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  1. This cigar came to me via last year's UK Box Pass courtesy of @99call. It has a mid to dark velvety wrapper and is a nice size in the hand. The cut gives a very light draw and the faint smell of dried fruit. 1 - Small puffs due to the lightness of the roll. Slightly musty, walnut, dried fruit, coconut (really?). There's a slight creaminess to smoke which is very pleasing indeed. Mushroom. Ash falls easily. Then a hit of dark chocolate and something like smell of washing powder. There's lots going on in this little bugger. More nuts. Sweetness, floral. 2- Strength upped from milder to under medium. Something undefinable of the Middle East about it - very distant sweet spices. Beautiful creamy mouth feel. 3- A spicy tingle develops on the tongue, almost minty, but still just a hint on the breeze. Then biscuit and a return of the mushroom. Then the Mrs wanted a try - after a few enjoyable puffs she came up with "Licorice. The warm pavement of a pre-soaked Barcelona street. 100% Spanish wood (licorice root)" I wrestled it back for the last knockings and was met with a slight metallic kick on last drag, not unpleasant and an interesting final twist. Bloody marvellous 40 minute smoke. Thanks Stefan! Solid 9/10 Sent from 47171 Lempo
  2. Mel Ramos - Hav-a-Havana #3 (1998) Got a good quality print and had it nicely framed. An original lithograph will cost you tens of thousands, if you can find one for sale... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  3. Partagas Aristocrat - the Party Short's sibling in a du Prince size. Can be hard to find admittedly, but I'm amazed that don't get mentioned more around these parts. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  4. In the run up to Christmas 2018 I bought myself a present from JJFox - a Montecristo leather case containing three Edmundos. My only note on these says 'Bloody Lovely', backed up but the fact that I bought a box on 24:24 soon after. This is the first from that box. The initial smell on opening the box was a wonderful barnyard and cocoa combination. Without too much thought I picked out one, cut it and the cold draw was all cedar and mineral, quite different to what I was expecting but good nonetheless. Perfect wrapper, nice sheen, felt good in the hand. Took it outside to the fire pit. On lighting there was definite cedar but with a floral overtone dominating. Perfect draw and great plumes of smoke carried away in the breeze. Mild to medium, very smooth, great flavours, almost sweet. Really refreshing actually, clean tasting. Into the second third a bit of a canoe developed, partly due to my inattention caused by the visit of a hedgehog. It's quite rare to see one not flattened on the road so I got it some cat food and watched for a while. Nice moment. Back to the cigar... and with the odd burn line fixed the strength upped a little and the deep milk chocolate I'd been waiting for emerged. Beautiful. Mingling with the floral and still a hint left of the cedar this ended the cigar in a very satisfying way. Excellent all round and one day soon I'll dip into this box again. Surprising for a relatively young, and quite fat cigar, but another few months won't hurt the development I feel. Solid 8.5/10 with maybe a little better to come. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  5. Same as everyone else. Getting found out... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  6. Doesn't help that the OP has now changed the title... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  7. This, by the way, is genius... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  8. That'll be 'glisters' then. I'm assuming you know this and are trying to wind me up, you bugger. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  9. Could you change the title so it's grammatically correct? e g. Show Your Stash! Thank you from all at Pedant's Corner ( or Pedants' Corner if we're using the plural, obviously) [emoji848][emoji851] Sent from 47171 Lempo
  10. That's a good point and may be a licensing thing. The United Kingdom is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It'll be interesting to know if Gran Bretana releases were available in N.I. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  11. Great review. I've got a note saying this was my cigar of the year for 2016 so I must try another. Soon! Sent from 47171 Lempo
  12. Nice review. I've got a box from March '17 that had similar draw issues. I've had a couple from it but they're now put away with a note saying "Mar 20'. I reckon 3 years could be a good starting point for these... can't wait! Sent from 47171 Lempo
  13. Of course you did the San Juan, wouldn't expect anything else! Great review. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  14. Very good cigar I'd say. Similar to the Monte 4 but has its own distinct earthiness. Construction seems never to be an issue either. Ages nicely and hits it's stride at the 3 year mark to my taste. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  15. Ye Gods, the power of insomnia! Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd log on and see what's happening in the Democratic Republic of FoH and this is what I see... Thanks Moe and thanks to Rob and all involved. I really won't be able to sleep now, or maybe I'll sleep better - I don't really care. I might even get up and have a cigar to celebrate. What an excellent start to the day, or night actually. Thank you! Sent from 47171 Lempo

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