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  1. Only the super premium come in glass tops. Awesome find.......
  2. If there were no CC, I would smoke far fewer cigars, and have no use for my cabinets.
  3. Some days chicken salad, some days chicken shit....like riding a roller coaster...
  4. Closing all the borders is like trying to put out a forest fire with a water hose.
  5. Have they discontinued the Partagas 898?
  6. A cigar I smoked weekly, until they were discontinued. Only have one box left (16), haven't delved into it yet. For whatever reason, when I come to my last box of a discontinued cigar, I have an extremely difficult time smoking the first out of that box.
  7. Looks like my Lilly, she's 10. Never thought I would have a small dog, but man do I love her.
  8. These cigars will double in price within 5 years, great investment.
  9. Not so sure I would have said that...😒
  10. Damn it I hate that, sorry for your loss...
  11. Used the sticks, when I used to run marathons. Works well on small tears and knots in your muscles.

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