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    Hunting, Fishing, Crabbing, Boating.....most outdoor activities. Smoking cigars of course.

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  1. Being a skinny kid, I could eat second and third helpings at holiday dinners, top it with cheesecake, pies and whatever and not gain a ounce. No longer. Now it sticks to me like glue. I sure miss those days. 🥩🥨🍕🥟
  2. Ribeye

    Question to the board

    I voted yes. I trust my vendor......but some crazy stuff goes on behind the scenes in Cuba and other countries. Perhaps a master case or boxes have been switched from the truck in transit. Nobody knows without smoking them. Once the provenance is gone, there always remains a taint.
  3. Take 'em all. You can't go wrong with a bigger travel humidor. Have Fun!
  4. Ribeye

    Best Law Firm names

    "Dewey, Cheatem & Howe" "Proba, Keister, and Wince" Proctologists - From The Three Stooges
  5. Two stroke outboard engine smell just before leaving the dock for fishing or crabbing.
  6. Seafood, BBQ, Italian sausage and peppers, Figs. When is the next Fat Bastard contest,,,I'm afraid I can't wait for January.
  7. If you go to Le Bernardin, be prepared to go elsewhere for a second meal. The portions are extremely small and instead of feeling fully satiated you realize you only feel well fleeced.
  8. Ribeye

    Horrible news out just now!

    From a medical point of view, these deaths are often not intentional suicides at all, but an accidental death from Auto-erotic asphyxiation (AEA). They usually are not reported as such due to the embarrassing stigma. Several Hollywood personalities have met death in this fashion, as well as children and adults from all walks of life. http://www.thezephyr.com/deadlyclimax.htm
  9. Ribeye


    My wife and I went to test drive one recently. The salesman went to get the keys. He tried to start it, but it was dead as can be. He went to get the keys for another and found that to be dead as well. We thanked him, though he offered to try another, we had seen enough Land Rover.
  10. Ribeye

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to FOH. This site is like an onion....lots of layers, great flavor..... and an excellent way to learn on your cigar journey. Have fun and return often!
  11. I just cracked open this new box of 25, which was obtained from our generous host. Absolutely beautiful box from a long past 24:24. This Marca is one of the oldest dating originally to 1837 and needs no introduction to Havana lovers. It is supposedly one of the more full bodied blends that ages well. The cut was traditional and the first smell yielded mild barn and grassy notes to my nose. The cigar had just been removed from my humidor which registered 63% humidity and 66 F. First third: Mild to full bodied with notes of roasted coffee and marzipan. The burn was excellent with a normal draw and a burn line that was perfectly even. Second third: More full bodied with notes of graham cracker and some black licorice. Burn consistent and producing no bitterness at all. Final third: Copious amounts of smoke, smooth gray ash with consistent burn. Full body turned to mellow and mild, which was easy to retro-hale. One re-light was necessary, but no bitter was detected at all. In fact, I'm using my Perfec-Draw to get the last inch of this fabulous vitola. This cigar has yielded nice complexity, flavor, draw and burn over an almost one hour time span. Well worth the time to lay it down for @ 3 years. Even the box is a piece of art in my opinion. I'm glad I have ordered another Cabinet to age as these are almost sure to deliver incredible value and pleasure over the next year or more. If you have some 15 Jun RAE feel free to wade into the water. I don't think you will be disappointed at all. One last thing. I wet my whistle with a Gosling's Rum Dark and Stormy cocktail during this review. It's no wonder that leaf lovers around the world return for these flavors.
  12. Thanks El Pres. for explaining this so clearly. Much Appreciated.
  13. Yes it's true. We all eat some bugs, eggs and poo almost daily. https://www.livescience.com/55459-fda-acceptable-food-defects.html Never trust a Cuban freezer.......If they are like the morgue freezers in the Dominican Republic, they only work 20 % of the time.

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