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  1. » Here we have the "magic" beans... » » » thanks..... i like coffee, but there is no way i would drink that for free...let alone the extortionist prices being asked for the 'pleasure' James
  2. » ROFLMFAO now thats done, what exactly is a poofter drink? secondly who drank it? James
  3. » I think I avoided these because some members noted that for a while, they » seemed to be sub par. » » As for the acronym, I was having a little fun :-) i can see that, IMO the short is a love it or hate it affair, there is no middle ground. But if you like spicy smokes, this little guy has it in spades. I love spice, so the fresher the short the better As for the cheeky little..... James
  4. » The one minuto I've yet to try - I'll have to soon. » » » what's an isom........... Yes mate, it is deffo one minuto you have to try as for the ISOM, it means Island South Of Miami, also a term used widely in place of Cubans or Habanos, on the mainly US boards, sorry, i guess it has just kind of stuck James
  5. » Having just begun my journey into the world of Cuban Cigars I have to say » little guy left me speehless. The spice that I got from it was » outstanding. Truly a great cigar. » » Hopefully I will be able to give a better review when my palate becomes » more refined. But all I can say is wow! Congratulations, and welcome to the world of ISOMs, The party shorts can be decieving, stong and spicy in such a small cigar, they are one of my go to favourites. nice choice! James
  6. » Interesting. » I have a question too. What's the most gorgeous cohiba? 06 EL piramides.....i have never had one but they have to be the sexiest cohiba i have ever seen
  7. » next thing you know, they'll be making soup out of bird snot . . . yup. birds nest soup...MMM-MMM
  8. Looking absolutely beautiful, is that humi. I would leave the Burl as is, as it looks fantastic already, my two cents. James
  9. » This post is sort of taken out of the one i did for my review of the SLR DC » re potential. i thought that perhaps some members interested in rum may not » catch it and thought it worth noting. » This is a legendary rum, some say the best ever, which was released a few » years back. i believe that there were only a few hundred bottles (they » have recently done a 15-year-0ld with 3,000 botles). » I finally managed to get a bottle on the last trip to Cuba. » Lovely old gold colour, reasonably pale. Aroma of beeswax and honey. If I » had been served this blind, I would have been much
  10. G'day mate, welcome to FOH I havent had a monte PE but last time i was at the BM i met a feller that raved fanatical about them, looks like i will have to give them a try James
  11. » well rob, i found one!!! :-D i got my old van sold, paid off my debts » to my good friend and bought this beautiful humidor. Very very purdy...thanks for sharing! if i ever find a Monte Compay 95th anni humi, i swear i will sell my kidney, give all my blood and sell all my possesions for it.... You can live in a humi right :D James
  12. » this was the 2nd time i have had it. this time, the flavours were much more » subtle than last time, which works better. you can taste the cigar but just » traces. i love it. That looks delicious, Cigar flavoured ice cream is now must try in my black book lol James
  13. » this is the wonderful 'trip to havana' dessert from can roca, a brilliant » restuarant in girona, north of barcelona. also has the best wine list, » especially for value, i've ever seen. » » the glass has the mojito sorbert and the choc cigar, ice cream made from » the smoke of a partagas 4, sits in the ashtray with the spices (ash) for » dipping. » Very interesting dessert you have there, how did the cigar flavoured icecream taste?? James
  14. » what exactly is a poofter drink? » » gotcha gotcha. atleast they name it appropriately lol James

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