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  1. All Minutos (and I'd include the Reyes and the great Du Deputé) are pretty underappreciated by most people. Yes, small but they are the concentrated essence of their respective marca in a condensed format. I'd say among the (former) le Hoyo range the duDep is the most overlooked little gem - while everyone bemoans the losses of desDs and duGs. Love'em pretty little sticks! And as concerns myself, for a very long time, I didn't take much notice of the Boli T3. Don't really know why, perhaps pricing - big miss(take).
  2. Buy a few samplers / quarter boxes. Why confine yourself to one box?
  3. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yup, same here. Simply not enough remaining (LUB 14)
  4. That again, is pure class! Attitude, people, attitude!
  5. Density/uniformity of the bunch and format length. Plus factoring-in a bit more time for smaller diameters. But otherwise, diameter is pretty non-determinant for the equation. For the same length, a wider cigar / more tobacco doesn't last longer - mostly the opposite is true, at least as far as my smoking habit is concerned.
  6. Thanks for the review. I got (have to say 'once' got, there are only one or two sticks remaining...) a SUA Feb 02 cab. Boxed only three months later than yours. While not entirely impossible, rather unlikely to be a very different batch of tobacco harvests gone into it. And that is virtually the very opposite of what you descibe. Intense, deep and strong. With an aftertaste lingering on for the rest of the day, almost too much for my liking. I think, at least in this case, it really has more to do with production variability, and - in particular for a cigar of that age - its whereabouts and storage history. "Mild" is the last attribute I had ever been associating with the SS1. Siding with Piggy here, I'd never dismiss the '01 vintage, there were some true gems to be found in there.
  7. Ta for that! But to be frank and honest - the 'ib'As still look fishy to me. But anyway, toledo, how can one post a thread about "the series" of the Gran Coronas and miss to show / mention the true and only, the only true Sanchos.... seriously?!!
  8. Fugu

    buying cellophane wrappers.

    Party Culebras.
  9. Good story. And what was their explanation for selling you the Particulares LE singles without their original coffins?
  10. This is meant to be a test, Alex
  11. A non-issue really, innit? - remove when it's time to remove.
  12. Fugu

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A question to mods: Is it really deemed necessary to rearrange posts in the Daily Smoke, just for the sake of keeping contributions to one post per day? I find it quite tedious to find replies to posts appearing ahead of the actual posts, then (see example above). The continual mixing up the chronology and the merging of posts is doing a disservice to the follower / reader, if you ask me.
  13. Fugu

    Take 5

    Immediately thinking of Dave Brubeck is obviously showing how old a fart I've become already.
  14. It certainly does! There are similarities in wine, coffee and tobacco. All processing can have supportive or impairing effects. Here, for coffee, not just an interesting "concept" or opinion - it's a proven and widely accepted fact. The darker the roast, the less you get the specific characteristics of the bean in single origin coffee (may it now be called "terroir" or else). The darker the roast the more "similarity" you get between different varieties. Very dark roasting also is a means to mask certain flaws in the raw material. But the often more procounced fruity and estery notes of lighter roasts are not for everyone, may even become unpleasant at times ("green tomato"). Way more difficult to control by the roaster (a matter of a few seconds / fraction of a minute in the process), why you don't see much lighter-roast in cheaper or mass-produced offerings. A speciality for sure that demands top-notch raw material and a skilled roaster, willing to experiment with every new charge. Disagree with the "no need for resting-after-roasting" opinion there. But perhaps to some extent a matter of personal taste preferences.

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