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  1. Fugu

    Take 5

    Immediately thinking of Dave Brubeck is obviously showing how old a fart I've become already.
  2. It certainly does! There are similarities in wine, coffee and tobacco. All processing can have supportive or impairing effects. Here, for coffee, not just an interesting "concept" or opinion - it's a proven and widely accepted fact. The darker the roast, the less you get the specific characteristics of the bean in single origin coffee (may it now be called "terroir" or else). The darker the roast the more "similarity" you get between different varieties. Very dark roasting also is a means to mask certain flaws in the raw material. But the often more procounced fruity and estery notes of lighter roasts are not for everyone, may even become unpleasant at times ("green tomato"). Way more difficult to control by the roaster (a matter of a few seconds / fraction of a minute in the process), why you don't see much lighter-roast in cheaper or mass-produced offerings. A speciality for sure that demands top-notch raw material and a skilled roaster, willing to experiment with every new charge. Disagree with the "no need for resting-after-roasting" opinion there. But perhaps to some extent a matter of personal taste preferences.
  3. you're taking the words out of my mouth - standard machine-made head, nothing special.
  4. Fugu

    Cohiba Espléndidos - EOG CCUA

    I've sworn by myself to stay out if these threads (after having been moderated not just once). But jeez! Perhaps just a last one, a word of wisdom to all you rookie folks out there: If you really haven't got a clue what you are buying - just STAY FAR AWAY from secondary market goods!! In particular when dealing with one of the most falsified cigars ever. No need to even debate the packaging here.....
  5. Fugu

    I Really Hope These Are The Real Deal

    good factory code - wrong year
  6. This. Between NI and the Republic it is becoming very obvious, still today. But, what seems to be having gotten completely out of view, the project "EU" has been - first and foremost (and always to me) - a peace project. And a mighty successful one.
  7. All Partagas-made, indeed.
  8. Couldn't have said it better. Thanks Ken!
  9. Fugu

    AP Regional Help

    Has been happening before - more than once.
  10. Fugu

    Simon Chase...

    That is very sad news. A true grandee, and a huge loss to the community, leaving a void behind.
  11. Had been looking forward to this release, but the one and only I had (and reviewed) so far, had been lackluster. Wasn't bad, but so boring that I haven't felt motivated to buy more or to try another since. Ok, judging from one cigar is always unfair, but my verdict at that time was I'd take a No.3 any day over this one. Perhaps future might prove me wrong, but then again the pricing advantage will always reside on the sides of No.1 and 3, not to speak of the Especiales. That been said, not a huge fan of overly chocolaty-profiles.
  12. Well, I love them. Got a decent stock, but if I were to pay 300 without any alternative....and had the chance to inspect, like our OP here. Would perhaps still prefer the B&Ms option over buying for $280 unseen.
  13. Makes it 12 Euro a stick - expensive? Even should he have to discard half of them (which I would not think), would make 24 bucks a stick, ... you know, some shell that out without a wink for questionable regionals.... Just sayin'
  14. Cuban Davidoff celloed? That's a first for me.

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