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  1. If you're talking about the top five in amount smoked in 19 they are: Lusitanias RASS Punch Punch Connie 1 RyJ Churchill Second Five: HdM DC, Esplendido, JL2, PLPC, Party shorts
  2. You mean to tell me that you can't tell me when a box of (fill in the blank) PSP with a reddish hue, oily but not overly so, thin wrapper, without any plugs, may or may not be shipped and put up on 24 24.😞
  3. Smoke 3 or 4 a week. Prefer a couple of years or more on them, but enjoy them fresh also.
  4. Smoked a HdM DC ROE DIC 15. Tried one about a year after getting them,nothing but mongrels. totally unapproachable. Had one a couple of weeks ago, wonderful cigar, with room to grow.
  5. Have a cutter, works great(6years). Have 2 lighters, a double and a triple flame. Haven't had any issues in about 2 years. Blow the jets occasional with compressed air to keep them clean. Last time I had one quit, took it to the b&m where I purchased it, and they just swapped it out for a new one. They said the Xikar rep. told them to just switch them out.
  6. RASS looks great, been looking for a couple of cabs. HdM DC, wasn't looking for another this year, but those will be hard to pass. Rob, do you believe 2020 will continue the uptick in quality?
  7. Have a box of Esplendidos 09, grab one of those, that should do it.
  8. College football, specially Auburn, love the pageantry....tailgating, tiger walk, marching bands, cheerleaders, and of course the eagle flight in the stadium befour the game. Along with 85,000 of your closest friends. War Damn Eagle...

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