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  1. Sir Winston is certainly my favourite cigar - I have a few for special occasions. I probably smoke a couple a year - each time its a memorable event.
  2. 2019 JLNo2 are pretty good in my opinion. Far better than 2018. I’ve had one of my 2019 box and keeping them by for special occasions. A medium to full flavour smoke. My box of 2018 were dreadful - box of 25 and two thirds tunnelled. I wonder what made the 2019 so much better than the 2018.
  3. PLPC is one of my favourites. Best put aside for 3 or 4 years in my opinion. As I smoke my way through a few I make sure I top up. Oh how the price has changed since I got my fit cabinet of 50 about 6 years ago. With a few years on them they produce plentiful smoke with caramel and sweet chocolate flavours. Some stay its a mild cigar - I’d say more towards medium depending how industrious you are and puffing away. Funnily enough my dog (Winston) loves the aroma of the PLPC. He often positions himself down draft and sniffs the air as a trail of smoke passes. He does the same with the Juan
  4. I’m just sat in the garden in Melbourne, a sunny moment, and finishing off my first PL Montecarlo. What a lovely little cigar it is. It’s been resting for as good 5 to 6 years and a real beaut. Mild to start with, moments of caramel, a little nutty and ending with peppery tobacco flavour. It’s certainly not my first choice of gauge but for a slim cigar it gave a good 45 minute journey of flavours. Not sure how the more recent sticks come out.
  5. Golly.. we've gawn from double corona to robusto. The Punch Double Coronoa smoked after brunch with a glass of Lagavuin was delicious only in the final third. They will have to rest for a couple more years before I smoke another one. Pre Christmas dinner (we dine late in my household) I'm having a Cohiba Robusto 2012 (May). A lovely smoke. Always a lovely smoke but leaves one wanting another. We'll see how willing Mrs R is before deciding on the third Christmas cigar. What tickles my fancy now may be very different this evening.
  6. Merry Christmas all. First cigar of the day, Punch Double Coronoa in 38 degrees Celsius with a glass of Lagavulin 21 year old. I can see the vapour rising from the glass... I'll have to drink it fast, while listening to "Santa Claus got stuck up my chimney"!!! Very Christmassy! Randy
  7. Look wonderful and Christmassy. Smoke a Double Corona and take another photo :-)
  8. I have to say John we have the same taste. Great top 10 and no need for me to repeat
  9. A mid afternoon smoke on a walm Melbourne afternoon. The Trinidad Reyes. Rich, dark espresso flavours, a little peppery, a black cherry undertone, and possibly a little slated caramel after taste. Enjoyed with a strong caffitiere of coffee. Very pleasant indeed. A short but satisfying smoke. Deciding today will be a 2 cigar day and mulling over what's next for this evening after dinner.
  10. Well I think this calls for a cigar on the verandah and a drop of hearty Shiraz. It will have to be a H Upmann No 2
  11. I'm just into the last half hour of a Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro. They've been resting in the humidor for a year. Having just moved to Melbourne, and come across a nice sunny day, I thought I'd take out the only imperfect cigar of the 25 VRDJ I have and give it a go. It had a split to the first third. Once I battled past the first third the cigar turned out to be spectacular. Full flavour, oodles of smoke, and pairing it with a thick glass of sherry. A wonderful 2 hour smoke. The pair almost creates a Christmas feeling. Wishing for a Sir Winnie but never able to find them.
  12. This is certainly not one of my regular cigars and I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it did make a nice change. On a balmy evening in Fiji this cigar was certainly light on the palate but offered rich aromas that whistled around in the sea breeze. Nice aroma but lacked the punch I like from a Cuban cigar. She held her ash well right down to the last third without any attempt to delay its fall. I prefer an Epicure No 2 out of the Hoyo de Monterey range, as as recently noted on here the Epi 2 appears to have become a flavoursome little rascal. Yesterday I smoked a beautiful Diplomaticos
  13. Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro OK shes finished! Too strong to smoke to the nub.... but...an exceptional cigar that will no doubt improve over time! Aroma: 10/10 - Mrs R commented on the aroma of Christmas Flavour: 10/10 - Started off mild, moved to medium at the half way mark, in the final third a full bodied and full flavoured cigar Burn: 10/10 - Slow even burn from start to finish with no relight or corrections needed Construction: 10/10 - Not too tight and not too loose - perfect draw Appearance: 10/10 - A beautiful monster. Dark, smooth, and a sight
  14. An update....on the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro - long and strong! Certainly not a cigar to have after a light lunch or a sandwich. This is certainly a cigar to smoke after a full meal! Down to the last third.... what a feast! I will be keeping the remaining 24 for special occasions.

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