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  1. Haven't bought any NC since 2015, don't have a clue as to the prices. The flavor profile of few that I have smoked, ( padron, fuente, perdomo, ect) just doesn't do it for my palate. To me most seem heavy on pepper and nicotine, with little else, one dimensional. But that's my palate speaking., and I am sure others will not agree. I am thankful for the many choices, that we do have, both CC and NC. CC for me and NC for the people that enjoy them. All with a range of prices that is palatable for everyone.
  2. It won't be too long before a 50 is considered skinny, the way things are going. I wonder if the pendulum will ever swing back.
  3. A box or cab of 50 of PSP quality Punch double corona, if you can find them. Then seal them up as tight as you can.
  4. Makes it hard to enjoy a cigar when it's 101f in the shade!!!
  5. I don't believe that I would have said that...or maybe I would have....😂
  6. So do I, but I can show you a fine John Deere tractor.
  7. Hey Mike hope you have a wonderful 4th. You know if everything was easy all the time, we would get to where we didnt appreciated the good times. I just don't understand why some people think the way they do. But that's probably a good thing. Cheers
  8. At the stage in life, where kids gone, house paid for. Have worked hard and put away, time to enjoy. Not a big drinker or golfer, but I do enjoy cigars. Still work hard.....but I enjoy what I do so it's more like playing for me. I wouldn't say weslthy, but comfortable.....and by the way if I choose to put down some cigars for the future, what's the harm in that?
  9. Looking more and more like this is a good year to stock up for the future.

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