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  1. MooseAMuffin

    H Upmann Monarchs

    How different were the Tang Monarch and the H Upmann Monarcas? There was a post that Rob put up earlier in the year asking what cigar you'd bring back. I've never had one but read how much everyone enjoyed the Tang Monarch so I chose that. I figured the closest cigar to it would be the regular production Monarcas and I was lucky enough to pick one up in a recent box pass! Saving it for a special occasion.
  2. Interesting read. Hopefully those spots get filled quick. I do hate hearing plans to roll back environmental protections. The Amazon has a gigantic impact on global weather. Scary to hear what deforestation does.
  3. I haven't been streaming it, but keeping up with all the post match info. This is the first time I've ever gotten into chess and it's been fun. I really like to watch the YouTube channel, Kingcrusher for his match overviews. I hope Caruana can pull it off and bring it to the States!
  4. MooseAMuffin


    I read that too and have a box from 16. Wasnt sure if they stopped for real or not.
  5. MooseAMuffin


    Not to hijack the thread, but is the Fonseca No 1 really discontinued?
  6. Very interesting, Ray! I got into cigars back in 2013, started with NCs of course. Bought my first box of CCs from our host in 2014. A 10 count of RyJ Short Churchills(from 2014). I am slowly moving away from NCs to CCs and I wanted to throw my 2 cents in. For some of the opinions on today's CCs, look at the community comments/reviews from this POV: Since I started started WAY after you, I unfortunately doubt I will ever be able to understand where you are coming from. This is mainly due to what cigars I have access too. I know there are a few, probably a small number, on this forum like me: low 30s, have young kid(s), still in the early side of our careers, etc. Because of this, I am pretty much stuck with purchasing today's stock only. Anything aged or on the secondary market usually costs an arm and a leg for people like me. For example, I have a quarter box of Sir Winston from 2017. I smoked one and enjoyed it. But what made me buy them in the first place was all the talk on the forum of Winston's from 2008 and 2013. Was my 2017 as good as those? I will probably never know. Same goes for plugged or underfilled cigars. People like me will never know the QC difference between now and then. It's kind of like a "Well, back in my day." scenario. I will just have to take your word for it! Now I am not complaining about this, I enjoy the cigars I have! If I had the means, you can bet your last dollar I'd search for and purchase some of age stock you mention! But, don't get too down by what you see in the cigar community. As a wise man once said "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." You might have to put up with some of us 'young-uns' and our lack of knowledge around what a CC was back in the day. Let's be honest, it does suck since you are not the only one on this forum to boast of cigars from 2000-2009, but we all have to start somewhere! Also...and yes, I say this all the time and it sounds ridiculous but, the JLPs I've had from 15-17 have been good. Especially for the price. Low risk, high reward! lol
  7. I agree. I think Colorado Bulldogs pair well with a lot of cigars. Good to see another fan out there!
  8. I'm on kid duty this weekend and it's cold out so I had to reach for something on the shorter smoke time side. About a month or 2 ago I was lucky enough to have my name drawn for a box of PL Montecarlo courtesy of El Pres. I put the kiddo down for a nap and headed to the garage. I decided to pair this cigar with a Colorado Bulldog, one of my favorite mixed drinks. The cigar was beautifully constructed. Nice, oily, Colorado Maduro wrapper with a little texture to it. I used a straight cut and the draw was a little on the snug side, but not bad. Hard to describe the taste during cold draw. Nutty maybe? Maybe something sweet? Very enjoyable though. First third was good. I think I got the cigar a tad hot when lighting it as I had to fight through a little harshness. But as soon as that was gone, I could really taste the caramel notes, especially when retrolhaling. The ash was flaky from the first third into the second third, but that didn't bother me. Just angry with myself for scorching, especially since I used my soft flame lighter. Second third was great. Caramel with a little nuttiness and slight bit of toasted tobacco. The shared flavors really complement each other. The construction is great and the burn is pretty sharp. The flaky ash continued into the beginning of the second third but that went away towards the end. One of the cap layers peeled off but didnt affect the cigar at all. The drink choice was great. Final third continued the caramel notes with more of a burnt flavor to it. The nuttiness was on the end but not as noticeable. The toasted tobacco flavor really came through towards the end. The drink choice was fantastic! A Colorado Bulldog is just a White Russian with a splash of Coke. To make it: 1 part vodka 1 part Kahlua(any coffee liquor) 1 part heavy cream(or milk if you have to be healthy) Stir and finish with a splash of Coke. This drink is on the sweeter side with a touch of coffee which really brought out the caramel and nut notes within the Montecarlo. The pairing definitely gives this a desert aspect with all the flavors. Great choice for the time of year. Smoke time was around an hour which was perfect. I wouldn't have lasted much longer in the garage with this weather. I highly recommend the PL Montecarlo. Love the size and flavor. I will revisit these in 6 months. Cigar: 88 (since I scorched it) Paring: 92
  9. MooseAMuffin

    another clickbait list of the best american whiskies...

    I am surprised Pikesville is on here. I like it but thought it was considered a lower end whiskey. Always wanted to try the E.H. Taylor and Whistlepig. Thanks for sharing!
  10. MooseAMuffin

    Cut to the chase....

    1. Sir Winnie 2. Fonseca No 1
  11. Arrested Development is pretty much on repeat on my Netflix account. Anything Mel Brooks related, especially Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles and History of the World.
  12. Jose L Peidra...everything 😁
  13. MooseAMuffin

    1.6 Billion?

    @MountainMilG bought his in SC! If we don't hear from him or he starts posting pics of some Carribean island, we will know who cashed in.
  14. MooseAMuffin

    Unloved,unwanted and unavailable

    Love the size! These gonna be another Cuba pickup only or will they be available via the store?

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