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  1. A couple from this afternoon. 2016 HVC UEB MAR 18 Dumas from the Summer Box Pass. Thank you to the person who put this in. I’m glad I was able to try it.
  2. I’ve had good luck with all of them from that box and I hope it was enjoyable.
  3. LAT MAY 18 Regios the other night. Second one out of this box and it was worlds better than the first. The 24:24 description of these is very accurate. Yesterday. ALT OCT 12 898 RAE ABR 14 Petit Coronas Something quick tonight. LAR OCT 12 Perlas
  4. MSU MAR 18. My first from this box and a little disappointed in how it burned. It had a slight tunnel throughout most of it. If it hadn’t been for that it would have been a great cigar. Enjoying the first nice evening in a while with a MUP JUN 18 Fundadores. Such a good cigar.
  5. OTA FEB 12 Petit Cetros. With thanks to@teckneekz. Pretty impressive little cigar for what it is.
  6. Party Sunday. BUP JUL 17 Lusi LMB ENE 18 898. First one out of the box. Both great cigars.
  7. UAO DIC 18 this afternoon. Smoked a ULA JUN 15 Boli Tubos No. 1 this evening but didn’t take a pic.
  8. ALO SEP 16 RASS from the other night. ULA JUL 15

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