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  1. To all those who didn’t come back. Happy Memorial Day. MUO MAY 14 CoRo URG NOV 10 Encantos
  2. There is a divider in the middle.
  3. 6 or 7 year old LFD Churchill. Very good cigar.
  4. Solid Coming to America reference. [emoji106]
  5. Sigmund, just wanted you to know I’m keeping you and all who are in the medical profession in my thoughts and there’s an entire country who, if they’re not, should be grateful that all of our doctors and nurses are doing what they do right now. I spent 10 years in the military and never totally understood when people would thank me for my service. I get it now. So, thank you for your service and stay safe out there. James
  6. Beautiful day out so I pulled the training wheels off the little girl’s bike and taught her how to ride today. I held her seat for about the first 30 feet and then let go. Now she thinks she’s Lance Armstrong. Figured I’d smoke something nice. PUT DIC 06 Serie A from the 2019 Handicapped Summer Box Pass. Very good cigar, thank you to the person who put it in.

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