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  1. And "bandying about so cavalierly" wins today's Phrase of the Day comp. Well done Mr G. your prize will be lost in the mail.[emoji119][emoji119][emoji119] Sent from 47171 Lempo
  2. Large patio umbrella. Pro-style.Congrats on the win BTW! Sent from 47171 Lempo
  3. Very similar experience to the one I had yesterday (including the rain). Coincidence or consistency? Ah, the mystery of Cubans... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  4. "in not really correct"....? Oh, this could go on and on. Anyway, we're still part of Europe for the moment so why not appropriate a word or two, verstehen? Sent from 47171 Lempo
  5. Akela3rd

    Weekly poll suggestion

    Over every time. And will change it to the correct position in other people's houses and wherever else (not going to other people's houses specifically to do this, obviously, but you know, when appropriate). Under invariably involves wall scrabbling, which is A Bad Thing. This is how religious schisms start BTW and look where that's got us. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  6. Akela3rd

    Finally tried an Partagas Aristocrat

    Cracking cigar. I won a FoH review comp with one last year so I'm biased! I do really like them, had one early yesterday morning in fact. Nice size, same as a du Prince, and I find that they have a similar profile to the Shorts but less sophisticated. There's a sweetness in there that's different - more molasses than caramel. I've got through a couple of boxes in the last couple of years and have had no real construction issues. Very reasonable price too. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  7. It's a cultural thing, I'm British. Lol indeed. "There is no difference in meaning between offence and offense. They're exactly the same in all their definitions. The difference is that offense is the preferred spelling in American English, while offence is preferred in British, Indian, Canadian, and Australian English." Sent from 47171 Lempo
  8. No offence taken I hope. I'm actually annoyed with myself that I didn't spot it earlier. And yes, you're right, with PerfecDraw it's a glaring error that should have been corrected. Sent from 47171 Lempo
  9. Well done! Great cigar but ugly looking thing. Do yours look like this one? Sent from 47171 Lempo
  10. Don't you mean the grammatical error on THE box. Not grammatical error on box...[emoji50] That Sir, would appear to be a grammatical error on your part. Honours even, n'est pas? Sent from 47171 Lempo
  11. I received this cigar from@Luca a few months ago when he was in London so the choice of reading material seemed more than appropriate - London Vinyl by Tom Greig. The wrapper was thick and veiny, quite a knarly looking cigar with very little smell at the foot and very faint flavours on the pre-draw. Tea and coal and hay, but all only very slight. The construction felt good though and the stick felt quite weighty. On lighting it provided an absolutely perfect draw with thick smooth smoke from the outset. Definitely creamy in the mouth. Quite mild but definitely tastes like an aged cigar, no elbows and mingled flavour notes. Tea ( Earl Grey), slight sweetness - marshmallow or the light dusting on a bon-bon. It reminds me very much of the Upmann Robustos I recently finished from my 08 travel humidor. Of Cuaba I've only had the Divinos and that box was hit and miss so I've got no real benchmark for the marca. Largely irrelevant as it's very EL in character, very similar to the RACA -- hints of mineral with that sweetness. Happily ploughing through the first third and it's good but the indications are that there's something more hiding behind a corner somewhere. Toast, buttered toast in fact, oh it's so smooth and creamy. It then develops a real sweet tea element. Should have had this at 4pm on a Sunday with my pinky finger sticking out. The ash looks a little flakey but refuses to drop. Into the second third as the rain forces me to put up a patio umbrella, but it's all good. Hints of nuts and a slight tingly feel on the tongue like space dust. Ash finally goes at approaching 2". It opens up a smidgen and the strength settles to a solid medium - improving an already good experience. Milk chocolate, more nuts, more tea, darker now, and another round of toast. All smoothed together with that intriguing tingle underpinning it all. Final third and the bands come off. It may have become muted for a while but it's more likely that I got a bit lost in the book - a compendium of London's independent record shops, a number of which I frequent and a shedload more I need to find. As it ends the darkening tea seems to become a light coffee, black pepper on the retrohale signals it's had it's day. Go on then, one last drag... Paired it with a black coffee which cut the smooth and creamy characteristics nicely. An excellent cigar - thank you so much Luca - and an excellent book. If your into your vinyl and in London, buy it. Cigar 9/10 Book 10/10 Sent from 47171 Lempo
  12. It's just emphasising the silent T. Like the silent P in swimming pool... Sent from 47171 Lempo
  13. As I suspected - I'd do the same I think...@ayepatz instigated a UK box pass last year which was on a much smaller scale. It was fun while it lasted with each move on a 'who wants it next?' basis. I have neither the time nor the stock to set up something like this though ( nor the organisational skills). Thoroughly enjoying following it. It's like watching the Tour de France or a long running soap opera - goes on forever and you're waiting to see what happens next. Keep it up chaps! Sent from 47171 Lempo
  14. Question from an outsider on the wrong side of the Pond... How on Earth do you decide so quickly what to put/ take? It'd take me days of poring over the listing. Do you watch and plan or is it impulse? Are those of you down the line already planning??? Sent from 47171 Lempo
  15. Monte 5s every time! They're just like little chocolate biscuits ready to be scoffed. It's a thought I've had every time I open a box. So far I've resisted... so far... Sent from 47171 Lempo

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