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  1. Was nice to see him put in that performance in the first innings in tough conditions. It's even nicer that Australia are on top, dominating the kiwis as they should be.
  2. Bugger sitting on the ground, I'm not flexible enough. You also have to scout out to make sure that you're not on a nest. You can have a comfortable picnic, even in Australia but yes - the beach is the best option.
  3. I pick up a Hobie Outback on Thursday for a bit of kayak fishing around Brisbane. We don't get any cod that size, but there are plenty of bull sharks.
  4. Defense wins championships. I'm predicting the upset. Will probably find a pub in Brisbane that has something going on and go from there. Decided I'll take a Punch with me.
  5. McCaw is like teflon. What's everyone's plans for the final? Party? Cigar? Cry because your from the UK?
  6. Almost anything ERDM. In my view they are the perfect mild cigars. HDM Epicure No 2, Por Larrañaga also come to mind.
  7. I have recently found out that I prefer coronas and lonsdales myself to the fatter cigars that seem to be trending. Let's hope they come back into fashion.
  8. When he first came onto the scene I thought he was awesome. Turns out he's another in a line of Australian tennis stars who are wankers. There's definetly something wrong with the culture of our system at the moment. We need another Pat Rafter.
  9. The guy who works where I am staying drives for Uber. He says that the majority of the drivers are actually taxi drivers who have ditched the cabs because they can earn more. The trouble for the taxi companies is that they have such a bad reputation in this country after years of poor service. Even if they do sort out the contractual stuff, they will struggle to become competitive again. I know the recycling industry is becoming more mechanised. Mechanics now use computers for diagnostics, won't be long until that is extended. There's new opportunities too.
  10. Unfortunately, Australia has become almost as litigeous these days, but what's worse is that everyone fears the system through lack of understanding which has helped to create our nanny state. What a bunch of rubbish if you ask me.
  11. Have had a look at the google maps for sydney, should work out well - Cheers Fuzz & Scrubber. Might have to check the FOH deck out. Otherwise I suppose its the beer garden at the pub.
  12. I'm not usually a fan of Union at all but enjoyed watching the Aussies win last weekend at a pommy mate's place. It was actually a pretty enjoyable game to watch too - not too much kicking and start, stop.
  13. Should all work out nicely, am staying close to World Square. Anyone have any Brisbane tips? I thought there might be locality specific forums on FOH?
  14. That's my kind of food. I'm addicted to XO sauce. Thanks for the tips.
  15. Sounds like the perfect dinner to me, cheers!
  16. Thanks, Fuzz - will check them out.
  17. Heading down to Sydney in a few weeks and was looking for suggestions on cigar friendly places around the cbd? Also, I've heard regulation is pretty strict in QLD - anyone know any cigar friendly places in Brisbane? Cheers.

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