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  2. I am a scientist (biochemist/medicinal chemist) and am also a bit mad I often use another name online as well: 9az00, after the great gazoo. I just decided to mix it up this time though.
  3. What year are your londres? I got a box from '12 that are jam packed with "twangy" tobacco - when they're not plugged. They're pretty good considering the price. Have definately been wanting to try the favoritos though...
  4. Thanks everyone!!! Nope, not a pilot. But certainly a Dodgers fan ;P Upgrayedd, do you fly? Only pilot I know in the area is my neighbor's brother, who flies helicopters (and drones for movies). Not sure if he flies out of LB or OC though.
  5. I'm new to all this, but bought a box of PLP not long ago and was totally blown away. Especially considering the price point...every time (except maybe 2-3 duds), I couldn't believe I was smoking a $2 stick. Needless to say, I'm excited to try the rest of the vitola's the marca has to offer.
  6. Hi everyone! My name's Eric. Been reading the forums for quite some time now, and figured it's time to chime in! Been smoking cigars on and off for around 5-6 years, but recently find myself eager to explore more CCs. I must say, of all the cigar forums I read, FoH seems the most community oriented, knowledgeable, and friendly! Thank you guys for all your insight! Best, -Eric

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