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  1. I agree with every word. For some reason, Paul just bugs me. George was definitely the most talented.
  2. It was an amazing weekend.
  3. I was at Lake Tahoe for my Brother's Bachelor/30th Birthday Party this weekend, so many cigars were consumed. However this is the only one I smoked in a state of mind that would allow a coherent review, so here it goes. We had a friend come up from the Bay area for the Party and he had just happened to be at Russian River Brewery for "work" before he headed up to the lake. His house warming gift? TWO cases of Pliny the Elder, both bottled 3 days prior to his purchase. I paired the first half of this cigar with that, the second half with a coke. Pre Light= Beautiful, claro wrapper. Gorgeous sheen, with some visible veins. A 7mm punch provided a perfect draw which showed a clean tobacco flavor, along with some sweetness and a piney/cedar flavor. 1st Third= Butter Cream, a rounded "raw" sugar sweetness, some licorice, and leather. I don't typically drink heavily hopped beers, but the constantly evolving piney then citrus fruit, then back to pine from the beer is a perfect juxtaposition to the flavor of the cigar. 2nd Third= Butter Cream and sugar continue as the main flavors. The leather disappears and the licorice has drifted to the background. The cigars is producing lots of thick, creamy smoke. The retrohale is similar in flavors, but with a hint of capsicum/chili, in a very appealing way. Draw and burn have been perfect. Final Third= The Flavors start to darken a bit, the sweetness goes away and is replaced with more of a salty cream flavor. Some black coffee enters the fray, but only for a few puffs. The flavors turn a bit bitter at the very end and the final third requires a few touch ups. The draw remained good until the very end. The switch in drink pairings had much less of an affect on the flavors I was getting than I thought it would. Conclusion= I didn't like these cigars much when I first purchased them. The flavors where flat and one dimensional, however each example I've smoked over the last year or so has been better than the last. Standing on its own merits I would rate this cigar in the 91-92 range, with more room to grow. When the circumstances and atmosphere are added to the equation a 97 is more accurate. It was a great cigar that fit perfectly into a great weekend!
  4. That was hard to listen too. If I wanted to listen to some idiot talk over Alex for a half an hour I would just go see him myself. Alex was great, as always, but the guy interviewing him is really bad at this. Alex's insight on the RE program and Cohiba is interesting.
  5. There are all types of bits these days. SDS and XDS are the two I see the most, but there are a few others as well. Worst case scenario, you can lug it to a hardware store and make sure the bit you buy fits.
  6. Demo saws are SOOO much Fun!!
  7. Rent a Hammer drill, throw on a chisel tip and start making noise!! You should be able to get through the rebar with a metal blade on a Sawzall, or an angle grinder if you can make room.
  8. Corylax18

    future for cuba's economy

    I agree that most Cubans (those outside of the biggest cities) saw little change during the BRIEF and partial "thaw" during Obama. But I have never heard one Cuban, ever, anywhere on the Island say that they "want" or even supported Sanctions in any way. None. Refugees in the States seem to support them with Vigor, which makes sense, if you don't have to live with the consequences of those sanctions everyday. The truth is, the sanctions have done just as much to lower the living standards of the Cuban people as the regime has. If not more. The "existence of the people in your town" is because of the sanctions, not despite them. Same with every town in Cuba. The sanctions are also the ONLY excuse the Cuban Government has left for the myriad failures. They have no one and nothing else to blame it on. The longer they continue, the longer the regime has that crutch to rest on. The sanctions have never affected the Castros and they still don't. Fidel had houses, boats, airplanes, ate what he wanted, travelled where he wanted and Died with more power/control over the populace than he started with. The same with Raul. Im not sure how you justify decades of suffering for more than 11 million Cubans with ZERO results. I understand why you would be upset about the way your family was treated, but nearly every country in History has seen the government treat some or all of the populace unfairly. I'm not aware of any other country in modern times that has allowed that mis treatment to destroy the entire country for several future generations.(Maybe the DPRK) The sanctions haven't and will never punish the people you are mad at. Don't Forget China! I agree with you here. The efficacy of any Sanctions is drastically reduced when you have multiple, huge, resource rich countries that are more than happy to bust said sanctions.
  9. All this while recreational marijuana, the vast majority of which is smoked, and inhaled, is expanding rapidly throughout the country. I've got no problem with this, but the two fly in the face of one another. There is absolutely no logical explanation. People are astoundingly stupid.
  10. I'd be surprised if they had it pulled down by the next festival.
  11. I guess I have a "Blocker" set up for any websites that contain "Rocky Patel"
  12. No. Hamlet lives in the states. He has been working for RP since the move.
  13. Will the Ashtray be for sale? A quick google search didn't generate anything. That thing is SHARP!
  14. 6 Boxes of Upmann PC's hidden away on the bottom shelf at Club Habana last November. Unfortunately I only had room/budget for 2. Other guys in the group vacuumed the rest of them up by the end of that day.

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