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  1. I created a separate post on these a couple days ago, but they fit this category perfectly. New (post 2008) Tubes, New "Churchill band", but no RyJ Band that was supposedly added at the same time. Add to this that the box is dated MAR 07, a full 9 months before the band/tube transition supposedly began. A special box for sure.
  2. The cigars are exposed to heat and cold as well as high humidity and low humidity during the shipping process. Australia is warm/humid and the cargo hold of an airplane is the exact opposite. These huge swings affect the wrapper and binder, more than the core of the cigar. The rest period gives the cigar some time to relax and even back out again.
  3. I loved the Harry Potter books. I read all of them very shortly after their release, an enjoyed every one. I only saw the first movie though, I had lost interest by the time the rest where released. However, the original 3 Star wars movies are three of my favorite movies ever. Return of the Jedi is my favorite, but all take any of the original 3 over the modern ones. I have nothing against the Potter Movies/books but my vote is solidly for Star Wars.
  4. The food is actually one of the biggest reasons I enjoy Havana. There is plenty of really bad food at hotels and other touristy spots, but there are also some real gems. My 4 Favorites are Santy, Santy, Santy and Santy. I love seafood, and they prepare it perfectly there. But Lamparilla is also very good, and they make great G&T's. Tocamadera has the best burger I've eaten in Cuba, and a very fresh menu that changes almost everyday based on available ingredients. Nazdarovie is a Russian restaurant, owned by a Canadian Lawyer on the Malecon. I really enjoyed eating there in April and the view from the deck is nice too. Dr. Café is good, but as @Habana Mike said, over priced. Ive never eaten a full meal at El Del Frente, but the drinks and small plates have never disappointed. View from Nazdarovie:
  5. The "Cuban Sandwich" as we (Americans) know it, was actually perfected in Florida, probably Tampa/Ybor City. Like many dishes, the origins aren't 100% clear, but the basic Ham and Cheese sandwich that is common all over Cuba was "dolled up" to create todays "Cuban Sandwich." The best one I've ever had was at a shop in Fort Lauderdale. The best Ham and Cheese sandwich I've had in Cuba came from a food cart sitting in front of Cafeteria Sofia at Avenida 23 and Calle O. The size of a slider made with ham sliced from the hock, "cheese", relish, watery Cuban Ketchup and soft Cuban bread. Locals where paying 5 CUP for them, I was happy to pay 1 CUC for 3 on several occasions. Much smaller and very different than the sandwiches served at the Nacional, but I think that's a good thing.
  6. I would take Anything Joey Diaz says with several enormous grains of salt. He eats enough Edibles everyday to kill an elephant, not to mention the decade + of cocaine and heroin addiction. Funny? Definitely. Accurate/Factual? Probably not. I've heard him on the Joe's podcast talking about "Cuban Donkey Shows", other live sex shows, gangs, drugs. Supposedly all before Fidel took over. It sounds to me like he is confusing Havana with Tijuana. I'm sure Havana was a lot crazier when the Mob ran things, but that was the 40's.
  7. Seeing Montecristo and Cohiba doesn't actually surprise me. They roll more of these two Marcas than all other CC's combined, so there will be bad ones. The law of averages guarantees it. I would label either "least consistent" before I called them the worst. The Marca that I care for the least would have to be Punch, or what's left of it. I've gone through two boxes of Punch Punch and didn't like any of them. Same with a box of Royal coronations a few years ago. They all tasted like an ashtray to me.
  8. Haha. Cuba being Cuba. I was only surprised because of how far before the supposed change these where boxed. If it was a 2008 boxcode, I probably wouldn't have even posted, but I hadn't seen this before, even in 2008 boxes of the same size.
  9. There is no "deal" per se. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors. There are few distributors (H&F, PCC to name a couple) that have the desire, time and ability to put together a truly special/different blend. Add in the Clout required for HSA to give a shit and actually stick to the requested blend and quality standards that are inferred with these "special" releases and chances of them being worth the premium they demand approach Zero. There have been some Great RE's, there have been some Garbage RE's and most fall in the middle. Just like regular production cigars. The LE program started as an attempt by HSA to use Domestic Grade wrappers on Export Grade Cigars. I smoked several "peso" during my trip in April that had superior wrappers, construction and flavors when compared to the Dantes I've smoked so far. From HSA's perspective, the LE program has been a rousing success. They found a way to slash costs on the most expensive leaf, while simultaneously charging more for the cigar. Its a genius business move, and people have fallen for it. Harder than HSA could have ever imagined. 25 count boxes of LE's from the first few years ran between $100 and $150 bucks, and they sat on shelves for years. Then comes the rush of "Instagram Aficionados" and HSA cant make enough of them or charge too much for them.
  10. This will be the 8th Cigar from this box and the 10th I've smoked overall. Bar 1, they have all been very disappointing. This cigar was not that 1. Thick, rough wrappers, shoddy construction, low quality/poorly processed Tobacco. No redeeming qualities at all. Unfortunately, I have another box with this same code and a few others with different codes. The construction on this stick was amateur, at best. The foot half of the cigar was very soft, the head half hard as a rock. After a 10mm punch the draw was firm, too firm. There is a bump, almost horn like, about an inch from the foot. It happens to fall under a thick stem on the wrapper, but looks/feels like a stem sticking up from the binder. I light the cigar and the first flavor that hits me is Cigarette. Like an American Spirit, better than a Malboro light, but still not appetizing in any way. The draw is very "spongey" requiring several full draws before I can fill my mouth with smoke. Smoke pours from the foot/burn line nonstop. I pick up some dry/dusty faint cocoa flavor, but I might just be imagining it. The smoke is acrid, bitter and astringent and the back of my throat starts to ache about an inch in. No flavor development and no signs of improvement after 2"= so I put it down. The cigar was so disappointing that it put me in a bad mood. Just a crappy, in everyway possible. Except for consistency, they have been consistently garbage. I am a big fan of Good quality Montes, so I had huge hopes for this cigar. Its the only EL that I've ever purchased (beyond a few singles) and it will definitely be the last. I purchased these boxes before I really learned what was going on with the EL/RE programs and my experience with these and the few other "special" releases since then has only reinforced what I've learned.
  11. I received a 10 Count box of Romeo y Julieta Churchills recently and the packaging has me confused. The box code is MGT MAR 07, So I was expecting both the Bands and Tubes to be the "Old/Original" style. But, as you can see from the photo, the cigars have the "old" style band, but are in a the "new" style tube. I was under the impression (Reinforced by Cubancigarwebsite) that the transition began in 2008, but here we have the "new" tubes in a box 9 months prior to 2008. I don't have any doubts regarding Authenticity, but I've received several boxes of 10 Tubos from this same age range that had either "new/new" or "old/old" but never a combination. Has anybody else seen anything similar with these?
  12. Try that Root Canal without anesthetic, of any kind. My grandfather was a dentist and had 9 Grandchildren to provide free dentistry too. He didn't waste money on any "luxuries". You'll be fine. I would have said Heights about 10 years ago, then I started climbing Cell towers for work, now Skydiving is one of my favorite things to do. Being Buried Alive would have to be at the top of the list now. After earthquakes you hear stories of people being buried in buildings for days before they're rescued. That's the worst fate I can imagine. I just don't see exposure therapy helping here.
  13. Come On! I'm thinking about Jumping over Varadero in November, Dana is still invited.
  14. There might just be a nice box popping up on the Auctions in the next week or so...………...😉
  15. No. They don't. There are 3 options. Male, Female and Custom. Custom allows you to type whatever you are currently identifying with. I completely agree with the sentiment of the thread. Creating a million different "genders" and pushing them on your 4 year old children isn't good for society. Just like repeating non sense you read on some extremist website isn't either.

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