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  1. "You wanna make $75, the hard way?" Rodney Dangerfield
  2. MooseAMuffin

    I may have a problem...

    It's a sticker to warn the buyer "Wives finding purchased cigars can cause crying in the fetal position.", i'm pretty sure that's the translation but I don't speak French.
  3. If the blend changes, hopefully the price does as well.
  4. So the Topes will now be regular production?
  5. MooseAMuffin

    can someone explain brexit?

    @Fuzz I think you all should have a "Purge Day" on US politics...similar to the movie. Allow me to set the rules 😀 1 day a year, for 1 hour, preferably on a Friday night, 7pm EST start. A single thread is started, topic: "US POLITICS PURGE CELEBRATION". Thread starts off civil and then 3 minutes later, all hell breaks loose. Name calling, smart ass remarks, uninformed opinions...its all allowed cuz it's the freaking "PURGE CELEBRATION"!!! Of course, violence or threats of any kind are not allowed. But if I wanna say "I pity your children because you're a political jackass" and "no wonder can't please your wife". Its all good cuz...purge day. I mean, the amount of hilarity in the comment section would entertain anyone. Personally, i'm cracking a beer, smoking a cigar and refreshing the thread non stop...1 hour of pure anarchy. What could go wrong?? Back to the rules: then 8pm EST comes around. The thread gets locked. Anyone who tries too continue the conversation anywhere in the forum, BOOM, banned. Greatest idea ever or THE greatest idea ever? You decide. P.S. this is not a literal comment, just a goofy thought come to mind
  6. MooseAMuffin

    can someone explain brexit?

    Being from the US and having no idea what's going on, what were the reasons for it and what were the reasons against it? Why were these businessmen for the exit but then moved to avoid taxes? Was part of Brexit a tax cut that is no longer happening?
  7. MooseAMuffin

    can someone explain brexit?

    Rule 2: I am pretty sure its only US political talk that is banned.
  8. There are B&Ms that honor the Xikar warranty. At my local shop, I can walk in and trade it for a new one. They just ask me what's wrong with it and that's that. Also, there is a cigar event I attend every year. The Xikar booth always honors the warranty there as well.
  9. I have always bought Xikar cutters and lighters, and never had problems. Customer service has always been great to me if I needed to use the warranty. I also prefer the Xikar V cutter over the Colibri that others have mentioned. I keep a Xikar twist punch on me at all times should a random cigar enter my plans. I will second @JohnS on the XO as well. Great cutter.
  10. Amazing, thanks for sharing! I love my Fonseca No. 1s, great flavor. Is it possible to even find the Fonseca regionals anymore? Or were they only in cabinets like this one? You should post a review after smoking each one. Would love to read up on your experience!

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