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  1. I'm smoking anywhere from 2-5 per week. I was closer to 2 per week over the winter, and expect will be more like 5 or 6 with the warmer weather. I will smoke 2 in the same day on occasion, like yesterday (first day over 80F this year). Only time I ever smoke more than 2 in the same day would be at a herf.
  2. Very weak here north of Boston. Not aware of a decent one within 30 minutes of my house. There is one in north end of Boston, but I have no interest in heading into the city just to smoke a cigar.
  3. Also sounds like many travelers considering connecting through their airport may want to reconsider.
  4. Sigaar

    I Weep For Our Youth...

    It's worse, my 20 year old has been listening to rap! I just can't listen to it!
  5. Sigaar

    I Weep For Our Youth...

    Speaking of credit cards, recently a large hospital and affiliated group practices stopped accepting cash for co-pays, etc. I was like WTF!?! I can't pay a $15 co-pay with cash!? I'm old school and like to use cash, especially when you're talking about paying for things that cost less that $50.
  6. You never know, I ordered mine 2 weeks after my daughter was born!
  7. Another fail by government. Shocking, I know.
  8. Same time frame for my Aristocrat MXT 26.5. Ordered June 30th, arrived at my door on October 13th.
  9. Gotta love these nanny state governments.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, gives me a few things to try. And I'll definitely check the hinges. I've started to wonder if it's sealing properly, too. ETA: I found a dollar bill was easily slid under the gasket on right door, so I'm sure the seal wasn't tight. I adjusted the hinges after talking to Bob Staebell regarding the gap. Hopefully this helps!
  11. Still battling high Rh in my Aristocrat. It's been very humid here in the Boston area this fall (89% outside and 77% in my house as I type this), so keeping the humidor doors open to help dry it out isn't really an option. I've emptied all the distilled water out of the reservoirs and have 4 containers on Damp Rid inside (and no cigars). I've been seeing 68/69% all the way up to 75% the past few weeks. It's been trending upward last 24 hours sitting at 73-74% now. Not sure when I'll be able to move my cigars in.
  12. Not sure. The website says 100-150 for the MXT, I'd think the 26.5 would be closer to the 150 box guesstimate.
  13. Nice! Mine arrived last Friday, also an MXT 26.5.
  14. Socialized medicine?! No thanks, big pass for me!

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