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  1. I'm Northern, I get my Big Coat. Job done. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  2. Yeah, I know, I did wonder about that myself briefly. That's the dichotomy of our macro view of the world and the micro reality behind it all. And I, like Rovelli himself and all those theorising about QM, still don't understand it! Sent by spooky action at a distance
  3. Waterstone's books online, Amazon have it but they've decimated bookshops so I don't buy from them. I'm in the UK and it was released here 25th March. Lovely book, his usual mixture of hard theory thrown in with personal, philosophical and historical perspectives. Sent by spooky action at a distance Sent by spooky action at a distance
  4. Nothing unusual 62-3%/17°c ish. It happens occasionally and I'm not one for over-analysing so I just put it down to the combination of a cool breeze and warm sun accentuating a minor flaw somewhere. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  5. I don't drink alcohol so it's black coffee, lapsang tea or a fruit tea if it's cold out, tonic water or NA beer when it warms up. There's a lot of good ones out there now but Brewdog Nanny State is excellent with a cigar. I do need to find a good NA stout to try, I think that'll work well... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  6. Should've slept in the car... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  7. I've a friend who's just getting into cigars, Cubans specifically due to FoH being about the only place worth buying from. I've given him all sorts of cigars to try ( long, short, fat, thin) and ten count boxes of 50+rg is his dream come true due to the specifics of cost and preferred size. He's their perfect future customer. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  8. I've just cracked a SEB FEB 20 ten count box and they're absolutely spot on. May have to upgrade to another 25 before the year's out. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  9. RASS (EPM NOV 18) VVRW#1 Lovely RASS and an excellent read.
  10. Much needed day off after 12 straight days at work, chores done and the sun is out at last. Time to settle down with an old favourite cigar and Rovelli's latest book on the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics. The RASS is the last from a box that has been generally very good. This example looks good, feels good and with a V cut, draws perfectly. Mild to start but lovely and smooth with a slight fruity tang which lingers in the mouth. Very slight spice giving the general impression of apples cooked with cinnamon, but without the exact flavour of either. Of course, this is my observa
  11. Not a slap but more a slightly aggressive mental nudge. Barcelona 2016. Montecristo Sevilla Jar €300 on the counter at Gimeno Tabac. I bought two boxes of du Prince instead, which considering their subsequent discontinuation I was quite happy with. Still wish I'd bought that jar though... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  12. Check out the OP , there's a good reason for this thread. "No time like the present.......to smoke those cigars you've kept your hands off of for months or years. Too special. Considering the current state of affairs I am a bit concerned if something drastic happens I may never get the chance to try the gems in my humidor. So, bring them out, light them up and then post a picture and review." Sent by spooky action at a distance
  13. There's a pipe shaped RyJ in the downstairs museum at JJFox. I haven't got access to the photo I have of it though, great help I know... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  14. I'm off out now. Yeah, I changed that plug on the kettle you kept asking about. Bye.... Sent by spooky action at a distance

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