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  1. Remove, if the bands slides easily off, if not then usually around the half way point. In a perfect world(for me) where you didn't have to worry about counterfeits, there would be no bands on cigars.
  2. With the draconian tobacco laws in Australia do you foresee the day the government, completely bans all imports and exports?
  3. Jewelry, without a doubt, keeps the questions to a minimum. In fact if done right, instead of questions you get, "Honey dont you need another humidor". 😏 👍
  4. Wonderful memories...what its all about...congratulations
  5. Governments around the world are restricting cash transactions, and if the truth be told, want to remove cash completely. Once they have all our money digitalized, they will have the power to control nearly every aspect of our lives. I pray it never happens, but it's coming.
  6. I know that most of you will cringe, but I will take an excellent tequila over scotch and day of the week and twice on Sunday's.
  7. You will soon learn that "resistance is futile".
  8. Used to run marathons and do triathlons. When training I would run 75 miles, bike around 200miles, and swim 3hours a week. Along with 100 pushups a day. Was struck by an automobile one morning(drunk driver), put an end to all that. Fortunate to be here, but I do miss my workouts. Relegated to walking now.
  9. Any Punch DC, cab or dress box. A few weeks ago you had some Punch Sir David cabs up. Any possibility of any more showing up?
  10. I enjoy each of the Marcas, so couldn't say I dislike any. Maybe if the question had asked your least favorite....

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