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  1. Haha, It is definitely one of my all time favorites.
  2. Say it ain't so! You're missing out on the "RP Lifestyle"! 😂
  3. Gotta be crunchy. The texture makes it better. My perfect PBJ is toasted white bread, crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly.
  4. Definitely excited for some skinnies! Any idea on price range by chance? "Wallet...its budget time..." 😁
  5. Arthur Bryant's in KC for their sausage, burnt ends and fries I think Smokehouse BBQ in KC has the best bake beans. Slaps BBQ in KC has great brisket. Alot of good places in KC, hard to choose!
  6. First, I am sorry to all of our Canadian B/SOTL. This is a ridiculous piece of "legislation". Politicians drive me up a wall with the way they ignore the people that elected them and how they believe they know what's better for us. This nanny state movement is killing us. I wish there was an easier/faster way to get rid of these asshats. I do have a clarification question, does the plain packaging cover up the box and bands so that you can remove the plain packaging and see the originals? Or is it a complete removal in a manner that purchasers would never see the original box and bands? For example, the Cohiba hologram labels would no longer exist in Canada?
  7. F: Tough one but probably a Tang Monarch. K: I'm on the E2 train as well. Probably should keep trying but I'm 0 for 2 on them so far. M: Fonseca No. 1. Love the burnt marshmallow flavor.
  8. Looks like they photoshopped the stickers in lol
  9. MooseAMuffin

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What do you think of that scotch? Is it worth the price tag?
  10. Grabbed a box of one of my favorites. Fonseca No. 1 UTL JUN 18
  11. Great vid! I like all kinds of music but jazz is definitely one of my favorites. I like to turn it on when we sit down for dinner. Seems to mellow the 3 year old out, which I appreciate. I'm not into the newer smooth jazz that sounds like it came from a computer, or "spa" style jazz. But if you want some newer jazz to listen to I highly recommend Kamasi Washington's album, The Epic. I listen to it weekly at work.
  12. Complete crap. I never smoked when I was a teen but, unless things have changed, I did not make nearly enough money to afford an actual cigar. I can see Black n Milds being affordable, but an NC or way. Hell, with HSA upping their prices way past inflation every year, I can barely afford cigars now! What would we do without governments to tell us what we need?? I shudder to think.
  13. MooseAMuffin

    can someone explain brexit?

    All Brexit talk in the US is about the economy, trade, recession, etc. and there is never talk of the fact that its possible peace could be broken and violence could escalate so quickly. So it shocked me when I first heard about it. Seems to me like they won't have enough time to create a plan or agreement that would keep the peace and/or are not giving it much thought. Hope they can figure something out.
  14. MooseAMuffin

    can someone explain brexit?

    Im from the US but I was watching a documentary that a guy named Paddy Kielty did called 'My Dad, The Peace Deal and Me'. It was mostly about The Troubles in Ireland but mentioned how big of an impact Brexit could have on the peace. Is anything being done to prevent the disruption of peace if this goes through? Will they really be putting up checkpoints between Ireland and Northern Ireland? And if they do, do you think that would be enough to cause issues between them?
  15. MooseAMuffin

    AP Regional Help

    Might be alone on this but I love the Fonseca No 1 blend as well as its presentation. Fonseca 109

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