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  1. Haha! Some guys just have all the luck! Congrats man!
  2. jsavoie88

    What's for dinner?

    That’s a cool back story on them. And yes, the obvious object of your post was the steak and wine. While I’m a ribeye guy, there is something to be said about a good porterhouse. I mean, it’s almost like dinner on one side (NY strip side) and dessert (filet) on the other. Can’t go wrong with that. Just sayin.
  3. jsavoie88

    What's for dinner?

    Those steak knives look legit.
  4. That’s why I said, First Annual. No time like the present, my friend.
  5. What Signet? Couldn’t see past that Havana Club 15! 🤤
  6. I was hoping for the First Annual FOH Bourbon Bash! Just sayin.
  7. You are crushing it! The BTAC is an obvious winner, but that Old Fitz decanter bottle is legit.
  8. jsavoie88

    The Wheezycab

    Fantastic work! This has absolutely been one of my favorite threads on this forum. Thank you for taking us along for the journey and congratulations on your new humidor!
  9. jsavoie88

    The Wheezycab

    Absolutely phenomenal work. I have thoroughly enjoyed the updates and am in awe of your craftsmanship. No offense to anyone on the forum, but this may be the single best thread ever posted. And it absolutely should be posted as a sticky. Well done, sir.
  10. She’s an absolute stunner. Wear it it good health, my friend!
  11. UPDATE: I called Rahul and they do not currently sell Peter James products. Side note: Rahul seemed like a great guy, was very professional, and answered all of my questions.

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