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  1. I've got half a dozen left from Aug 17 and they're beautiful. I've got the last three put away til the 3 year mark to see what happens... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  2. Obscure reference of the week prize right there Dr! And No. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  3. At work today I was tasked with digging a newt pond. Not my usual thing as I work with trees, but a very enjoyable day and I'm rather proud of the result. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  4. Unfortunate. I don't think I've had a bad one of these yet. Totally agree on the Minutos being a great size. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  5. Agreed, but with a detour to the darker side of Partagas in the D4 along the way. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  6. I have no idea what ' funnelling the party leaf ' means... Shorts are not strong but are very flavourful. I always think of them as condensed Lusitanias. The Lusi just takes way longer and is a milder, gentler experience. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  7. After much researching of 0.0% beers (0.4/0.5% being the majority as they are classed as 'alcohol free' for tax purposes), it's up there with a good clean bitter bite to it. Bitburger 0.0% is good too, though only available at Majestics I believe. Both at the cheaper end too strangely enough with the Peroni and San Miguel zeros at twice the price and half the taste. Cheers fella! Sent from 47171 Lempo
  8. I'm surprised that no-one else has done a Party Short for the Old Faithful Weekend as it's the very epitome of it! How many times have you stared at your humidor, packed with all the wonders of Cuba, all sizes, all shapes, memories of the good, bad and ugly, all crowding your decision on the next smoke? Confusion and frustration grows... then the revelation... Party Short! Wins every time. You know I'm right. This was from a PSP box I got last year which at the halfway point hasn't disappointed. Cut and paste of notes: "sweet on lips, perfect firm draw, construction spot on, beautiful sheen, caramel on lighting real depth of flavour, well under medium strength, slight white pepper on retrohale, perfect white ash, sweetness cutting bitterness of beer nicely - good combo. 1st - caramel with a touch of salt 2nd - ash eventually dropped. More sweetness, touch of coffee bitterness but smooth as butter 3rd " Didn't actually make any notes towards the end, just enjoyed the hell out of it in a window of sunshine on a showery day. So there you have it, the Partagas Short - a little ray of sunshine. 9/10 for consistency, flavour, size ( if you want something bigger, have two) and just for always being there when you need one. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  9. Smoking one now SGA JUN 16 as I read your review and it's wonderful. I've already made a note to get another box. It's got everything you mention, the citrus, the cocoa, the biscuit and I need more in my life. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  10. It's a number, like 6 and 254. This one comes right after 29 in the list. Glad to be of service. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  11. It's jelly shots - posh no doubt expensive - jelly shots. Bloody students... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  12. My sentiments exactly. I'm glad you put this forward before me Ray, I was going to be less subtle and more descriptive but thought better of it...[emoji56] Sent from 47171 Lempo
  13. Part of the cigar routine for me is the taking off of a cigar from my Excel spreadsheet (on the phone as it's always to hand). Only once it's lit though and can't go back. Then there's a little ponder on what's left and what might be next to smoke or buy. Regarding numbers: 340, down from a peak of 550ish as I've taken half a year or more off from buying. That's going to change soon... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  14. My wife's angle on the hipster beard is " why would to want to look like an Edwardian rapist?" She's not a fan... I just think they invariably look like fakes, stuck on and to be removed at the end of the day. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  15. My usual fishing cigar is the RyJ Cazadores but today I made a change for the sake of this review weekend. First outing for my newly aquired vintage Hardy spilt cane rod and reel, so expectations were high all round. The cigar was beautifully constructed, nice Colorado wrapper and a perfect draw (fingernail cut). The smell out of the tube was dark chocolate and slightly musty. The first light confirmed both of these, but soon settled into a nice strong tobacco and earthy wood. The rod and reel took a bit of getting used to but I soon had their measure and a pleasant morning ensued. Dark ash and a thick burn line but no issues with the burn at all, except for the couple of times I had to relight due to fishing matters. The flavours were all solidly in the earth/ wood tangent with hints of occasional sweetness. More molasses than caramel. Not a lot of development but very pleasurable - it's a good outdoors cigar with it's strength and the natural characteristics. Second third and more of the same. I had to stop for a while and get home but relit it whilst sorting out my gear to no discernible ill effects (popped it back in the tube for half an hour). The final third saw an increase in the sweetness and something that reminded me of the seaside for some reason but still with that solid woody core. All in all a very good cigar. I have one left and recently missed the chance of another box... Ho hum. No fish were harmed, or even disturbed for that matter, during this review. Sent from 47171 Lempo

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