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  1. Destino, should be on everyone’s list 😀
  2. Great read and an incredible story !
  3. 2 novice skiers go on a skiing holiday. They get to the top of the piste and the husband says to the wife, “I’ve completely forgotten what to do, do we zigzag or zagzig?” The wife says, “I can’t remember either” just then they see a guy with a sledge and the husband says, “Let’s ask this guy” So he explains the situation and asks, “So, do we zigzag or zagzig ?” and the guy say “ I’m sorry I can’t help you, I’m a tobboganist” and the husband says, “well, give me 20 Benson and Hedges then “
  4. Only comes out when it’s dry, which isn’t too often in Scotland 😂
  5. Nice tour of the city Patz, think you pretty much covered it all !!!
  6. Have just had a box sent from my locker so looking forward to it arriving.
  7. They can indeed work very well as long as the temp is controlled.
  8. Very nice set up and a nice selection for when you're on holiday too 👍

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