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  1. Checking my records, I last bought a box of CoRo in October 2017 for $371 USD from our gracious hosts.
  2. No discussion of other vendors, but I just scored a box of Hamlet Tabaquero Robustos for $80, more than 50% off.
  3. Not a fan of the long and skinnies, not even the Por Larrañaga Montecarlos. In for an N3 Ebony & Ivory.
  4. No idea on my cigar yet. Due to the fine gentlemen on this forum in the Champagne Master Class, I’m having my first bottle of Pol Roger. Bollinger Brut was sold out everywhere in a 2 hour radius of me. Any cigar pairing suggestions with Pol Roger? I basically have a box of Robusto, Piramide, or Petit Corona size of every regular production Cuban, as well as popular other releases like Connie A. I’m thinking Cohiba Robusto, Sancho Panza Belicoso, San Cristobal La Fuerza or Ramon Allones Superiores.
  5. The forum mods are completely fair and shut down biased political discussion. They do a great job of keeping everyone on point. However, based on my voracious reading of the forum daily for around 6 years, I sense the majority of members are center-right.
  6. Definitely good stuff gentlemen. I’m definitely a champagne novice but I’m in for the next class. I hope that I find the bubbly pairs well with cigars. I feel that beer kills the taste.
  7. I think that Hibiki Harmony and Nikka Coffee Grain are top notch whiskeys.
  8. For me, Robusto is my preferred, then Pyramid, then Petit Corona. Anything larger than a Pyramid, I don’t care for.
  9. Yeah the pepper bombs basically forced me to Cubans exclusively. Make no mistake, there are plenty of outstanding non-Cubans, but most I think are pepper bombs. I can definitely dig Padrons and many others, but nearly all Cubans are much more palatable, smooth, complex, etc.
  10. The small tuperdor with about 25 sticks had 2 Boveda 69 packs. My coolidor with roughly 30 full boxes has 4 Boveda 62 packs and they are perfect 5.5 years later.
  11. The Dodgers are my true love. They have the most talented team possibly ever. With that being said, the hated Giants are also outstanding and refused to go away all season, and may very well take us down. With this said, if the Dodgers don’t win it all, it’s a massive disappointment given our payroll and stacked roster.
  12. I hope so mi amigo, years ago I found them too strong and to be pepper bombs. I guess this is what I’m not understanding. My coolidor Boveda packs are 5-6 years old and still perfect. My tupperdor packs are all bricks, which means it isn’t perfectly airtight. If not perfectly airtight, how are they maintaining RH?
  13. Yes I just put a couple fresh Bovedas in there. I guess my room temperature has kept them good all these years, as the Bovedas could have been dried out for years. I just assumed no Boveda = bad news. Strange thing is, I did have a mold issue in my pre-Cuban days with a very similar setup. Perhaps I was using a different Tupperdor, I cannot recall. My coolidor has about 30 full boxes of Cubans and I haven’t had to change the Bovedas in 5 years. Many have said that, but I am an over thinker/constantly worrying. Especially since I had a mold issue in my pre-Cuban days with a very similar setup. Perhaps I was using a different Tupperdor, I cannot recall.
  14. I switched exclusively to Cubans in 2016. Today, I found a 5-10 year old stash of about 25 Nicaraguan sticks, mainly Opus X. They are in a basic Tupperware (pictured below) with 2-3 brick hard, completely dried up 69 RH Boveda packs. The Bovedas are at least 5-6 years old, so who knows how long they have been completely dried up. The thing is, the sticks seem to be in prime condition. They seem silky, with no mold, and no dry or brittle sticks. Obviously, I will know their true condition when I smoke them, but how have they remained in great condition? I live in a humid area (Mid-Atlantic/Southeast US), and in the summer, it can get up to over 100-110 Fahrenheit outside and up to 74 or so Fahrenheit in the house. Is this simple Tupperdor maintaining them even without a functioning Boveda?
  15. I can only speak on the Ex4, and again, my 2015 box is wonderful: light chocolate and cherry. I want to try the Short Churchill but have been advised against it many times. I have often wondered why they have so many petit corona sized sticks. They certainly need to cull a bit. In fact, it is time to refill the Ex4 , but I cannot force myself to do it for $280 USD. Instead, I bought 2 Padron 2000 26 count boxes for just a little more than this. No comparison in taste between the 2, but $280 is crazy for RyJ.

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