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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, I am fortunate to have this treasure trove of cigar-goodness in my possession. I wish everyone had the opportunity to open the box and take in the aroma like I did. Without further ado, here are my puts and takes: Puts: Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona UGE SEP 2016 4 POINTS Bag 3, Slot 5 H. Upmann Connoisseur A MEG JUN 2016 4 POINTS Bag 10, Slot 2 H. Upmann Magnum 56 EL 2015 TOS DIC 2015 8 POINTS Bag 10, Slot 5 Montecristo Dantes EL 2016 SUM OCT 2016 10 POINTS Bag 11, Slot 3 Montecristo no. 4 RUE MAY 2011 6 POINTS Bag 12, Slot 1 Punch Punch ALO JUL 2016 2 POINTS Bag 12, Slot 2 Romeo y Julieta Churchill PMU JUL 2015 4 POINTS Bag 12, Slot 3 TOTAL: 38 points FREEBIES: Avo no. 2 ~2015 Bag 24, Slot 1 La Boheme Poeta ~2016 Bag 24, Slot 2 Partagas Limited Reserve ~2015 Bag 24, Slot 3 Ramon Allones 1837 ~2016 Bag 24, Slot 4 Takes: Edmundo Dantes Conde Belicoso RE TOR DIC 16, 10 POINTS La Gloria Cubana Medaille D'Or no. 1 OSU MAY 02, 10 POINTS La Puntilla, 8 POINTS Trinidad Coloniales OIK AGO 04, 8 POINTS TOTAL: 36 POINTS FREEBIES: Cohiba Shorts x 2 Por Larranaga Montecarlo TOS JAN 2017 This has been a real treat! A huge thank you to @cfc1016 for making this possible! I'm sending you a couple of sticks to show my appreciation. I hope everyone else involved with the Box Pass will do the same. Now it's time for @FatherOfPugs to carry the torch! Let's keep this thing rolling. Best, Joe
  2. I guess we will have to wait until my "takes" are approved. [emoji13]
  3. I'm not making any promises. [emoji51]
  4. Looking forward to it! Email sent with proposed puts. Assuming I get the box Friday and have the puts/takes approved, I'll have it turned around by Saturday.
  5. Much appreciated for letting me join this late in the game. And much thanks to cfc1016 for making all of this possible. It's folks like him that make this such a wonderful forum.
  6. With "friends" like us, who needs enemies?!
  7. Finally, a free weekend!@signaljoe and bevosrevenge, I hope to see you there. I'll bring a nice bottle of brown water and a few nice sticks. Very much looking forward to it!
  8. Gene, I cannot tell you how awesome this is! A huge thanks to you,@Shikar, and Russel. Unfortunately, there's a concert in town that we purchased tickets to back in March. Y'all have fun and smoke one for me! -Joe
  9. jsavoie88

    The Ark has landed

    Fantastic workmanship! Truly impressive. Now that the ark is built, for the sake of saving all cigars for our future enjoyment, you must fill it up 2 boxes of each vitola until you have 2 of everything.
  10. jsavoie88

    FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Sweet Water Extra Pale Ale with an HDM EE.
  11. There aren't enough likes for this post! Simply amazing!!!
  12. jsavoie88

    What's in your glass today?

    Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch to accompany a 2008 H. Upmann Connie 1 that was graciously gifted by a fellow BOTL.

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