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  1. interesting read. Some parts hilariously uneducated, others infuriating: https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2021/08/24/will_snuffing_premium_latin_cigars_strike_the_match_of_illegal_migration_791101.html
  2. I found the old QD Corona to be very bland and too mild. I bought a 10 of QD 54 , only smoked 1 in the past year, and it was tastier and a bit stronger than the Corona, but light cigars just aren’t for me. I am anxious to try another QD 54 but I don’t count on loving it.
  3. I actually always remove the cap from all Tubos upon arrival and leave the sticks in the actual tube in my humidor.
  4. I realize that everything is subjective and I apologize if this info is readily available. I have never had a Cohiba Siglo VI. I have a 3 Carton pack of Tubos procured from our host, resting for 8 months with a box date of December 2019. I really want to smoke 1 for my birthday next week. Am I wasting it or 8 months resting for a 2019 tubo should be good to go?
  5. I know everyone has their own tastes, but I’m stunned hearing this. My 2016 RASS are my favorite, I’ve never had a bad stick. My # 1 cigar, and I have 1 box of every regular production Habanos.
  6. I just revisited my 2015 PSP Saint Luis Rey Regios & this 1 was excellent, so maybe I had 4 duds from the box so far. Hopefully the rest will be excellent. I know these are 1 of the smokes that are absolutely best young, but will ageing them dramatically reduce their quality? My SLR are coming up on 4 years old.
  7. I have a box of nearly every regular production marca. Of them all, I am only disappointed in my 2015 PSP Saint Luis Rey Regio. Only maybe 1-2 have been enjoyable, all the others have had no flavor.
  8. I just smoked my first (then second, then third ?) Cohiba Short over the weekend. You guys were so spot on: 10-15 minute absolute flavor bombs! So smooth, so tasty, and smell so good. The only issue that I have is due to the small format, I find it difficult not to smoke them like a cigarette, so I feel that I am inhaling the smoke.
  9. My first Cuban from our host was a RASS from the New to Habanos sampler in 2016. It remains the best cigar I've ever had. It was very rich and I got huge mushroom taste, coffee, raisins, forest floor and hints of floral. I would love to know the general age of cigars bought from a CUNTINT sampler. My 25 dressbox of TOR NOV 15 RASS is excellent, but nowhere near the 1 from the sampler.
  10. @El PresidentePrez, will there be any Superiores on 24:24 any time soon? It has been a very long time.
  11. Now that, my friend, is an outstanding gift and sight to behold!
  12. Please say it ain't so. This would leave the Unicos as Vegas Robaina's only vitola correct? I love both of these.
  13. Could you please PM this saved thread to me as well?
  14. Thank you for the link John, this was a fantastic read. I have only tried the RASS and the Superiores, they are both fantastic. I will soon try the RASCC. In fact, a RASS from Rob's New to Habanos sampler last May is still the best cigar I have ever had. It was almost unexplainable, it was so complex and bursting with flavors. So much mushroom and floral goodness.
  15. I'm certainly not trying to be that guy & ruin the holiday greetings, but Prez, will there be a New Year's coupon posted before the team returns from break, as there was last year?

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