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  1. PLMC - EML FEB14. This is the first one out of a box I picked up last year on BR. Very impressed with the complexity and smoke output from a stick of this size.
  2. Looks like someone’s ready for Camp Winnepesaukee: Admission is the first step.
  3. Always a favorite of mine. This one is smoking superbly.
  4. L40 by Drew Estate. Probably one of the better NC Lanceros out there.
  5. Dapper Desvalido in Toro. Acquired from a popular monthly cigar club specializing in rare, aged, and boutique NC offerings. Very nice smoke.
  6. Good eye! Down to my last 2 boxes of MdO4. Was lucky I got em when the gettin was good.
  7. I placed the order on March 1. It left Dublin the next day and arrived at my doorstep in southeast PA this morning!
  8. This beautiful item arrived today - The stunning Bond Roberts Figaro Cutter.
  9. “Shiny wrappers are attractive to the American eye because we, as Americans, love big shiny things.” Lol!
  10. Welcome to FOH! Don’t forget the walk-in humidor in your home project plans. You’ll need it after a few years on this site!!
  11. Welcome to FOH! Hope you enjoy the site and all it has to offer.
  12. Welcome to FOH! Enjoy the camaraderie and conversation!
  13. Welcome to FOH! I think you will definitely enjoy it here. Better start thinking about buying a bigger humidor. Cheers!
  14. Welcome to FOH! Hope you enjoy the site and the FOH community. Cheers!
  15. Welcome to FOH! Enjoy the site and all it has to offer.
  16. Welcome to FOH! Enjoy the site. Lots of camaraderie and conversation here. Cheers!
  17. Thank you @Lrabold89. The Boli No.1 burned very nicely this afternoon, but it wasn’t terribly cold out considering the morning snowfall here in southeast PA. I had calm conditions, sunny skies, and a high of 40°F. A breezier colder day would not have been as cooperative. I really like these Boli coronas. I love the corona Vitola and these are one of the better ones in my opinion. peace.
  18. Glorious day today. This morning we received a fresh blanket of snow, and the afternoon was spent clearing the driveway so that guests could arrive, building a snowman with the kids, and preparing eats for the game - Chili and Buffalo wings of course. Now onto the review... This Bolivar No.1 (corona) started out with toast, wood and nuts. Not much in the way of sweetness, cream or floral/fruity notes. Snug draw, perfect burn and construction. Earth and leather move to the forefront in the 2nd third, along with the initial wood and nuts. Easy to retro - not a hint of pepper or spiciness, a
  19. Thank you for the wonderful introduction and welcome to FOH! Enjoy the site and the camaraderie. Great community here.
  20. Welcome to FOH! Please have a look around, enjoy the site and all it has to offer. Great community here will make you feel welcome.
  21. One-Off by Illusione, in Corona. Great little stick. Dion Giolito creates some really nice blends.

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