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  1. Time's of Crisis? Not for the people spending this kind of money on "food" and wine. There's arguably been no better time. It smacks of the frantic shuffle when everyone realizes the music is about to stop...................
  2. There's a difference? Yes, this guys is a joke of a "chef" the food is mediocre, the prices too high and I hope he keeps taking these idiots for every dime in their pockets.
  3. I was being entirely Facetious. I'm not advocating for euthanasia of the entire species. I know tone is tough to read, but I thought that would have been abundantly clear.
  4. It really is amazing. Im all for choice on Vaccines, and dealing with the real/potential consequences of making either choice. I'd be fine with mandatory abortions though.
  5. Yes, as I stated previously, he's been travelling all over the place, for a while now. Not just the US. Things dried up completely for him In Cuba when the virus hit, he already had some other irons in the fire, lucky for him. He's working where he can, when he can. That isn't Cuba right now, when it is Cuba, he'll be back. This all came directly from Alex, not some random person in the gutter of a seedy internet alley.
  6. AAAAHHHHH! Haha. That makes sense. The spot in Philly is great, just not as great as he made it seem. Yeah, July 25th of this year. It was never busy pre pandemic (I dont know how) but it turned into a total ghost town after things reopened. A buddy of mine and I had gotten to be good friends with some of the staff and they saw it coming this march/February. MGM says they're replacing it with an "Ultra Lounge", whatever that is.
  7. I don't know how, but I didn't know this place even existed!! With Rhumbar closing at Mirage (maybe a 10 min walk away) this looks to be a great option for the north half of the strip! I will definitely try this spot on one of my next visits.
  8. The Ashton Cigar Bar in Philadelphia is great. But it ain't the best, by a long shot. I've been several times and I agree, the smoke eater/purification system is the best in any indoor bar I've ever visited. Its actually amazing. But, its been grossly understaffed and over filled on every one of my visits. The prices are also insane! The design/thought process behind it where spot on, but its just not a well run establishment. I cant count how many Cigars I've smoked at the JR/Montecristo Lounges in Las Vegas and Whippany, NJ. They are VERY different from each other, but both are awesome
  9. Yeah, welcome to the world of Cuban Cigars. Its less common for this NOT to happen. You could theoretically have cigars rolled by 25 different rollers in a single box. Slight variations in any part of the process add up quick when you compare like to like. Enjoy the good/great ones and try to forget about the bad ones. Get used to it though.
  10. Yeah. Just like the stock market, commodities prices, new cars, homes, almost everything is at an "all time high" right now. I've mined several coins worth of eth, daggerhash and a few other currencies, I'll continue to hold them past this spike, but quite honestly, BTC should be at a all time high right now. I would be highly concerned if it wasn't. I'm still running my rig 24 hrs a day though. There's 40% more money in the world than there was 18 months ago, if your assets haven't grown more than that, you've actually lost money. Mid March 2020 BTC was hovering around $5k, its now at o
  11. That engine bay is beautiful! I have three torque wrenches. Why? Because they come in three common drive sizes!! Haha Mike, You might want to dig a little deeper on the BETA stuff, or really any tool manufacturers different lines. I looked at BETA Tools at one point and they make some great tools. They also rebrand and sell some VERY run of the mill stuff under their "Easy" line. Its all made in China and Taiwan and "assembled" and packaged in Italy. Its hard to tell, from the photos, but it looks like the black plastic box is labelled "easy." Dont feel obligated to buy Metric tools from
  12. Hahaha. If I had dollar for every time someone said that about the Cuban government.............. I would be surprised if they ever went back down, officially. As we've seen over the last 18 months, demand has outstripped supply at nearly any price level. Warehouses are empty, I'm guessing LCDH's aren't overflowing either. I dont know why anyone thinks this world wide inflation is going away any time soon, I would get used to it. Dont forget, the US Dollar was devalued roughly 40% last year too. I dont think we're going to see any meaningful reduction in pricing until the whole thing impl
  13. Yes, that's pretty much the only way you would know, unless a vendor sent you a list that contained duplicates. (which would be pretty dumb) Ive seen several posts here where people have seen this in B&M's, one very recently. Its a pretty glaring mistake, but obviously doesn't get caught in every retail channel. I hadn't heard about "rejected" boxes being returned by Havana LCDHs. Based on what I've seen shopping in Havana, this is probably a very busy program. I thought they just sold the opened/rejected boxes as singles. Haha.
  14. This is the most important sentence in the thread, to me. If the locals still want hard currency, and no exchange (theft) from the government is required to give them hard currency, than what's the problem? Cuba has been stealing tourist's money with fee's like this for years. So I've avoided the Cuban banking system entirely. Have the foreign currencies actually been devalued in the real (black) market? I know that was the goal of this most recent round of "financial engineering" but it seems like the demand for foreign, hard, currency has only increased. Both from the Government a

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