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  1. 1. Im sure my Chiefs will get knocked out in the playoffs yet again 2. Guessing saints 3. Probably the Jaguars 4. Jay Gruden, but it's a close race between him Garret or O'Brien
  2. Thanks for the info/perspective! So what happens during the suspension? Does the party that's in control pretty much create their plans and then presents it to everyone when the suspension is over?
  3. Can someone explain why Johnson asked the Queen to suspend Parliament? Also, what I was reading is that the Queen is damned if she does or damned if she doesn't. Is that true? I'm trying to understand this but I'm thoroughly confused 🤔
  4. Im with the do nothing crowd like @Nekhyludovand @Colt45. Its nice to sit down and define what I do with time rather than time defining what I need to do.
  5. Didnt know him but will definitely miss his insights. Loved the pics of his amazing collection. RIP
  6. Any idea of what the packaging will be like? Similar to custom rolls? 25 count boxes? 50 cabs? ☺️
  7. Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld franchise has been great.
  8. Definitely dont like the idea of someone other than James Bond being 007. I think this was done for the wrong reasons.
  9. Does she not want to lead a fashion revolution???😀 I do have to know though, does it really make napping easier or better?
  10. Fonseca No 1 HDM Choix Supreme PL Montecarlo SP Belicosos HUSW - for the special night
  11. Say it ain't so! You're missing out on the "RP Lifestyle"! 😂
  12. Gotta be crunchy. The texture makes it better. My perfect PBJ is toasted white bread, crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly.
  13. Definitely excited for some skinnies! Any idea on price range by chance? "Wallet...its budget time..." 😁
  14. Arthur Bryant's in KC for their sausage, burnt ends and fries I think Smokehouse BBQ in KC has the best bake beans. Slaps BBQ in KC has great brisket. Alot of good places in KC, hard to choose!

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