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  1. TBird55

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Swing and a miss on the Punch DC, again. Maybe next time, gonna try a different bat....
  2. Trash, and put the date and code on inside of the box top, when not stamped on the bottom.
  3. TBird55

    Cabinet humidor issues

    I also set my fans to run more.
  4. TBird55

    Cabinet humidor issues

    I ended up taking one of the humidifiers out in my M+ THC. Found that keeping the temp at 70 and humidity at 61 works for me. Its a learning curve, I find in the winter months my unit stays cooler on the bottom 65f and 65h, compared to 70f and 61h on the top. The cigars seem to be the same as far as moisture content. My Aristocrat is literally packed, so the amount of cigars will have a bearing also. You will figure it out, and if you can't, I'll come haul it off for you👍. Hope this helps.
  5. TBird55

    Select Draw Cigar Cutters

    I meant v cut, changed it....
  6. Did they change the blend, also?
  7. TBird55

    Select Draw Cigar Cutters

    Same here, have a punch that i use occasionally, but never a fan of the v-cut.
  8. TBird55

    Box of the Day (Tuesday)

    Spectacular cigars...
  9. Well if that's the case, go ahead and give everyone my address, so they can send me my winnings.
  10. TBird55

    Select Draw Cigar Cutters

    I guess I'm not a distinguished cigar enthusiast.
  11. TBird55

    Desperate or what?

    I am in the same boat as you. Like you gas is required for a simple cleaning, better put me under for anything serious. And I am a 6'3" grown a$$ man, who acts like a baby at the dentist.
  12. Yes Bob was a pleasure to deal with. I don't believe I have ever talked with anyone that didn't love their Aristocrat. Nor have I ever talked to anyone who didn't want a larger Aristocrat, regardless of the size they have.
  13. I have been holding off on the Dantes, as Rob said they need a few years down. May try one tomorrow, now...

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