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  1. I concur. I have always enjoyed mag 50's, but the ESL Mag 50's, IMO, have been spectacular. Great construction, nice sheen, and very flavorful. I went deep, for me, on these ( 5 boxes) and will put some more away if I run across them in PSP.
  2. Guess I am lucky, rarely get any with cracked feet, unless its where Rob sells some with 2 or 3 cracked feet as seconds. Then again, I purchase 95% of my cigars from FOH.
  3. There is an Aristocrat for sale on Ebay. It's in West Virginia. Might be worth a road trip for you.
  4. A masterpiece that never grows old..like me 🙄.
  5. Can you imagine the race, if the Taninos show up on the carts today...
  6. Women are good at drumming things into the male brain. (If we identify that way) 😁
  7. Plan to bury this one for 5 yrs. Love the date stamp, going to have to round one up, myself...
  8. Sometimes you just have to make yourbown cabs.
  9. Was fortunate to find the used Aristocrat on Craigslist, a couple of months ago, perfect timing.
  10. Good to hear, as I empty my OLH they are coming home next...
  11. Just curious if anyone has sampled them lately. Love the vitola, wondering if the frog will turn into a prince.
  12. Gotta love a 50 cab of DC's...beautiful cigars...
  13. What you gonna smoke on the second day?🤔
  14. That would be iconic, but simply wouldn't quite get the job done....😁
  15. I realized when I posted this, albeit a bit crass, that it would elicit a wide range of responses. Maybe I am out of touch with where the world and civilization as a whole is headed. To me boology dictates that a man is a male, and a woman is a female, period end of debate. From my perspective trying to group people into whatever gender they supposedly identify with, does nothing to bring people together, it just keeps them apart. As for the sexual aspect (nothing to do with gender), wheather straight, gay, bi, trans, ect., to each his own.
  16. ABC news found there were 58 different genders that people identified with on facebook. The custom option is where they found the list.
  17. Facebook now lists 58 gender options for you to identify with, absolute insanity.
  18. Nice jewelry works everytime...the great equalizer...

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