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  1. 61 meters at its deepest. That's what the signs at the cave and most sources say. BUT, that is inside the cave several hundred meters. I see some travel websites saying 70, but I havent been to either depth, yet. You'll only reach that point if you're diving "twins".(two tanks) Jose and I were on fumes for the last couple meters of our ascent. It only took us about 3 minutes to go down and an hour to decompress as we slowly worked back up. The cave actually connects all the way back to the ocean. So you can see both fresh and salt water species on the same dive. The fresh water is FREEZING for
  2. What a surprise. The Boss pleads guilty to consuming alcohol in a "restricted area" and had to pay a massive fine of......... $500 bucks. Hahaha. Deputy Dipshit strikes again. If they spent half as much money on training as they do MRAPs and Helicopters they might be able to actually deduce if someone is impaired or not. He "failed" almost all of the "indicators" during his sobriety tests, apparently. But only blew a .02 The other charges where dismissed.
  3. Classifying every single leaf on the plant smacks of marketing to me. If you really have the palate to tell between one leaf and the next, consistently, great. But there are very, very few people on the planet that actually have that level of palate. Lets not forget guys, Cuba "created" a new classification of ligero, simply for marketing purposes, just 10 years ago. Every single roller I've asked the question to has the following answer: "You want Miedo Tiempo? I don't have, but I'll add an extra half leaf of ligero, its the same thing." Weather I asked the question, a random guy I was
  4. Its such a Beautiful part of the country! We need to spend some time down there during our next trip. Below is the view from the bottom of "Cueva de los Peces" shown at 1:35 in the video: Believe it or not, that tiny hole in the rocks is about 145'/44m deep.
  5. I can highly recommend Osvaldo as well. That's me to the far right in the photo above. He is a great person, very generous and honest. He also speaks great English. I don't know Jorge as well, but I have met him several times and he seems like a great guy. I also HIGHLY recommend Jose Fernandez. I literally Trust him with my life. The photo's below are from the Bay of Pigs, we spent a couple days diving there in Nov 2019. We've done some crazy dives together (Wrecks, Caves, almost 150') and he's an excellent driver/guide/fixer.
  6. Photos? Source? (not name, just type) We're just blowing wind without photos of the cigars and packaging. None of the "Red Flags' you mentioned are un common in Cuban Cigars. Cohiba or not. If the box has an El Laguito code, you have a better chance of getting great cigars. Any other code and they're just like any other Cuban. You can get great ones and you can get crappy ones. It sounds like you got some crappy ones. There's a chance you got counterfeits, but with the evidence presented, I'm leaning heavily towards a bad box. The real cigars and packing materials that sneak out are
  7. I have an untouched LAU DIC 15 box in one of the cabinets. Honestly, I don't know why I bought it. I rarely smoke cigars with that size ring gauge and if I do, it was usually a gift. I always seem to pass them over when I'm looking for a cigar, I never seem to "Be in the mood" for a cigar that size. I need to tap into them though. 5 years went by Fast.
  8. Using other's irrational panic as justification for your own irrational panic is not constructive. Its actually the exact opposite and only serves to worsen a situation like this. Panicking is never the right response, to any situation, regardless of severity. An educated, rational, thoughtful response(however rare that may be) will almost always generate better results. Unfortunately, Educated, Rational, and Thoughtful(factual) doesn't sell advertising, so we get overhyped conjecture and panic I haven't read a single post that states this is a hoax(I didn't re read all of them thou
  9. If the wrappers are that far off, imagine how far off the rest of the blend is. Marca DNA? HAHAHAHA.
  10. I'm of the opinion that people over think much of the cigar smoking process, storage mainly, but cutting/lighting are a close second. I try to KISS whenever possible and I've found that worrying less about some of the non smoking aspects of cigar smoking has greatly increased my overall enjoyment. While I have several high dollar Lighters (mostly gifts) I've found myself gravitating towards the cheaper/simpler lighters over the years. Single or triple torch, either works for me, the cheaper the better, the larger the reservoir, the better. I'm past caring about the aesthetics. Ligh
  11. That's why a good lawyer matters! I went to college with a Kid that sold a "white powdery substance" to an undercover officer and was still convicted of Possession with intent to distribute and the CDS charge despite the fact that he only had baby laxative in his possession. It was weighed and bagged for sale, but obviously not a CDS. The guy was obviously a moron though. Didn't get a lawyer, still paid in the long run.
  12. I smoke about 65-70% of my cigars with my Dad and its been that way since I started smoking. Sometimes we smoke three or four times a month, sometimes we don't smoke together for a month. No set schedule, just whenever we can make it happen.
  13. Do you really think they are producing boxes at that quality level on the island? I've not seen a state run business produce Anything to that level of quality. My understanding was that the new factory was aiming to produce "volume" boxes. The photos in the article only show what appear to be Standard SLBs and SBNs.
  14. While I do agree that the Herederos box looks stunning, I'd rather buy it like an accessory. I see a use for it storing lighters, cutters and the like, but I'd rather pay $150-$200 less and get the cigars wrapped in "Granma" and handed to me in a knotted plastic bag. But I guess that's just me................

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