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  1. Often heard, yet never have I seen any proof for statements of that kind being fact. Of course there have been permanent new strain developments (the switching from original Corojo and also that of Criollo to hybrid strains occurred way earlier) which may have come with the need for fine-tuning in the fermentation processes. But a general, basic „higher fermentation temps“? Never seen such being backed from an authoritative source. ... you said it, there is a difference between being approachable early (sensu ‚shedding rough edges‘) and maturing so as to gain complexity and depth. The former may have changed in recent years. For a change in the latter I see no indication so far judging from my own stash, with the 2002 vintage now approaching two decades. But that being said it’s difficult to make such comparisons over decades, as not only tobacco, vintages, soil, climate, cultivation and processing may change. Also you, as the smoker, do change over time. The CP is a simple cigar. I can enjoy a Cohiba Panetela as soon as within a few months of boxing, provided moisture is being taken care of. (I feel the Exquisitos is more rewarding for aging, when looking at those slender Cohiba formats). More generally speaking, there are no shortcuts for full enjoyment. Still, that comes with a strong component of personal preference.
  2. What one sees? - A guy with a destroyed cigar and two creased wet binder (half-) leaves who wonders - what the .... ?!!!
  3. I bet „incorrect“ simply is a euphemism. What they do is get new tax stamps issued for their older stock. At that price inflation no one will now be keeping stock at pre-rise pricing. And for pricing to be adjusted you’ll have to get new tax labelling.
  4. Yep, seen it on rare occasions. I always attributed it to something along the lines of insect (perhaps microorganismal- etc.) activity in the living plant. Not sure, but most certainly not a storage issue as it is always only a single cigar in a box being affected.
  5. duDep on a lazy Sunday afternoon to counter the son’s vape (citrus cake ... )
  6. There’s only so much storage room left - toss-up for me as yet between cigars and loo paper.
  7. This. One of the best Marevas of the few still in production, and a long-term favourite. (RGPC taking second place for me, together with HU Noellas, while not strictly being a PC). A waste when not giving it proper time to age. No perceptible blend changes for me. But I felt a low 2012/13. If there’d be a “mellow” BPC then it would come from my ‘13 boxes. By 2015 fully back on track. A lot of cigars can be fully enjoyed young. This is not one of them.
  8. While I totally get where you are coming from guys, and while I feel very much like you, Ray @PigFishand @Bijan, historically you couldn’t be more off the mark! Cigars had always been catering to the “luxury” market. Go back in time and check out how they have been branded, how they have been marketed. Go a hundred, a hundred and fifty, go two hundred years back. No working class hero could afford smoking cigars, Havanas that is. Simple folks where chewing or snuffing tobacco, smoking the tobacco pipe, or they smoked cheap(er) stogies made of local tobacco (along the lines of dry cigars of the Dutch/German type or Toscani and the like). The Cuban handmade - imported - „premium“ cigar had always been a luxury product. Look at the effort which had been put in their presentation at all times. There had always been luxury samplers and special humidors released by the famous Cuban producers, or by their importers. This is by no means new, and by no means is it an invention by Habanos SA or Cubatabaco. It’s also true that cigars had become more widely affordable in relation to general buying power in recent times. But Cuba now seems wanting to capitalise again on that stance. Like it or not, HSA responsibles had been very open about it if one listened, going back to at least 2006. As for ELs and ERs, those exactly were never meant as “luxury” editions. Initially, ELs had been priced even lower than regprod (the stories about their birth had been discussed on this forum). Regionals were meant as a reasonably priced marketing instrument to attend to the peculiarities of local habits and local brand preferences of the various markets. A speciality, so to speak, for the different distributors that wasn’t priced differently to the rest of the portfolio. Same is/was holding for the LCDH/HS releases. They were very decently priced promo cigars (think RAAS, HURR, Picadores) for the franchises stacked even below the general scheme. But, true, the recent Linea d‘Oro, the 1935 are new means to select tobacco which you formerly found in regular production and they now request a higher price for. New bling bands and boxes to up the returns with less tobacco while catering to the „collector“. Or the new Trinis, the new Upmanns... - more ring gauge to hide more neutral tobacco into what seems „more cigar for the money“. As much as, much like you, I personally detest it, it is as it has always been. And the current situation does let such a policy look even more logical. That being said, it is not as if HSA isn’t closely tracking what’s going on in the secondary market. Why let others skim off the cream.... let’s just push the limits... Now, off going back enjoying my JLP...
  9. At least they didn’t get ahead of time! And they even found a solution to get around the current cardboard shortages. 😈
  10. ...what happens when some moron cuts the lid’s ligament and insists to pry the box open wrong side.... 🙄 There’s been misfits at all times.
  11. Makes perfect sense, bar your single outlier 😁👍
  12. Artificial scarcity / rarity carried to the next level. You’ll always find a Fomo who’ll bite. The Emperor‘s new clothes.... I always considered LFD a half-decent undertaking. Now they are fishing in Gurkha realm.
  13. You’ll probably know best what you got there. But the Cabañas and the La Corona are more likely to stem from the reinstatement of MMs from 1989, which had originally been made for and distributed in the Comecon member states back then. The others could be older, sure. Should you have a 1974 La Corona Coronas in your possession it would be an absolute rarity.
  14. Some end-century / early 2000 machine-mades. Not too much in common with the thread starter but the cello. 😉
  15. Don’t get me started... https://www.habanos.com/es/news/nueva-anilla-de-la-marca-rafael-gonzalez/
  16. Pre-rev (most, for sure) I spot Sol, La Simbombo and Mundial. Close! 😁 Cedar-wrapped (LFdC Petit Coronas)
  17. Now one of the most inconsistent sticks out there. Can be Partagás-made and can be made all over the place. And such is its “blend/flavour/body” variability. Can be splendid, but it’s too much a matter of stochastics for my liking. My go-to Party is its great Minutos. Or the 898, or the MF for c&c. Or one of its always reliably good LEs.... A shame that Partagás hasn’t kept a quality Marevas /Coronas. But I digress... 😄 Having said that, I am not particularly a Robustos man.
  18. A lot of cigar for the money. A good, not very complex cigar, with some inconsistencies. A fan of the format. Dislike its expressive, sometimes appearing overly „artificial”, bordering to “flavoured” nutty-caramel aroma (I am aware, many are looking for that in this cigar). More often than not it is just too much. But that’s just me obviously. Taste-wise I much prefer an aged PLPC, or in a similar format remaining (hopefully...) like the LGC MdO4 >>>times more (a personal favourite).
  19. Current production seems definitely worth giving another try.
  20. Congrats, nice find! Yup, I guess it was you, NSX once turning me towards the Petit Cetros. All gone meanwhile, down to one or two fivers or so, I think. Have switched more and more to the Brevas since. Just the other week had a fabulous example I was almost going to post in the ‘best of March’ thread. 😅 A freshy at UGR JUN 21 (from the new 12er bundles)
  21. Why I always find “innards” more ear friendly. Delish when cooked well (not a fan of brains though) - ox tongue, or udder cooked and lightly smoked - hmmm. If you are lucky to find it - as nowadays, no one will buy it. Which is a shame. Seems it needs a lot of eardrums to make a meal. 😅 The Pettenthal Großes Gewächs from Gunderloch is a steal! By the way, lamb or roe deer (!) liver and sweet(er) Riesling is such a great combo.
  22. Well, those folks are right of course. it’s all just an acquired taste. I love my Cubans and I love me my
  23. Hmm, I read Lot 14 Auctions, you’re not catering to the BR-crowd, do you?!

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