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  1. TBird55

    RH and Temp

    70f. 61h - 63h
  2. TBird55


    At least.... can't go wrong with these...
  3. Who wears the pants in this relationship?
  4. have a box of UBM May 18 sleeping, beautiful cigars...
  5. He might as well go ahead and call Bob.....
  6. Also, have a few adult beverages, before before 24 24. That's a sure way to increase your inventory.
  7. Buy at least 1 box a month, more than you smoke. after a year you have 12 set aside. It will add up before you know it.
  8. Congratulations on your purchase....the wait will be worth it.....
  9. TBird55

    Aging and Resting

    Check out 24 24 on Monday's clearance. Stock up on regular production, let them sleep, you will be rewarded without breaking the bank getting started on your Cuban cigar journey. But be forewarned, once you start down the rabbit hole, there is no turning back.
  10. During the summer at 9 years of age, he would have me drive, alone from our home in town to the farm, about 3 miles. Then I got on a tractor and plowed, or worked in the fields all day. He would come check on me from time to time during the day, to make sure I wasn't playing around. I believe a lot of people would frown on this today, but I loved it. This continued until I left for University. By the way, he did believe in using the belt if I got out of line. It didn't happen often, I was a quick learner.
  11. TBird55

    Cut to the chase....

    Lusitanias punch punch

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