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  1. I've never had one. I think for myself, that's a can of worms that's best left unopened.🙄
  2. Enjoy the journey, it is never ending....
  3. When they announced they were being discontinued, I thought that they would be available for a while....I figured wrong...
  4. Thanks for the review. Have 1 box left, going to wait a couple more years before breaking into it. Really hate that they are discontinued, used to smoke 3 or 4 boxes a year.
  5. Everyday, Lilly attaches a leash to me and leads me around, while i smoke a cigar.
  6. Have started saving my empty boxes. Will be happy to send them free of charge, to replace some of the boxes for you all.
  7. I smoke 4 or 5 punch punch a week, rarely have any construction issues. The vast majority come from 24 24, usually at least 18 months down time before I smoke them. One of my favorites. Quality matters...
  8. Lusitania's for me have been rock steady, spot on. Just love the blend. I would say BPC, though not bad, but some the flavor seems a bit muted at times, to me.
  9. But, but, but they have a shiny new band and box....
  10. TBird55

    Box of the day

    Remember when the Mag 50 was considered a fat cigar?
  11. PC/Android...what I have always used, have galaxy 9+, great phone for myself.
  12. Says a lot about the gentleman's character, selling a gift.

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