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  1. NYC as crazy as the tobacco laws are we have some great lounges. I personally go to grand Havana room (member here since 2014). It is amazing, I store some of my cigars there and there restaurant has top notch steaks and the lobster risotto is to die for. Here is a link to see what the main room and bar area looks like https://www.cigars-connect.com/new-york-the-grand-havana-room-an-exceptional-setting-for-cigar-lovers/
  2. I cant wait to see how the quality improves, maybe we will see a siglo 6 again, or gasp....behike
  3. I brought in a box of monte 2s Gran reservas, 2011 siglo 6 slb 25, media siglo 25 slb, and 2012 monte petit edmundos in march when i went to montreal for a bachelor party. I declared them just to see what would happen. I was taken to the back area of US customs. We chatted a bit about the cigars, nothing crazy, supervisor came out thanked me for my honesty and waved the tax. Chatted some more, nice guys, off I went with a few thousand in cigars and no tax!
  4. Managed to secure two boxes, cant wait to try them!
  5. i have a box of the 2010 trinidad robusto T and I think they are spot on and buttery
  6. Now that is a cool feature, I don't post often so I have a long way to go

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