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  1. It's sad, as these seem to have much potential. My box is POS AUG 06, and there might be half a dozen that are not tent stakes. :-( >>As » for the RA Estupendo, » I just smoked another yesterday from a SEP 06 box. I've smoked five or » six, and all but one » have had very tight draws which has lead to whispy smoke volume. It's a » shame, as I can sense » the underlying flavor, but the poor construction has rendered this moot. » This one got pitched » at around the halfway mark.
  2. Great comparison. Smoked a 98 fundi and 98 lanceros with a friend last year, and while the lanceros was damn good, the fundidores was something special. Sadly, I have just one lonely sample left in the humidor.
  3. From what I understand, the ban from US ports for 6 months includes US administered Islands like St Croix, St Thomas, and Puerto Rico. I'm sure for many ships, visiting Cuba is not worth that limitation. I think this was the rule long before GW Bush, but the Cubans like to blame things on him.
  4. » » 2008 FOH Headlines! » My Prediction: Minismithy makes power play for the throne And as long as he puts the seat down when he's done, Lise will let him get away with it.
  5. » Every cab or SLB that I can remember, if you set it on it's back with the » logo on the lid right side up, the thumbnail indent is at the top and the » lid slides out the top. » » Now these PL Robustos have the lid slides out the bottom. This not the only RE like this, Colosales, Eminencias and Estupendos are the same. I don't have the other RE's that came in SLB, so I'm not sure if this is consistent on RE's. Interesting observation.
  6. All the 07 PLPC's I've seen have the "wrong" band on them. Not sure if it's intentional or not, but they have the smaller panetela band. Maybe they ran out, or maybe it was just a mistake.
  7. Great review of a favorite. Was this an 05 release, or the re-release?
  8. As a sailor who makes the occassional port call in Oz, this is not such a bad thing. There is never a shortage of ladies lined up to get a little satisfaction! I think the typical aussie's priority is Drink... Fight... Rugby... Cricket... Sleep... Sex... After being out to sea for 5 or 6 months, a sailor's priorities are a little different... Drink-Sex-Drink-Sex-Drink-Sex
  9. » Well, of the 4 I have smoked, 2 were so plugged I had to toss, them, and » the other 2 were bitter. So, I still have 46 left, and I am about to » throw them away pretty soon if they don't turn around. BTW, all were » dry boxed before smoking, and the last 2 my friend and I smoked in Vegas » about 3 weeks ago, so they have had a bit of age. NOT impressed at all. Just smoked my first out of the cab last week. Gotta agree, not impressed. Draw was tight, flavor muted, grassy and slightly bitter. Not what I expected from RA, one of my favorite marcas, especially at the price point. I can only hope 5 or 10 years will bring them around, but I'm not counting on it.
  10. Thanks for the great info Trevor, I know it was not easy to get! I guess this means the Party and RyJ Mille Fleurs, and the Hoyo and Punch Coronations are now Marevas?
  11. RASS? The sides of my boxes all read "Allones Specially Selected", or ASS. Like others have said, I like my ASS with a little age on it!
  12. » I am a fan of the vitola and brand but I have read on many boards that » upmann londsdales suffer from severe draw problems. Does anyone have any » personal experience of this? BTW looking at a box of ASP JUN 01's. » » Thanks. Unfortunately, lonsdales from 01 are a big risk. Watch out for Upmann Monarchs from 01 also. If you just got them, you should contact the vendor...
  13. » Nick please, you can't be serious. Not to mention price/value: I'll take » HC at $10 to Zacapa at $40 all day, every day, and twice on Sunday. And » Caney and Cubay are far better rums than Zacapa, without question. Gotta agree with Nick. Even considering the price ($20 HC7 vs $40 Zacapa), I'll still take the Ron Z. I would put the HC7 on the level of Zaya 12. I still grab a bottle of HC7 at Gigante whenever I make a border run just to keep it on hand. Everyone has different tastes and more than one person has told me they don't like Zacapa because it's too sweet. More for me!
  14. Love the stuff. A little on the sweet side, like it's been mixed with Grand Marnier.
  15. » Carlos' presentation of himself bothered me before he started this thread. » He seemed to fancy himself somewhat of a known personality. I thought he was pretty much acting like it was his own personal blog. I think he figured he would have his own area with a weekly feature. Then I looked up at the top of my screen thinking maybe he had changed it to "Friends of Carlos". :rotfl:

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