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  1. The selection I have pre-cut is ready for a 6 months aging.

    pre cut 29.12.17.jpg

  2. @stogieluver To light up my cigar when am alone I use (now) a yellow flame table lighter. I also have a bbq lighter that i can lit with a left thumb and right palm but i have to wrestle for a while...last option that suits me it's to keep a huge natural candle lit. I avoid torch it's too powerful/dangerous for me.
  3. Thank you. These are very good suggestions for my special case, I already use this desktop cutter when am alone on robusto size, it's efficient but I had a few misses with bigger sticks or figurados so each time I have to use it, It modify my choice - Better than nothing . Anyhow you are right, it's the best disabled friendly cigar cutter. I think that I shall try to pre-cut a few lusitanias to see how they are aging.
  4. Good morning, I have been smoking cigars for 20 years now, cubans exclusively, but I would like to know the point of view from foh forum aficionados. As I am quadraplegic since a rugby scrum it is quite complicate with my "hands" to properly cut my cigar alone so I must beg for help....I have an efficient cabinet humidor for aging my cigars and I wonder if I could cut all my cigars in advance even if I don't smoke them before months/years. Will it change the aging process ? Thanks for your advices.
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