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  1. Only $990? Fendi is slipping. 😁
  2. Granma has "confirmed" that the damage was widespread, but mostly minor on the western side of the island. Tobacco wise, a few damaged barns and some seed beds that need replanting, but nothing major.
  3. Corylax18

    100 Euro Note

    I've exchanged 100 and 500 euro notes with no issues.
  4. Tabacuba isn't responsible for the majority of the price increases. Look at the YUL Cigars list and you'll see that the on island prices have barely risen in the last 10-15 years. Its actually quite amazing. You need to look at the Price HSA is charging the distributors, thats were the real changes have occurred. The Cuban government has ZERO grasp on their actual costs, Profits, Operating Margin, etc. HSA on the other hand is a large multinational company that has a much better grasp on these concepts, which is why you've seen a steady increase in price to match the steady (recently) increase in demand. To directly answer your question though; No. Prices don't go down.
  5. Discussing them here is taboo, but lets just say it starts with a G and rhymes with FUN!
  6. Corylax18

    For 2019

    I'm fond of the metal one myself. I would probably break/burn the MDF holder within the first 5 uses. Haha That "Double Headed Monster" is real Beaut too!
  7. If anybody else is interested in joining us on the HLP farm trip on Sunday the 11th, let me know in the next 1-2 hrs. I'll be reaching out to my contacts when I get home from work tonight.
  8. I might be able to help with the HLP tour (we'll definitely let them know another group is planning to head that way) I'll also confirm the best email address to reach out to them at. I can't help with EL though. Everybody and their mother wants to get into EL during the festival week, so even if you "know somebody" its still no guarantee. To my knowledge, La Corona is till running public tours. Not as nice as a private tour, but still enjoyable.
  9. If they are being stolen, which is definitely a possibility, they never hit the cigars. The QC manager is "on the take" or is at least aware that someone is. The bands get dropped in someone's pocket by the bundle and the naked cigars go out the door with a "Pass" on the QC sheet. Everybody gets a little cut and every bodies happy. (at the factory)
  10. Corylax18

    Mystery monster

    Maravilla are 55 rg and I think 230 or 240mm long, real monsters. I think this is definitely a custom roll of some kind. It looks beautiful and like a mold was used when it was constructed. Molds that size (length) don't grow on trees, especially in Cuba. The wrapper is also beautiful, so probably a roller with access to good tobacco. It could be Reynaldo, but he typically cranks the RG up faster than the length, so I would lean another direction. How old is "definitely old"? Do you have anymore info on the vintage? La Chine used to roll some pretty large cigars when she was still rolling. I have some Rodolphoish size customs from her that are out-of-this-world nut-bombs.
  11. The linked article from Cigar Aficionado is all good news. No significant damage in PDR and if any damage did occur to the seeds beds, its not too late to recover. Also some quotes from the man himself, HLP!
  12. Yes. Yesterday was a busy one in your part of the world. On to round 2! You've got a spot in the Van! That's 6 slots full and 6 left if anybody is still interested.
  13. My pleasure! I've got your 3, My Dad and Myself confirmed. @oliverdst is a "maybe" right now.
  14. If anybody else is interested in joining us for the trip out to the Prieto Finca on Sunday November 11th, let me know by this coming Wednesday Oct. 10th. (Thursday the 11th Aussie time) The plan is to load up the Van in Havana and leave by 9am. About 2 1/2 hours out to the farm, Lunch shortly after we arrive followed by a few hours of cigars, drinks, relaxing and checking out the sites. Departure from the farm around 3 or 330 should leave us enough time to shower up and have dinner back in Havana. Right now we still have 6 spots open in a 12 person van.
  15. My story is similar to yours, but stretched over a longer period of time. My dad always had a humidor when I was a kid, he would smoke occasionally, with friends or on special occasions. I remember enjoying the smell of them whenever he smoked at the house. It was mostly macanudos, but I remember one of his friends scoring some cubans a few times (this was mid to late 90s) and hearing them rave about them. I started sneaking a macanudo or two from my dad to smoke with friends when I was in high school, probably around 15. It was a rare thing at that point, just a few a year, but by the time I was 18 I had already picked up a taste for cigars. I actually bought my first legal cigar after my 18th birthday dinner with my family and we went to a cigar bar (that I still frequent) and the whole family sat there as my dad and I smoked away. In high school and college I didn't have the time, budget or desire to really get into the hobby. I had a 50 count and an assortment of mostly gifted Macanudo, Padron, Fuente and RP that I dipped into occasionally, but no longterm aging or thoughts of doing so. Late 2008 was my first foray into the online CC vendor world and it was the "beginning of the end" as you described. At first it was too good to be true, but I quickly became accustomed to how easily it went. It wasn't until I graduated college at the end of 2010 (and got a real job/income) that I got a larger humidor and began buying/ordering cigars with more of a long term plan. I still have my first 50 count and 2nd 100 count up and running, along with two wineadors and even some stock in the OLH. I still have 3 of the original 15 pack of Monte 2s from my first ever online order. The most recent "Big Step" for me was visiting Cuba in November 2016. It was an eye opener and completely changed how I viewed CCs. I've visited 3 more times since then and I will be bringing my dad with me in exactly 1 months time for his first visit.

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