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  1. Oh I am 100% sure you will get warning stickers nowadays.
  2. Great review! As you, I tend to wait a year after stamp date... but this is very tempting. Can also confirm that the guys at LCDH in Lima don’t have a clue about this release! So weird... Swiss magic, I guess.
  3. Just got a box in today. Will try to give it a year from stamping date, but this review is encouraging. Thank you! And what a great way to welcome Penelope! Might use the idea and light the first one when my daughter turns 3. Thanks again!
  4. By all means! Please, let me know when you will come and I will happily meet you, introduce you to Julio and share a smoke together. Best, JP
  5. You bet you will come next year! As soon as the temp goes above 20
  6. There are more than decent stores in the North of Spain, most notable are San Sebastián and Logroño. In the latest, where I reside, there is one shop called Estanco de Julio de Miguel, which have a very nice little cava with excellent preservation equipment, and you will find some nicely aged cigars there. The owner, Julio de Miguel, is a person with 40+ years of experience in the cigar business, 1000 battles fought and imho one of the most knowledgeable guys about cigars in Spain. Him himself would be a reason to come to Logroño, buy some boxes there, enjoy some pinchos and Rioja wine. Hope you enjoy your visit to Spain anyway! best, Javier
  7. Got a couple of boxes today with a friend that was in CR. It is not a 100 boxes release, quite on the contrary it’s a quite common 7500 boxes release. That number indeed is gong to take quite a while to sell IF they are sold only in CR. It’s a nice looking cigar tho, will take more detailed pictures later for you interested. I will burn one when they turn one y/o. Meanwhile they will keep having “Pura Vida”. xoxo
  8. I received these two a couple of days ago; the popular PL Coronas 5ta avenida and the handsome PL Sobresalientes Great Britain 2014! Have a great weekend you all!
  9. Hope it proves its worth a bit better over time!! Enjoy!!
  10. I would say Diplomático Single Vintage 2002 is the standout there at $80. But it’s just my taste!
  11. The first two pictures are the first bands he ever made. That’s why he called them “Vintage KSA” in the printscreen. Actually all the ones that look almost like “homeprinted” are. Haha I don’t like either using exactly the Habanos GR bands haha. But please remember: this is for fun! It started for pure fun, and, while it has gotten to big levels, it continues to be made for fun. It’s Saturday 7am where I am, I wish you a great weekend and for my AU friends, a great Saturday night ??

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