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  1. Fugu

    Who, what, where?

    True - this was once I came here for.
  2. Good, a solid value. Among the few NCs I smoke on and off for a change is the Hemingway series, in particular the Short Story, and the Gran Reserve (now Don Carlos) of Fuente (don't care for their overpriced "specialities", still all of them costing me more than comparable CCs, so smoke them only rarely). The Short Story is a mild-medium, complex cigar with a suprisingly pronounced evolution for that small format. That said, the last one smoked must be >three years back, I guess I have to pull out another to see how they are doing.
  3. The thing is, and I have to leap to Cory's support here, it really is a fine line: See, I don't have any issues with the forum providing information and knowledge to novice BOTLs, not at all, and that indeed is what this forum is and should be all about. But the problem I am having with "new members" asking about fakes - mind you, without a single previous post our friend here simply is new to the forum (may he have signed up three years or a decade ago...) - all too often, in this subforum, I have the bad inkling that we may also be assisting scammers. Camaradery, brotherhood, or how one likes to call it, is a mutual thing and always works both ways - has to. Personally, I don't feel obliged to "brothers" who just come here to tap free information, but haven't or aren't willing to offer much by themselves in return. And not few of these new or even first-time posters in this "Suspect Cigar" subforum, signing in only for just this their only inquiry, are thereafter never seen again. Therefore, I am a strong proponent of a requirement of a minimum number of posts here, like it's holding for other sections of FOH, too. If you want to enjoy the benefits of an expert forum, in particular in a touchy subject such as fakes and counterfeits, there is (should be) some minimum requirements, taking the trouble of which will be all worth it. But at the very least, an intro in the newby-section should be obligatory before assistance could be asked for. This just as a minimum measure to rule out scammers and trolls. It has nothing to do with arrogance or unwillingness to help or declining on "promoting a culture" - this is about us just not being naive.
  4. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Petit Cetros. Always a little rough on the palate, but a cigar of fair complexity and a nice, genuine Cuban aroma. Sure, a non-finesse, mass-produced, cheap little TC, but a very honest, non-chichi cigar - and a lot of it for the money, for sure. Not too long ago I said I wasn't overly sorry about them to become discontinued - I think I'll have to revise that. There are occasions where these perfectly fit the bill.
  5. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Exactly reflecting my experience with them. Compared to the other, more recent LEs (GE, 520), which were/are truly great, a disappointment so far, though the format is so much more enticing.-
  6. As this is coming from you, I will certainly give it a try!
  7. Aubergines (eggplant) - I eat it (the Mrs loves it), but - I don't get it. Sauteed, au gratin, grilled - it always remains a sponge to me that lives on passive seasoning.
  8. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The ugly duckling. Goes to show again: forget all your wrapper theories out there. Tastewise, an extremely delicious, and if I had to rate it, a solid 96-point RASCC for me. Ever once in a while you run across that particular "golden leaf" that seems to be hidden inside.
  9. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Afternoon you call it yet, Akela? ...and I thought you islanders were an hour behind us continent-lers... Ahh, yet shifting time zone for getting a closer westward bond?!! haha
  10. But this has less to do with the embargo per se than more with the effect that U.S. Customs and Excise are the douchebags that they are (sorry guys). Prior to the revolution the US had been one of the biggest importers of CCs and that was pretty straightforward back then. Ok, those times will never come back, for the many US-based producers of today will take measures to limit competition. Still, this is nothing that has to come genuinely linked with the embargo. Instead it depends solely on the question whether today's "loopholes" will be kept open or closed. I don't see any reason why this is not being done already today....
  11. As for the US CC market situation today: A 2016 figure (published in WSJ, as "expert's estimate") is stating that about 3% of the premium cigars consumed in the US were estimated to be Cuban. The Cubans (Habanos SA) project a market share of between 20 to 30 % of the American market with an ending of the embargo. The US premium cigar segment comprised about 150 million units by end of the 90s, rising to up to 300 million of today, give and take. Taking the above estimates as being close to correct, then about 10 million premium CCs are being consumed in the US already today, representing a good 10 percent of the Cuban export total (when the average projected annual 100-million unit export figure can be attained, which has not been the case all too often...). A 25-percent market share in the US premium market - provided to be holding its level in the future - would correspond to ca 75 million units. A magnitude In the range of Cuba's entire current export production.... Cuba would have to at least double its premium cigar figures to be able to fulfill that plan. Still, a figure that isn't completely fantastic, as that has been shown to be achievable in the past.
  12. I'd always like a change of pace. So my call would be CoRo - never lets you down in its inconsistency
  13. Has she perhaps been smoking cigarettes in her earlier life? In particular in smaller, cig-like formats some ex-smokers tend to fall back into their former habit of inhaling, at least to a part. Also, people not used to cigars tend to smoke small, slender cigars quicker than larger formats. Make her take her time and smoke slowly. Also, don't give her freshies since residual ammonia can worsen the effect. And finally, as you say, she's smoking infrequently, so her sickness may also depend on the smoking intervals. (longer than about three weeks and your nic-tolerance is back to zero) Finally - don't take "mild" from Habanos standards for necessarily "low in nicotine". For me, one of the striking examples here is the ERDM CS - a pretty mild cigar with a usually comparatively large nic load.
  14. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Another superb du Deputé, two days ago Mishap would have it that it rolled off the table and split its head while I was off to fetch me some coffee.... Let's reveal a little secret here, : The sap of freshly cut zucchini makes the perfect wrapper repair glue. Contains gum-like components similar to the original formulas based on tragacanth or gum arabic. Burns likewise taste- and odorless, and is always to be had ready to go, given you got them in the garden (even the ones from the grocer may do, if fairly fresh and you recut the stem). Patched "on the fly" ....and ready to carry on. Had to "try" it straight away with a Reyes today...
  15. Haha, yep, the most annoying thing about Dupont is their proprietary gas cartridges (a joke to be frank, and even different for the diff. models). But for those who actually use their Duponts... there are adaptors available (check the webs) which facilitate the Lignes to be refilled through standard gas-cans. Edit: (they should be able to machine them in gold fitting the monster on top, for the cheapskates amongst us sparing the cartridges...)

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