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  1. To the point account of the Favoritos, Captain! I am a fan, dig them aged, too. Quite like you report, they didn't convince me when they first came out, but that was a mere matter of their youth. Meanwhile I've had not few QFs give the odd long-filler robo a run for its money. Honest stick. You don't expect much evolution from such a format anyway, so TC - TL doesn't really matter. One of the most rewarding cigars in terms of aging in my book is the Brevas. So, I don't find it at all odd aging Quinteros.
  2. Bit rustic wrapper, but beautifully smoking nine year old Cedro de Luxe No.2! This has been a top-notch example of CdL2, how it's really meant to be. With exceptional complexity, with length and richness, way fuller than is always purported to be. Showing notes of nutmeg, an almond-nuttiness, new nappa leather, a pronounced stonefruit - more peach than cherry - framed in toasted-tobacco lushness (and no cedar to speak of). All in fine balance. But all these descriptors are hardly doing justice to the actual experience. I stick to it: This is an unjustifiedly neglected series. Granted, and as is currently being discussed in a parallel thread, you will regularly find traces of white mold under the cedar sleeve, quite like in tubos. But this is mostly from shipping out of Havana and long inactive. Folks, forget the showy CDH ripoff and do yourself a favour: get these, the No.3 or the No.1 (still to be found) before they are gone for good. Mind you, apart from the Monte 3 and QdOCC, this is the last Coronas still in production! And a very distinctive one!
  3. Certainly do it, man! And promote them wherever you can!
  4. ... it had been - unnoticed by most. There was a run of discontinuations with notice from mid 2013 by Habanos. That had been published at least through 5th Ave at that time (see my post in the CCW-group club, in the discontinuations thread, NSX). That list included all of those 'MIA' sticks we were all wondering about for so long. Among them MdO2, DesD, SLR SerieA, SLRDC etc. A corresponding amendmend had even been made to the official vitolario on HSA's website (there, they were once relatively quick with updating....). Therefore, CCW is correct in this respect, not just a 'personal' assessment and decision by Alex - it is official. And - just to top it off - what we actually see (not) being made since half a decade is in tune with that, too, unfortunately. Some of those vitolas' boxing dates dripped over into 2014, but that essentially was it. So, yes, MdO No. 2, as well as LCDH Inmensos are gone - only one format left for LGC. There are rumours of a Sublimes / Geniales or the likes of a Double Robo being planned as regprod - ....whoohoo!! That'll be the day when they'll kill my beloved No. 4.
  5. I concur with Cory - and to put that straight: mould is NOT a quality token. That being said, the main issue with that is - in particular with aged cigars - to be sure you are getting an "honest" box. And here's big kudos to be given to Rob & team for not glossing-over boxes! Lightly mould-speckled sticks are then showing that you are not dealing with a potentially "bigger-issue" box. I would always prefer those over a massively (mis-)handled and wiped down box.
  6. If they did let you go - they sure weren't worth your commitment anyway. It can be tough, but hang in there, better opportunities ahead!
  7. Can't help it - Nice wrapper, perfect construction, excellent burn - one couldn't ask for more, besides... a pretty boring smoke. 'Special blend'?! Then again - a humble BT3.....
  8. I bet it was, even in light of the company... 😉
  9. Not really qualified to comment on this since my preferred vitolas are either 90% made at their respective mother factory already (Bolívar, LGC, RA --> FPG), or from mother factories that are seen as producing the shittiest crap anyway (Francisco Donatien - hi there Rob... ). For H. Upmann e.g., I don't see any noticeable difference between La Corona (MFR) and Upmann (JM) over the years and boxes. Funny thing with Cohiba for me - and seems quite the opposite of what Nino states above and also a lot of others usually do - I can't say I firmly prefer EL today (well for the Lanceros, you'll hardly get any different). Had been searching for it in the past, but not today anymore. Cohiba I almost never buy blind, and having boxes in hand, it hasn't been too uncommon that I willingly put the EL-stamped boxes aside and went for a different one (in particular holding for Siglo III). Often even without bothering too much about what factory it actually was. As for the Espléndido, there is only a minute fraction that is actually being rolled at EL anyway. If I may speculate, I'd go so far and say El Laguito is not the specified "mother factory" for the Espy (anymore), and if you find a EL-stamped one it's only happening by accident .
  10. What people tend to miss with statistical significances: Making a statement about a probability is not making a statement about the actual extent of an effect. In this debate, folks, you are comparing apples and oranges, when trying to convince each other of what might be more dangerous - real smoke or vaping - when discussing "significances" alone.
  11. Yup, my take also, time to say goodbye. Now, this bloke is a disgrace, to speak it out clearly. A depressing shame to see Britain be ruled by the likes of him and Johnson.
  12. Similar here - first half glorious! But I made the mistake of lighting up too late on a humid evening. Dampness with temps falling spoiled the experience. Second half soon went squishy and hot. Before I realized it it was too late to move inside. A shame, my bad. (MLO OCT 11)
  13. ...sheesh, coughing up green Goo - not sure I am happy to hear that...

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