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  1. Sorry everyone for taking so long to post my takes a puts. Busy holiday weekend! As everyone can see there was some damage to the sticks when I opened the box. I have put them all in 5 finger bags and separated to help prevent any further damage. I have put two 5ers each into small flat rate boxes inside the main box for extra protection along with some in the Lusi box which is living on a prayer right now. I tapped it shut to prevent any chance of it opening. As I am typing this I realized I forgot to add more empty 5er bags to the pass for any extra sticks added down the road. Hopefully someone can throw a few extras in soon. Everyone that is down the road in this pass, just take a little extra time packaging up the pass. Take a few extra minutes to make sure nothing is rattling around in there. My puts are the following 2014 BBF 2007 HU Connie 1. 2014 Bolivar tubo1 2014 CCE 2015 Du Prince 2006 Du Prince 2012 HUPC Takes Box has been shipped off to the next in line which should be there tomorrow as we are relatively close to each other. I added a few extra goodies for him to enjoy! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. I guess my questions for the chicago guys are: - what do you need to wear for their 30 degree weather. I wear just jeans, t-shirt and jacket. Maybe a hat if it's windy. Hands in pockets of jacket to keep warm. - is it safe to walk around with luggage in the loop? Yes. Just don't be dumb and leave it unattended - how safe is it to walk around the loop at night but before midnight? I've never felt unsafe. Just keep walking when anyone homeless person asks for money. Also make it look like you live there and know exactly where you're going. - how easy is it to use lyft at night in the loop? Very easy. I use Uber or taxis mostly though but have used lyft many times - would you recommend using a bus to get to our hotel while carrying luggage? Can't answer that one. Never taken the buses. But since ubers are so cheap, I'd just take that honestly - would you recommend the bus system in general? Sure, I have no reason why I don't use it. I just usually walk around the city and rarely use any transportation unless it's winter time or I have to go far. - how safe is public transportation at night but before midnight? It's pretty safe depending on where you're going. There's a few spots I would NOT recommend going. My girlfriend would take the CTA while going to school downtown at night all the way till 3am. She had a few crazy stories, but for being 20 year old girl by herself, pretty okay. Anymore questions, don't hesitate to PM me. I personally live in the burbs but go very often, have countless friends that live on the west side and North side. Girlfriend lived in South loop for 2 years as well.
  3. 5-10 prize categories leaves a lot of room for coming up with cool ways to win. I know in local tournaments there is biggest fish caught prize, most fish caught prize, largest total length caught prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I will think of some others that may be interesting tonight and post them later on.
  4. Just keep giving it some time. I have an end table humidor that's slightly bigger than the one you purchased. It took about a week to fully season with 2-3 bowls of distilled water placed throughout the bottom section.
  5. Off the top of my head, probably missing a few but these ones stand out to me. 2014 JL1 2014/15 Bolivar Petit Corona 2012 Party Shorts 2014 MUO and ULA CoRo 2012 CCE 2014 BBF 2014 HdM Petit Robusto 2013 MdO 2 (Thanks Chef) 2015 PL Picadores 2014 PSD4
  6. 2008 Mag 46 from a review comp I won a while back... thanks Rob!
  7. BHK52 2011 BHK54 OR 2010 (singles) PSD4 2010 "seconds" from our host

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