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  1. The last line of each verse is a statement such as 'I'll never forgive myself if we don't go all the way tonight' then 'I'll do anything for love, but I won't do that'. It annoyed him for years that people didn't get it. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  2. Funky sunset couple of days ago... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  3. That's encouraging. I've had a few over the years that were alright, no more, but plumped for a box of the late 20 production after all the rave reviews. Plan is to crack the box at the end of this year when they've got two years on them. [emoji1696] Sent by spooky action at a distance
  4. They got them from a friend's brother-in-law that works at the factory. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  5. Congratulations to you both - it's been a long build up and I'm sure there were a great many crossed fingers out there... mine included[emoji6] Sent by spooky action at a distance
  6. Fair enough, it's not mentioned on this one - keep 'em coming till you run out of sticks to smoke. And good luck, it's a cracking prize! Sent by spooky action at a distance
  7. Not sure if you're aware but you can only put in a maximum of three entries for each weekly comp... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  8. RyJ Churchill BEL DIC 20 XNYRW6 Great cigar, overly verbose writer. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  9. Half day at work so got home, wrapped up warm, picked out a cigar I've been eyeing for a couple of weeks and headed out into a gorgeous winter afternoon. Last of a six pack I got last year that have been rather good (and, yes, I bought a box later...). 1/3 Beautiful rosado wrapper, perfect draw from a straight cut and fruity from the get-go. Quite mild but full of that signature cherry. Voluminous smoke output. Smooth and calming. 2/3 Hints of lemon develop adding a pleasant tartness to the mix. New leather and that strange but not unpleasant scent peculiar to charity (thrift) shops. 3/3 Getting chilly despite the layers so I'm going to cut it shorter than planned. Solid medium now and very satisfying. Cherry and burnt sugar, more good leather. Immaculate burn throughout. An excellent cigar and perfect for a free Friday afternoon, like a weekend treat come early. Score? In the nineties easily. Sent by spooky action at a distance
  10. I was all warmed up - this is me an hour earlier just after my swim... Sent by spooky action at a distance
  11. Rio Seco SOR FEB 20 (XNYRW5) Sent by spooky action at a distance
  12. First cigar of the new year and I went for something large and gentle. Beautiful wrapper with a nice sheen and an easy draw as often seems to be the case with these. Cold draw didn't give a lot but there was a hint of cakiness in there. Lovely rich smoke and a very flavoursome start, all sweet bread and apricot (?). As usual, the Rio Seco seems to have been made in a patisserie rather than a cigar factory. Creamy light coffee notes in and out, little touches of baking spices but nothing overpowering, pastry. Maybe it's just that I've got the idea in my head but I can't get out of the kitchen... Slight build up in strength in the last third, taking it to no more than below medium and the flavours stay defined and distinct - cake, white coffee, apricot, light spice. Burn has been immaculate and its been a very enjoyable way to spend an hour in the park. Very good start to the year 9/10 Sent by spooky action at a distance
  13. Crass were anarchists, saw themselves as outside political labels. The antithesis of Skrewdriver must be The Redskins... And I saw this in a record shop today and, because of this thread, I had to get it. I blame @Bijan. Sent by spooky action at a distance

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