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  1. I would recomend going solo for the day. The cuise tours are just a way for the cruise line to turn more of your money into profit. You can have a far more authentic experience, for less money if you do it yourself. Line up a driver to pick you up at the cruise terminal, hit your shops/sites of choice, then get dropped back at the terminal when your done. Ive only flown in/out so I cant speak to the machinations of customs/immigration at the port, but if its like the airport, it will be easy. $150 is insane for a visa, $75 is the highest Ive paid, $20 the lowest. But if $150 is your only option, do it. You wont regret it.
  2. Huh. I thought they were all Kiwis. You learn something new everyday!
  3. Corylax18

    USA usd currency exchange in Cuba

    Nobody can answer these questions for you. For a couple reasons; first exchange rates vary from day to day, bank to bank and currency to currency. So do the associated fees. You will have to do the math yourself and break down weather the added time to go through a double exchange is worth it for you. The first time I went I exchanged USD to Euro to CUC and saved about 4.5%. It was worth it for me, on that trip. I havent done it since though. Ive never been shorted by a cashier in Cuba, but i recomend large bills as well. Those purple 500 Euro notes are a beautiful thing.
  4. First, thst article was about triple the length it needed to be. Second, $1250 a head as one of the most expensive dining experience in the country? You could drop that on brunch, without breaking a sweat and about 5 places in LA alone. This chick needs to get out more. Ive been to Disneyworld or land whichever hell hole is in Orlando. I was only 11 and the “magic” had already thoroughly worn off for me. As a construction manager and architecture/urban planning geek its amazing to see what theyve built, but just like the most recent “Friday Funny”; the real magic is in the marketing.
  5. I didn't realize ANYBODY still read news papers. Interesting.
  6. Corylax18


    If you want a real video editing rig you can build one yourself, with far superior hardware, for a fraction of the cost. My current desktop cost me less than the newest Iphone is slated to cost and less than a basic 13" Macbook pro, but I still have an I7 8700k, 1080ti, 4TB of storage and enough horsepower to edit 4k footage in real time, without compression. I'm not aware of any apple product in any price range that is capable of that. Especially without thermal throttling: I agree with @hedgeybaby. Anybody who willingly purchases Apple products has some major deficiencies in their decison making process. And thats being generous.
  7. Corylax18

    Fundadores from 24/24

    Yup, there's a good chance of this. They switched most or all of the factory codes in the last half of last year. Either way, the factory code itself is far less important thatn the cigars in the box. Other than El Laguito and some would argue La Corona factories, the rest are all more similar than they are different.
  8. Corylax18

    Kickbacks in La Habana

    Andy Nailed it. I'm amazed at how far a smile and a simple "Hola" will get you. Nobody likes dealing with assholes, but in Cuba, just like everywhere else, money talks. If you want to be treated well, be a good person or carry a wad of cash. If you can somehow figure out how to do both, Cuba can be one of the most enjoyable places on earth.
  9. Yup. Dollar for Dollar the PLMC's are heads and tails above the LGCs. Even if they were the same price I would lean towards the PLMCs. I pick up several boxes every time I go to the island. At $76 a box they are the best value in all of cigars, let alone Cubans. Especially when you need to rustle up a few last minute facturas....... I also agree with @Philc2001's tasting preferences. I feel the LGCs need to calm down for 6-12 months before they hit their stride. I smoke the PLMCs fresh all the way to 7 or 8 years old and I enjoy them anywhere in that range.
  10. So you’re saying you’ll have some available? 😁
  11. Corylax18

    Johnny O's

    I agree! I don't have a ton of experience with them, but the ones I have smoked have been closer to the photo in this post than the previous two. I've had a couple of the very small "flying pig" type vitolas that smoked very well. But if I was in an LCDH looking for cigars to buy, I would pass on the two bundles above.
  12. Corylax18

    Johnny O's

    I've personally capped cigars better than some of those. And I cant roll cigars to save my life, I've tried. The tobacco sticking out of the feet of those 66s seems quite stringy/stemmy as well. That is a bundle of RUSTIC looking cigars. I've smoked and enjoyed a number of gifted Johnny O's. I have nothing against them and I am not trying to disparage them in anyway, but I would not be happy receiving bundles that looked like that. Even with the leaf quantity/quality issue Cuba is dealing with right now, there are so many solid cigars to park your coin.
  13. Just wing it. That's what I've done when I go and its turned out great. I've been for as short as a long weekend, to as long as two weeks. 3 days aren't enough, 2 weeks is too much, at least for me. I think 7-10 days is the sweet spot, but I'm only coming from the states. If I'm flying a day each way from Australia I would probably want to stay a bit longer. Cuba will gladly crush your best laid plans to dust. The trip I took this April with @Ethernut and his dad was as close to perfect as you can get for 3 days. I don't remember the exact order, but it was something like this: Head straight to the Casa from the airport on the first afternoon, check in, dump the bags. Then to Club Habana to Pick up the Monsdale order, some PLMCs and some Coloniales. Then to Marea for G&Ts, Dinner, Sunset and Cigars. Cigars on the Casa porch and a little rum sampling to end the night. Next morning, breakfast and cigars on the Casa Patio, then to El Laguito for a tour, Lunch at Amigos del Mar, along with more stogies and G&Ts. Followed by a tour of Humidores Habana, over to the Comodoro to Pick up Puntillas and enjoy a few robustos with Alex. Dinner at 7 Dias, more cigars and rum on the casa porch to finish off the night. Other LCDH's tucked in along the way. Breakfast at the Casa, then to the Nacional for some cigars on the back patio, and a browse through the LCDH, LLLOOONNNGGGG Lunch at Santy, with Machine and the NBA Hall of Famer he was driving around that week. (I feel like an Ass for forgetting his name, Brian, do you remember?) More cigars at Club Habana, then Dinner/Drinks/Cigars at Lamparilla 316. More cigars and rum on the Casa patio to end the evening. Glory shots of the load and packing in the morning, then off to the Airport for the trip back. About the only thing that would make Havana better would be a Casino/Horse track like they had pre revolution. If I could spend a few hours a day watching the ponies or shooting craps I would never leave.ódromo+"Oriental+Park"+de+La+Habana./@23.0727002,-82.4228657,745m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x88cd71000d781b6d:0xcd0aadbd62a95aa7!2sMarianao,+Havana,+Cuba!3b1!8m2!3d23.0695663!4d-82.4211025!3m4!1s0x88cd70ef6ad23731:0x6c414f80cf73dffb!8m2!3d23.0737935!4d-82.4197648
  14. Book a Casa and save your money for cigars. I was able to catch a "great" rate for a couple nights last fall (around $200 a night I think) so I tried it. The best parts of the Hotel are free/public though, the terrace and LCDH in particular. The rooms are old, tired, and dirty. It smells musty/overhumid like your grandparents basement full of antique furniture. It was very cool having a room overlooking the court yard and all the way north to the states, even though you cant see that far. I would probably do it again, for a night, but not more than that. I got the "Free Executive Floor Upgrade" as well. As far as I could tell the only difference was the placard next to the elevator on that floor that said "EXECUTIVE FLOOR" otherwise all seemed identical to the other rooms. Even with the Historical Cache its so hard to justify the spend. You can get a private casa with a maid, breakfast, the works. In a much nicer place, for about half the cost. Even at the discounted rates. The price you have quoted is the lowest I've ever seen though, so if its something you really want to do, it looks like the time is now. Just be prepared to treat it like a hotel room in Vegas, a place to crash for 3-6 hours and take a shower.

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