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  1. RG Perlas UBM FEB 19 JBWP3RW Just perfect... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  2. Time for a perfectly formed half hour of delight, the Rafael Gonzalez Perlas. Obvious comparisons with the Monte 5 abound but the RGP has a different agenda. The Monte 5 is trying to be the mini Monte 4, have one or two then step up to the proper cigars. It's good, but lacks personality. The RGP is in its own little world, bouncing around the humidor, grinning inanely and just wanting to have fun. And it is. In my time I've smoked an awful lot of these - hundreds - and I can't recall a bad one. Truly dependable. The best are aged 4, 5,10 years but young they're not much different - smooth,
  3. RASCC LEP FEB 17 (JBWP3RW) and tonight's moon with Jupiter (left 10 o'clock) and Saturn (right 2 o'clock) Sent by spooky action at a distance
  4. Long day so a short cigar this evening. There's a beautiful moon out and it's all rather peaceful. I haven't had one of these in a while but do remember that it's been a good box. Nice sheen on the wrapper and construction feels spot on. Straight cut for a change and the first draw brings a sharp fruity opening, lemon peel and plums. Just noticed Jupiter and Saturn are showing too on this clear night, triangulated to the moon - how neat is that? The cigar is smoking nice and cool with a creamy smoke. Firm pack but a good draw. Lemon tartness recedes and returns in waves as it progresses with
  5. In the UK the standard large gauge is "an area the size of Wales". This is used for anything from forest fires in far flung parts of the world to the combined size of municipal areas given over to rewilding. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  6. You occasionally see people advertising old cigar boxes, and more often jars, as being over a hundred years old due to the warranty seal that has the year 1912 on it... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  7. Hmm. I had a box of REG AGO 18 that were mostly plugged and had the same wrapper issue. Good luck with the rest of them[emoji1696] Sent by spooky action at a distance
  8. I've been at or for a couple of years now and even hold an axe throwing permit with the Scout Association. Same safety rules and regs as archery basically. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  9. We've got a patch of good weather after a wet summer so... JJ Fox yesterday (very nice Fundadores) as I was up in London; paddleboarding with some Scout leaders and helpers today; tomorrow it's back to London to see my first gig since March last year - Dark Sky Burial's first ever show (side project of Shane Embury from Napalm Death); plus open water swimming every day at some point as it's my new fitness addition and there's a good lake near where I now live. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  10. Well, I'm sat at home waiting for a couple of packages (guess where from...) and getting bored. Time to dig out the empties I think and have a go. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  11. Are those the new plain packaging ELs for 2021? Sent by spooky action at a distance
  12. A kid in a house that backed onto mine started playing drums about 5 years ago. It's been interesting hear him build up from ba-dum-dum to being quite competent. Fair play to the boy for keeping at it after a slow and decidedly unrythmic start. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  13. Picked this up in a local charity shop for £20. 25x33 inch numbered (663 of 1000) lithograph on canvas. Endorsed by the National Council of Cultural Heritage (CNPC) and produced the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba according to a sticker on the back. I'd love to know how it made it to this quiet suburb in Surrey... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  14. La Flor de Cano Elegidos LGB NOV 20 (JBWP2RW) Very nice cigar for a quiet day at work... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  15. Second one out of the second box of these I've had and I must say that I'm impressed. It's very much in the cheap and cheerful camp but aspiring to the glamping end of the site. It wants to be in a yurt with a proper bed and a wood burner rather than a leaky borrowed tarp and a hammock. Looks rough, feels light and this one has a loose draw on lighting. The initial puff brings a light peppery twang and a touch of dark fruit - damsons spring to mind. These are the two main themes that remain throughout the next hour. This profile is typical of the dozen I've had so far and very pleasant. The

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