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  1. MooseAMuffin

    Going through the grades

    Love posts like this! Could we get a weekly thread like dealing with this topic? I enjoy looking at the grades next to one another. The PSP pics looks fantastic. Love to see the sheen on cigars like that.
  2. MooseAMuffin

    For 2019

    I like them both but if I had to choose it'd be the metal one. Those customs though...details, details!😍
  3. MooseAMuffin

    Steak Place in Omaha

    I'll second the Johnny's. There are a good number of steak places there. My buddy likes 801 Chophouse but you're gonna drop some cash there. Kinda depends on the atmosphere/amount of money you are willing to spend. I will add that we go to Omaha at least 3 times a year and every time we go we stay at the Old Market district. We love the Jackson Street Tavern and there is a great bar called Mr. Toad. There is also a place to smoke cigars called Havana Garage. All within walking distance. Have fun!
  4. Great info as always, Ray! I'll give this a shot in the future.
  5. Congrats you two! Loved the reviews.
  6. Doesn't seem like a bad price if my currency calculator was correct. When do you plan on firing one up?
  7. Fantastic review, Joe! The descriptions were great. Loved the comment of "cilia", which I would have dumbly referred to as hairy. Great pic as well!
  8. Im in my early 30s and I've lived in Missouri my whole life. Some parts are still like this. Where I live in Missouri now, we see one every once in a while but it was alot more common back in high school and college. I went to college in a smaller town and a lot of people, myself included, would go hunting in the morning before 8 am classes. I kept my shotgun out of site in my truck but it wasn't uncommon to see trucks parked on campus with a full gun rack. Didnt think twice about it really.
  9. @Nekhyludov I knew you could see into the future. Quick, gimme the lottery numbers and I'll split it with you!
  10. Awesome!! Thanks @El Presidente for putting this on. Had a great time doing the review!
  11. Love that my Chiefs have a gunslinger in Mahomes but our defense is atrocious. Hopefully they can pick it up or I fear I will have a drinking problem by seasons end. The top 10 is close! Quick question: When tied in wins and losses what is the next decider to rank people?
  12. I will give this a shot. I usually move cigars from my aging tupperdor(65 rH) to my desktop(62 rH)for a bit to help dry them out but they still have the issue. Maybe dry boxing would help.
  13. Box code was UBM OCT 17. I'm thinking you are correct on needing time. I believe @El Presidente recommends 3-5 years on them. Next time I think I will try a coke with it so I can keep my palate clean. I am not sure if its possible that the rye would overpower the flavors or not but figure a coke would be a good basic beverage.
  14. Ya that is strange. I'm not sure if that could be masked by the rye or not. It was definitely enjoyable so it will be interesting to revisit them in a year.
  15. For the 46 South Review I decided to smoke a Partagas 898. Bought these from El Pres earlier this year and decided it was time to see how they were. It was a nice cool night so my wife and I sat outside and started a little fire for us to sit next to. Used a v-cut. Cold draw was tight and made me wish I'd have bought a PerfecDraw already. (Its on the b-day wishlist now.) Flavor at cold was very grassy as was the smell of the foot. I decided to pair it with a glass of rye and that may have been a bad choice, but I wanted a glass. First third: Mild cigar, which I enjoy. Initial taste was like lightly toasted bread. Wasn't the most flavorful but wasn't harsh. Draw was tighter than I would have liked and the cigar had one side that had burn issues throughout the smoke. I've been keeping track of the side of the cigars that face the bottom of the box and that always seems to be the problematic burn side. Second third was much of the same but it had a slight spice on the retro-hale. Was still very mild and the burn was a bit wonky but it didnt ruin it for me. I had to do a few touch ups on the same side but that didnt seem to heat the cigar up too much. Final third the spice was gone. The toast flavorly added a slight butter flavor as well but that went away after a bit. The cigar started to turn a little harsh towards the very end so I put it down earlier than normal. Overall it was an enjoyable evening. I would give the cigar an 82. I think it has a bright future ahead if itself but will need some time. Probably be another year before I light another. What I learned: 1. Need a PerfecDraw. 2. Rye might have been overpowering the full flavor of the 898. 3. I am pretty sure that my burn issues with cigars from boxes are always on the side facing the bottom of the box. Call me paranoid but I've been experimenting with that theory and it seems true. Anyone else experience this?

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