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  1. You're not alone, my wife bought a set of those last year... But I think she was sober, which is quite worrying. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  2. No-one send to have picked up on the error from the research and development team ie. That the entire membership of both teams is made up of jockeys! They're fkng jockeys people, they don't play football. Even if jockeys do play football, and I'm sure many do when not riding horses, they don't do it in their silks. With helmets. Or goggles for that matter. Unless the highly skilled modellers can only do jockeys. "We need two teams of football players" "Sorry, we only do jockeys " "Oh really? Never knew that. Well then, I'm sure that'll be OK. Crack on chaps" Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  3. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Diplomaticos No. 2 SAR AGO 11 Courtesy of[mention=21778]GavLew79[/mention] in the UK Sub Forum Box Pass. Thanks for this one! Had this by the fire on a Scout camp last night. Beautiful stick, toast and nuts all the way through with a nice creamy feel. Quite light in strength but full of flavour and interest from start to finish. Another great stick from the box that's travelling the length and breadth of the country and is on the move again. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  4. I assume you mean the 1986 film starring Louise Smith, in which case you should capitalise the "g" on "girls". If not... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  5. @FatPete has this little lot ready and waiting to be sent to the next destination - and that could be your house! All you have to do is ask, politely of course. Check out the Swap Shop thread on the Europe Sub forum....
  6. I agree with this^ .There's very little in the way of "underrated" cigars to choose from as they all seem to get the props at some point. Or, their production improves and they become popular again after a poor period. I always have a box of Favoritos on the go, hit and miss admittedly (and my current box is 50/50), but when you get a good one it's a real vindication of buying cheap! Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  7. Akela3rd

    Are you childish?

    Yeah, I can imagine that's a tough crowd to get laughs from. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  8. I'm 52 years old, have a responsible job, been with the Mrs for 25 years, paid off the mortgage and I run a Scout group. I am qualified to drive heavy goods vehicles, 36 tonne excavators and teach both archery and axe throwing to others under my instruction. However... My brother sent me this birthday card last week and I still snigger at the thought of it. So, to answer my own question - clearly, I am. What about you? Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  9. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    If you think it's worthy of sharing, do it. NCs have their place in this wide world. I picked up a couple in the UK box pass yesterday (Brickhouse and Drew Estate) out of curiosity and will be posting my thoughts on them in time no doubt. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  10. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sunday morning HdM Epi 1 (PUS OCT 17). Delightful, delicate cigar. Reminds me of the caramel ginger Biscoff biscuits you sometimes get given with a hotel coffee. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  11. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Rocky Patel Tabaquero by Hamlet Paredes Corona. Great fireside smoke. Strong and smooth. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  12. Next round is up. Come on in, have a dibble, all sorts of goodies on offer. Mmm... Cigars... [emoji39] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  13. Ha Ha! What a great way to start a birthday! 😁😁😁 Thanks One and All for the Likes, and thanks to the FoH team for the Comp and prize.🙏
  14. Akela3rd

    COHIBA Lanceros special box 50 cigars

    This is a very old thread... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  15. Hmm. What are the other two? Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie

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