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  1. Haven't posted here in so long - Life got in the way of smoking and my humidors were in a mess (I have a 100ish count proper Humidor and a medium tupperdor). Because i want smoking more than 1 cigar every odd month, I had forgotten what was even in them. Bought a new 12 pack of 65% Boveda, and arranged both and changed out all the humidity packs. Sharing here as It was such a pleasure to look through (fairly miniscule) the inventory and trying to get some selection process in the Proper humidor, and store the additional sticks in their boxes in the Tupperdor. Each stick/box has a s
  2. Superior skills at any sport - Then I'd play (Insert any high paying sport) for a living and land those endorsement deals.
  3. They have small packs - usually 3's some 5's. Thats what I usually pick up now. I travel a bit and reside in Dubai so know all the shops well enough. Inventory is hit and miss at times, make sure if you buy a box have it opened up and checked. I've found dinged wrappers and i feel the stock is overly humidified at certain times of the year. Personally prefer buying full boxes of FOH, I get a better price and far better quality. Only pick up the occasional smaller box as you mention to get a change. You also can pick up non-cuban smaller packs. Davidoff is good, and has a great assortment
  4. Hi All, I want to send my brother a birthday present, a watch which is about 400 eur. The shop I am buying from delivers worldwide but local duties are on buyer. Just thinking what would be duties if I have it delivered to Canada vs where I am. He's here for holidays so either one is workable. My only issue with UAE at the moment is they implemented VAT this year and the billing they are doing on purchases from outside are very questionable. I just paid close to 20 percent on a purchase when the effective rate should be 7. Thank you for the help.
  5. Dec 31 2014 - Partagas P2. Wife was visting her folk in Pakistan and I couldn't be bothered to head out for any NYE celebrations. I decided i'll buy a nice cigar on a whim (had Phillies before then) and sit out on the balcony and kill time. Absolutely hooked since then and the NYE cigar has now become a tradition.
  6. This may be controversial but Steve Smith hits meaningful centuries - the batsmen around him combined, are no where near the class of batsmen surrounding Kohli. Hence Kohli goes in with a hunger for runs, and if he doesnt convert at times, he knows the others will most of the time. Smith plays knowing if he's gone, the chances of success are lessened by a greater degree. I'd take Smith over Kohli in my fantasy team any day, but that doesnt take away from how good it is to watch Kohli when on song.
  7. Great suggestion - Thank you - I will do that.
  8. Thank you for all the suggestions. I have narrowed it down to 1. Hemingway Maduros, I have both Work of Art and Signature. Work of Art really is that, although I worry its a very slow burner - Took me over 2 hours. (On a side note, as much as I love Cubans, a box of the WOA is way up on the wishlist) 2. Upmannn 50 3. Epi Esp Backup, if pressed for time - Trinidad Reyes - I picked up a 5 pack once and hit the jackpot on flavor profile. All are in my personal Humidor so I know they've been sleeping well
  9. Hi All, My manager (who I've reported to for over a year) is moving onto a new General Manager assignment in another country and before he does I told him I'd take him out for a cigar as a farwell gift. I've chosen the location already, a cigar bar - Dim lights, big leather couches, library style - but i still have to choose the Cigars. He told me once he never really enjoyed cigars because the one he had was bitter but couldnt say which one so I'm assuming he probably was just handed over a cheapish one or one lying in a drawer. He's a pack a day cigarette smoker for what its worth. I
  10. Thanks. I'll be staying in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. A British friend of mine just dropped off a 3 pack of Hoyo Petit Robustos for me to smoke if the weather gets too cold for anything bigger
  11. For the brothers and sisters in the UK. I am travelling to a small town in the UK for a work assignment for 3 weeks and planning to pack a small stash for my free evenings there. Having never been to the UK before I've only ever heard of strict smoking bans there. Weather seems good enough to sit outdoors but not sure if one can smoke in parks. Is that ok or is it frowned on ? Might make time to go to one of the fancy terraces in London but for the most part I'll be at the work location
  12. Unfortunately I was in A. Totally agree that the older terminals have better selection and storage conditions too. Some of my nicest picks have been when I travelled Gulf Air rather than emirates.
  13. Spent 30 minutes in the cigar room trying to find a decent box of cigars and each and everyone I inspected were dull, dry or moldy. Never seen stock In such bad shape. After 30 boxes across brands I gave up and just headed to the boarding gate. Luckily packed a few of my stock for the vacation. Used to look forward to buying from here, but pricing and quality is in the shitter. FoH it is for me exclusively. Prez is the most reliable shop there is.
  14. Eid Mubarak all ! Brilliant Idea to share how we celebrate. Would help so much if people made the time to read up on other cultures and their festivals. Can't say we have any particular Music or Dancing that happens on Eid and Food as well is more regionally inclined than religious. At my house, being Pakistani, we would typically cook up a steaming pot of Biryani (Rice dish cooked with meat and spices in one pot) and invite friends and family over to share it with. This year the wife cooked up Beef Biryani, and I made Chicken Lasgna (Very much not Pakistani but very popular at my p
  15. @brschoppe Murakami is the master of the slow burn. So it does tend to drag, however, i enjoyed the character development he does as the book goes on, The leader, the widow, and the detective are all fantastic characters - It's one of those books where you have to stop after a while and try to understand what the writer is trying to do, it is not always obvious, and sometimes never, half the story lies in the symbolism which only Murakami or maybe Japanese people may get (just a thought, not sure if true) - but you enjoy the experience. It's kind of hard to explain.

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