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  1. Do you really keep all your cigar photos? I generally delete them as soon as I've posted. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  2. What better to accompany this cigar than a potted history of the man himself? This Minuto gives me enough time to get through 35 pages of political and military determinism culminating in the liberation of northern South America. Nice. BCJs are at the stronger end of the Cuban minutos, packed with rich heavy flavour. This particular cigar doesn't disappoint. Right from the off there's a strong espresso overlaying licorice, which is absolutely delightful. I'm now wishing I'd gone for the licorice Nespresso rather than caramel to go with it, but no matter. The depth of flavour is fantastic, coating my taste buds on every draw. The smoke is thick and hangs nicely in the air on this still morning. The construction and burn are perfect throughout and as the relentless campaigning and battles unfold the intensity of the cigar matches the story of his life (maybe I'm overthinking this but let's go with it). For a small cigar it's certainly a bit of a powerhouse, but thoroughly enjoyable. White pepper, bitter dark chocolate, burnt leather (?) all come and go in the background in equal measure, under the dominant coffee and licorice. The licorice flavour is an interesting one - I've come across it occasionally in cigars, especially Bolivar, but in this it's right at the forefront and lasts from start to finish. An absolute delight of a cigar, and an interesting read about a driven and principled man who accepted and demanded sacrifice to achieve his goals. A score? I'd give this a solid 9/10 - best cigar I've had in weeks. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  3. Akela3rd

    FOH Challenge Coin

    No. They slap down the coin, you don't. They say that you now owe them a cigar or whatever, you say Bugger Off. The End. I really don't see the point. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  4. Akela3rd

    Box of the Day

    Walletemptying... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  5. I reckon the UK price, using the Siglio VI as a benchmark plus a little for the shiny band and box will be £1300-1400 (US$1625-1750). Ouch, and No. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  6. My wife and I have been together for 25 years, married for 19 of them. We've never had a joint account and it works beautifully for us. I'll see your Lulu Guinness handbag and raise you a cab of PLPC, basically. [emoji16] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  7. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RG Perla OPG AGO 15 Long day, short cigar, ignore filthy fingers. What better before a shower and an early night? Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  8. The REG FEB 18 box didn't get touched in the end, too busy tending to the patient (lots of tea basically). It's a PSP box so I have high hopes and have been looking forward to cracking it for six months or more, but it'll have to wait til next weekend I think. Interesting to hear about the varying experiences though. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  9. Tonight was the next chapter of 80s punk meets 70s soul girl. We met at the birthday party of a mutual friend and soon were an item. Fast forward 25 and a bit years and here we still are - 21 year old son at uni, married 19 years, third cat, nice house with the mortgage paid off, still arguing about music and a belated Valentine's dinner at home planned. At 3pm this afternoon she started coughing and finally declared she was definitely ill and was going to bed early. Ho hum, there's been plenty of Valentine's Days before and there'll be more to come. So, off outside for a fire and the aged Punch Punch that came with my order a few weeks ago (thanks FoH team!). The smell in the foot was all dark fruit, promising much and this translated into the first few puffs. Very nice. Then well, like the planned dinner, not a lot happened. There was a light spice, hints of coffee bean and a mild woodiness but nothing distinctive. The flavours seemed muted throughout, nothing really distinctive like I was expecting. As the fire died down an hour later the cigar picked up a little but didn't really hit a stride. Pleasant, not great though. I've got an untouched box that have just made the one year mark so I might try one tomorrow to compare fresher vs aged. And hopefully the Mrs will be on the mend and we can have Valentine's Day again. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  10. Does just licking them count? [emoji848] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  11. Absolutely astounded! My wife was concerned because all she could hear from another room was me saying "F##kin Hell, look at these" repeatedly... Incredible prize from a wonderful organisation. Thank you Rob and all of your team. I don't know where to start... [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  12. Sunshine, cane rod, cigar[emoji4] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  13. I tried the bald thing and couldn't cope with it. Invested in a set of Wahl professional clippers and do a Grade 0.5 clipper cut once a week at home. Haven't been to a hairdressers in 25 years despite being married to one. And like you say, a fortune saved! Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie

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