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  1. TBird55

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    I smoke 3+ a day, so I keep a fairly large rotation going. But if I had to guess on which two I smoked the most...Lusitania and Punch Punch, followed closely by JL2 and Connie 1.
  2. The world needs more churchills...
  3. Have a couple boxes of 16, will let you know in a couple of years..
  4. TBird55

    Quickie...but important.

    I do hope that the ban is permanent, no room for hatred of any source.
  5. Traded the box I had, so brought this box home from my locker. It's my last one, so I think I'll keep this one .
  6. TBird55

    Thoughts on a Monte LE

    Back before I saw the light ( good regular production > EL), I grabbed a couple of boxes of Dantes. Haven't tried one yet
  7. TBird55

    EOS box code for JL2

    I have a 18 EOS Sir Winston. Haven't smoked any.
  8. You can never have too many Lusis.....
  9. I use nails from dress boxes to fortify my cabs that I am ageing. Also I put one in the lid to keep me out of them. Leave just enough of the nail exposed so I can pull it out when it's time.
  10. I think a good many of us fell for the double band "SPECIAL" cigars. Now for me, give me quality regular production cigars anyday.
  11. Lusitania Punch Punch JL 2 Fonseca #1 Romeo y Julieta Churchill All of these are readily available, (don't have to worry about "all sold") smoke well young. There are many more, but these will give you a good start. All of these are in my regular rotation.
  12. The Topes were worth it for me, because I was able to parlay most of the boxes I bought into Punch DC (a cab and a dress box), through trades. Made me a happy camper, and the people who got them very happy also...win win.
  13. I have a couple of cabs, and a few boxes put back for long term aging. I have another cab that I smoke out of. When the cab gets half empty, I take all the cigars out and add another box, then place the cigars I took out on top. The cigars in the smoking cab usually have one to two years on them. Occasionally you can pick up some well rested cigars on 2424, not long ago there were some from 16, grabbed a few. They are smoking quite well. As far as a sweet spot, I enjoy them at all ages.

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