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  1. When up against it - "Gabino Campos" as they say in Cuba, "Deny Everything!" Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  2. One every weekday and then usually 3 on a Saturday and Sunday so 11pw. Sizes vary but the number doesn't. Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  3. The Angel of Uncle Fidel sounds like a Dostoevsky short story... Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  4. This [emoji115]. I'm actually having a week off work soon. First time off this year. I'm still not convinced it's going to happen... Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  5. This implies there's a way to do it that isn't patronising, did it explain that? Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  6. I've had one for a couple of months now and it's excellent. It's nice to have a Zippo that I can use with cigars at last and it's become my go-to lighter. There's just something good about the weight and sound of a Zippo. Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  7. Congratulations to both @lovethehaze, and to FoH for running this - bloody brilliant idea! Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  8. Dog : Ah, there you are... I thought we were going for a pint? Horse : Yeah, sorry mate. He's new to this riding malarkey and his mum won't let go. She's worried he'll fall off again. Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  9. To be fair quite a few countries have presidents and obviously those without male presidents can't be 'Mr President'. The origin of this mysteriously anodyne and unoriginal quote therefore remains an open book... Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  10. Don't sweat it. I've been driving left-hooker lorries in the UK for years, you just get used to it. A couple of early squeaky bum moments admittedly... Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  11. Ramon Allones, then your cigars would be neater. It should be third from the left. [emoji851] Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  12. Hola Rob, Any Fonseca No1 on the horizon?[emoji560] Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  13. Yep, I can see that connection too. It's the dried fruit element that RA often have [emoji39] Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  14. These EPM SEP 19s arrived yesterday and seeing as they've taken the long way home I thought I'd try one straight away. Not my usual MO but they looked too good to pass up. Sitting here in the sunshine with a hot coffee and a cold beer I'm happily surprised at how good this is. Perfect draw, beautiful construction, Cadburys Fruit n Nut from the get go. I wasn't going to touch these until Oct 15th (90 days) but now I'm wondering if any will make it to that date. There is absolutely nothing about this smoke to indicate the trials and tribulations of the intercontinental journey they've been on. The flavours are crisp and clear, the burn is spot on and as I reach the second half none of the acrid aftertaste I associate with the occasional forays into ROTT smoking. It's been a week of ups and downs with work and home issues but at this moment in time, with this cigar in hand, life is good. Even my Zippo jet flame insert has started behaving itself after weeks of spluttery bad behaviour. Have a good weekend FoHers! Nx Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7
  15. Partagas Lusitania BUP OCT 17 Perfect for an evening by the fire Sent from Cosmos Redshift 7

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