper one like less than $10, I'd toss it after kneading and dry boxing.
  8. I can't wait till I can access it as well. Till then the 24:24's are my best friend

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