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  1. I didn't end up having nearly as much free time as I had hoped(like always) but I was able to wolf down a Puntilla at Burners Wednesday afternoon. It was packed, so I didn't grab many photos. The photos on google maps (with the green paint) are accurate though. The vibe was still great. Music wasn't too loud, Olympic boxing on the TV, very Laid Back. The only real down side is no bar/liquor license. Some had brought in their own whiskey though, so BYOB appears to be accepted. They have several prominently placed signs stating that only cigars purchased on premises are allowed to be
  2. Ok. Im no statistician, but you really believe 5 High ranking Generals spread across the entire island, just happened to die from the same thing? All within 10 days of the largest/most widespread riots in 60 years? After 15 months without a single report of Covid killing any high ranking official, of any kind? If you're buying that, I have some beautiful ocean front property here in Colorado that I would LOVE to sell you. I'll give you a great deal too!!
  3. It's definitely not Covid. Bad things happen for other reasons. Guys at this level of the military aren't out mingling with the public. They get the best medicine, food, housing, etc. First access to the vaccine. Lets try an put two brain cells together here and be logical about this. They're either being offed, or finding ways to sneak out. Mexico makes the most sense, maybe Obrador is sending that aid as an apology? There are still regular, but infrequent flights between the two countries, but these guys would have to sneak through Cuban passport control to get on a commercial flig
  4. I love watching cigars being rolled. Very Cathartic. She is part magician, part artisan. Thanks for posting.
  5. Yes. Cuba has a very Humid Climate in general. I've seen many rollers actaully spray or rub some distilled water on the wrapper leaves to make sure they're extra pliable. Its a great way to burn some time while the unwrapped cigars sit in the mold. The finished cigars are then wrapped in news paper to help absorb some of the extra moisture. I have some videos/photos at home, but I'm travelling right now, so I cant upload them. Wrapper leaf in particular is extremely odd to feel for the first time. Its like a bats wing, thin, smooth, and very flexible/pliable.
  6. Same here. I think some of the packaging may slip out the back of factories or LCDH's when they fill singles trays, it looks that good/accurate. But as you said, despite nailing 70% of it, they intentionally, completely blow it with the last 30%. Good for us that they havent figured it out yet, I hope they dont. I've seen plenty of fake Monte's(especially before they added the gold in the badns) as well as the occasional RyJ. But I cant remember seeing any Regular production H. Upmann Fakes. Im sure they exist though. I think Cohiba is probably 80-90% of the fakes market, with Monte a
  7. I dont know who said it Originally and I'll probably butcher it. But the quote that comes to mind here is: Cuban Citizens and American Citizens have more in Common with each other, than either citizen has in common with its government. Different side of the same coin. Both governments have more in common with each other than they do with their own citizens. You could switch the US and Cuba to plenty of other countries and it would still ring true. Both Governments have negatively affected their own citizens, to prove to each other who is right.
  8. Cuban CItizens stopped believing that Line of crap years ago. As a proud U.S. citizen in Cuba, I've never, ever had a negative interaction with a Cuban when I told them where I was from. From Pdr to Santiago. It was usually the exact opposite, excitement/encouragement. I wore American Flag Swim Trunks when I dove Bay of Pigs, American Flag air fresheners for cars, Thumb drives packed to the gills with American programing, Chocolates (even from Hershey). I don't remember getting as much as a sideways look. Most Cubans have family and friends in the U.S. and understand very well tha
  9. The millions of new cigar smokers that are minted every year. Even more in the last 18 months than maybe any 18 month period, ever. They are also extremely common in Cuba. Everyone has a connection for this kind of cigar down there. From the kid screaming at you on the malecon, to your Casa Owner or housekeeper, to Taxi Drivers and bartenders. Every body has a Brother, uncle, etc. that works at El Laquito. That factory must have 12-15 thousand employees. 🤣 Thats often the reason given as to why the labels aren't affixed. "It came straight from the QC room" "They didnt get a chance t
  10. Flavor and spice. Is there too much? Age. Is there not enough? Let rest for a few more months, then try again. I prefer most of my cigars with at least 3-5 years on them. I'm not a fan of "Mongrel" or Spiciness in a cigar, so if I detect any of that, its back in the Humi. I have some 2008 Monte 2's, from a couple cardboard petaca's (think I ordered 45 originally) that are a perfect barometer for me. They're also the first Cubans I ordered for mail delivery. They were wonderful, for the most part, in 2009 when I started smoking them. But most of them where just too much in the last
  11. I've never seen the "blank" in the middle of the bottom row before either. Haha. The loose sticker thing is soo odd to me. You see otherwise very well faked boxes(maybe real actual boxes if you see them in Cuba) and they top it off with the biggest red flag possible. You think they'd learn, but I'm happy they haven't.
  12. Its possible, but these guys aren't circulating around the General population much. Why would they? Im still leaning heavily towards a purge. Its interesting to see that one of the Original that was with The Castro's in Sierra Meastra was offed too. That group were the "Hero's of the Revolution" He must have REALLY pissed someone off.
  13. Really?!? Since when? Last I checked the relationship was so bad we were building a wall between the two countries?(going back 3 U.S. Admins/15+ years, under many guises) Says the "president" of the worlds drug and human smuggling super highway. What an arrogant prick. I wonder if He's on PEMEX's payroll like most of the admin was a few years ago and two decades ago? Or just the Cartels? I have no problem with Mexico, or any other country sending medicine, food and oxygen. But how quickly we forget. Didn't the Covax program offer Cuba all sorts of medical aid, just a few months ag
  14. I would caution you not to generate an opinion on any cigar based off a single example. A full box of Cubans is my absolute minimum before I start offering opinions to others, maybe less is needed with NC's but I dont smoke many, so I rarely offer any feedback on them. The blends are definitely different for the different RG cigars in the line, but the 1-3 and V offer an interesting comparison. 40-43 RG and about an inch longer as you move up the range. I don't smoke much Cohiba at all, but its the III and the Lancero that I reach for if I do. Sig II is a great "go to" Mareva for long b

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