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  1. Thanks for helping this new guy out! Much appreciated sir.
  2. I've been running at 67%, but after reading this thread I may bump it back down. Seems like when I was running lower 60's, my cigars felt dry and brittle. I have noticed however I've been having to relight a lot more than in the past. Time to make a change.
  3. You and I are quite similar my friend. I've only smoked a few Behike's, and am ready to try the other CC offerings. I just ordered the exact sampler and the extra singles as you (based off Rob's top 25 list) and I threw in an 8-9-8 for good measure. I was itching to buy a box off the 24:24 list, but I think this is the best way to go first - see what I like and go from there.
  4. While I'll agree there were some underhanded activities occurring in that county, it's still a one sided hit piece. We're not getting the full story, from either side.
  5. I'd also love to know about the 24:24 deal is. The search option won't accept it
  6. Panthers will be hard to beat. They're making it look awful easy.
  7. Great talent this guy was. He'll be missed.
  8. Add another to team round! I don't mind a soft box pressed stick, but anything else is just obnoxious. A Shark is as box pressed as I get.
  9. Merry Christmas fellas! Time to enjoy some great smokes and family.

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