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  1. Married man's refrigerator. Second door shelf is all nail varnish, apparently it needs to be kept cool. Who knew? Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  2. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ha Ha! You'd hate my mate Shawn - he jingles when he walks and sets off airport metal detectors. Then has to explain that not all of his piercings are visible with his shirt off... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  3. Akela3rd

    Green men and squid.

    He wasn't actually disagreeing with you, merely extrapolating on your comment. Your views, as you quite rightly state, are your own and more power to you for that. That there may be another dog loving, cigar smoking, Bible reading entity out there having the very same discourse is not provable but could, just could, be a reality. No-one knows, but it's interesting to ponder. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  4. Akela3rd

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Ha! Enough of all this life affirming joyous vista malarkey. Welcome to SE London in the rain waiting for a lorry load of trees to turn up. No info on when they're coming. But it is Friday and Fridays don't count - no matter what happens, good or bad, it will end and then it's the weekend. [emoji16] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  5. Total State Machine. It's a beautifully put together history using photos, interviews and essays of Test Dept. Obscure but important British industrial music collective and an enduring part of my life. There were only 250 copies of this made in hardback and I've got one of them. Weighs a bloody ton. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  6. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Party D4 ASR AGO 17 The rich savoury spice of a good D4 is quite unique IMHO. So glad I picked up another box of these last week... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  7. Post some pictures on the What's Your Latest CC purchase? thread and let the plaudits on your fine looking cigars soothe your anxieties. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  8. David - Glad to see you got your cigars, now just put them away and forget about them til 2019. Let them, and your mind, rest. Worrying about them won't change a thing. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  9. Get a bigger tree... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  10. Specifically - a piece of brick used as a missile. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  11. I've just had a look on their website and this item is listed at $120..? And I need one now. I didn't know I did, but I really really do! Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  12. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    HUPC TOS NOV 16 because I still can... Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  13. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas Lusitania BUP JUL 16 courtesy of@thedame007 in the UK Box Pass (which appears to be back in Yorkshire BTW). Another campfire and another first. Ye gods what a beautifully put together cigar this is! Smooth easy draw, clean burn from start to (eventual) finish rolling through leather, milk coffee, sponge pudding, black coffee and ending in a pepper covered cream cake. Bloody marvellous. Once home the next day I tried the little brother - Partagas Aristocrat UBM JUN 17 - that I picked up a couple of months ago out of curiosity more than anything as its rarely mentioned round these parts. A very decent little smoke I must say (same size as the du Prince). Partagas leather and spice, medium to full strength, well made, burns nicely and a good cheap end option for the coming winter months when away from a blazing fire I'd say. I'll definitely be getting more of both (Lusi on order already). Happy days indeed. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  14. Akela3rd

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Teaching Beaver Scouts to pick and eat stinging nettles, just to freak out their parents. They never believe the kids when they say what they've been up to... [emoji16] Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie
  15. Akela3rd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My first ever BBF (TEO ABR 18) from a trade with [mention=32654]Ritch[/mention]. Although it felt good to the touch it tasted a little dry, but it showed plenty of leather, clove and earthiness - nice combo. I've still got a couple left and will give them a few months more but at the moment I'd say I prefer the RyJ Belicoso. Sent from my ActionMan walkie-talkie

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