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  1. @Ryan Thanks for the math check Andy, you're completely right. 10,000 an acre would mean about 4 sq ft per plant. Which seems perfectly feasible. But, that's still only 1.9 million total leaves per 6 acres. Even if every leaf is big enough and graded high enough for use in an RE that's still not enough to roll 450,000 sublimes. I read that he had received more acreage as well, but the article (for what its worth I think it was in Granma) said the government gave it to him to grow vegetables, not Tobacco. The article admitted that nobody had grown on that land for years because of "declining yields". I think its even shadier if the tobacco is coming from that new acreage. That would set a very concerning precedent. I asked Hector about the extra acreage when we where there in November. He grunted and dismissively waived his hand, he didn't want to talk about it. I asked Osvaldo and he said it "wasn't a priority" This was smack in the middle of preparing the fields for the last harvest. They were also dealing with replanting most of their seedlings after heavy rains. I can't personally confirm if they did or didn't grow tobacco (or anything) on that land during the last season. Even if they did, I can't imagine that tobacco would be of the same quality as the stuff he's known for. I'll be in Havana next week, I doubt I'll get the chance to talk to Hector or Osvaldo, but if I do, I will ask them about plants/hectare and about Phoenicians claim. That sheet of notes is worth its weight in Gold! Very cool. But now I'm confused. If I read it right: Pancho planted 70,000 shade grown plants across 16 hectares and harvested 1,260,000 million leaves or 18 per plant. I'm confused by the 16h, 14h and 12h, 40 hectares is closer to 90 acres than 9. 70,000 stems planted on 16 hectares (or 39.5 acres) would be 1,772 plants an acre. 158,000 sun grown plants planted on 14 hectares (lets say 34.5 acres) comes out to about 4,579 plants an acre. If he really did harvest 268,000 plants across 9 acres that's almost 30,000 plants an acre. I find that number hard to believe, especially if that was a "below average" year. Rolling them all at Partagas is more feasible, but still highly unlikely. If anybody has the stroke to do it, it would be the group in that room. But I'm still very skeptical about the whole thing. I didn't know that about the "Le Hoyo" line, thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for sharing that picture of Punch Joe. I WILL see him next week and I'll make sure he knows we're always thinking about him. 😄
  2. They announced in the speech that "the changes will take effect May 2nd" Its not clear if that's everything they announced or just the lapsing of the Helms-Burton act waiver which happens to occur on the 2nd. Like everything else they "changed", its not 100% clear. The travel changes may or may not take affect on that day as well. A lack of clarity certainly serves the administration, it alone is enough to scare most people from "taking the chance." Cuban Citizens or Expats have constituted 80% or more of the poepl on the flights I've taken to the island. That's regardless of the departure Airport. Be it Cancun, Newark, Houston, Tampa or Fort Lauderdale its predominantly family members. Those flights have never been 100% full though.
  3. I have No Clue how it will all turn out. I am leaning towards (51%-49%) that things wont change drastically. But this is based on no additional funding or resources for enforcement being announced. If more manpower or $$ are thrown at enforcing the new rules(same as the old rules) we may see more noticeable changes. I'm almost certain that some airlines will lower frequencies or out right stop flying some routes. That market never panned out like the big airlines were hoping.
  4. There was no good "reaction" for this. It sucks that October is off the table now. I agree with you. It will still be perfectly feasible for the experienced travel to keep traveling to Cuba through Canada or Mexico, but it will definitely scare off your average tourist.
  5. Fair Enough. Election is a generous description, fine. But He WAS supported nearly Unanimously by the Cuban people. People always seem to forget that, or where never taught so in the first place. I'm really glad you brought this up though. Lets talk a little bit about how Fidel came to power and more importantly WHY he was able to. Fulgencio Batista, Mob funded dictator, was the worst human being Cubans had ever seen and they were happy for ANYBODY to take his place. Batista, stole, murdered, and pillaged at a rate that would make the Castros blush. All under the watchful eye and support of the US government and Mafia. Bautista Bombed the Serrie Meastra day and night for months, sent 10s of thousands of troops to find the band of a few dozen defectors at Comendancia de la Plata, but the people in that area continued to hide the group and supply them. The big breaking point was when an entire regiment of Batista's army defected. Which lead to Batista Fleeing and Fidel's infamous 550 mile, week long Victory Parade across the island. People were cheering in the streets along the entire route. Fidel and his Supporters ousted a US backed dictator. The chances of our relationship being a good one where doomed from the start. But Cuban citizens supported Fidel and his ideas for most of the 50s into the early 60s. I think we can all agree things started to leave the rails around that point. The US didn't stop supporting Fidel because he was doing the exact same thing as the last guy, don't fool yourself. The US stopped supporting Fidel because he stopped giving us our cut. Plain and simple. I don't view this as a political issue at all. Its not democrat or republican, its not one country verse another. There is a true humanitarian crisis happening 90 miles from our country and its getting worse daily. Every president and every congress has done a Terrible job of improving the situation for the last 60 years. We can argue which side has done worse (not here) but they've both done about as poorly as anybody could imagine.
  6. Exactly, The wrapper would probably be the real bottle neck. Last year Hector planted about 2.5 Acres of Wrapper leaf. Using the math above that would be 80-90k half wrapper leaves of Varying size and quality. All of them wouldn't be big enough to wrap a Sublimes or graded high enough to wrap and EL. If Phonecian was selling 30k or 40k cigars it would be plausible that they had pulled some tobacco for the last few years, but not for 450,000. That's a HUGE amount of cigars. Even if they use the "Best" 100 rollers at Partagas, which would be a sizable chunk of the entire staff, that would only be about 5000 cigars a day. (50 each) That's 90 working days of rolling or more than 4 months. That would mean no Cohiba, Trinidad or any other Ultra premium rolled at Partaga for 4 months. If Pheonecian is being honest about these things they would be perfectly in line chagrining $100 or $150 a stick, just for the cigars. Who knows what those super fancy, amazing Ellie Blue Humidors are going to add to the cost.
  7. No Cubans are U.S. Citizens, Raul doesn't kill or torture any Cubans on U.S. Soil. Cubans rolled the dice, elected a dictator and lost. Why should the Trump admin or any of us US citizens care?
  8. North Korea tested a new Cruise Missile today so this makes PERFECT sense. 🙄 As @ElJavi76 alluded to this won't hurt Raul, Maduro or any of their immediate circle. It WILL negatively affect the innocent citizens who have already been suffering for years.
  9. Corylax18

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    Well this got crazy fast. If one of those is fake, its the best fake I've seen to date. I'm still not certain it is fake. I wasn't lucky enough to get a full box of Bushido myself, but I did pick up a few singles from Rob. One is pictured below next to a Rafael Gonzalez AP 88 RE, also from Rob. No accent mark on the Bushido, no tilde on either. (this is a tilde= ~) there IS an accent mark on the Rafael Gonzalez though. I'm guessing there was a change at some point in the printing of the bands. The question is when.
  10. They may be the largest, on the books. I'm not an expert on the exact numbers, Rob is certainly a better resource there. However, the number of cigars that enter China and the number of cigars that LEGALLY enter China are VASTLY different. I can't find the exact post now, but Rob has mentioned multiple, full 40' shipping containers crossing the border illegally. I agree 100% that China is the largest CC market on the planet, but PCC competes with multiple other supply streams. NOPE. ZERO Chance. I cant be anymore clear about that. Lets look at some quick and dirty math. Hectors Farm is 6 acres. That's it. Lets say you can pack 1,000 tobacco plants on an acre (the real number is probably closer to half that, but 1k makes the math easy) Each tobacco plant has 16 or 17 harvestable leaves per year, or 32 "half leaves" which we consider a full leaf for rolling/cigar construction purposes. So BEST CASE scenario, if every leaf is near perfect and usable for "Ultra Premiums" like RE's Hectors farm generates about 192,000 half cigar leaves per harvest. TOTAL, split between wrapper, ligero, seco and volado. Oh and don't forget to take 10% off those numbers for Hectors personal cut. A sublimes requires at least 5 half leaves (if they're large) to roll. So that's 2.25 million leaves, just for this 450k cigar run. Or almost 12 years of Harvests from Hectors farm. Even 1 half leaf per cigar would be more than 2 years worth of production for the ENITRE FARM. Phonecian have proven themselves liars and it looks like they're doing their best to add thieves to the list. They are stealing from Hector (unless they cut him a HUGE and illegal check to use his name to sell cigars) I wonder if anyone at the event told Hector where all his Tobacco was heading for the next 12 years. I understand how the world works, so I wouldn't blame Phenecian for 1 "mess up", but they are well past the line at this point. There are Dupers and Dupees. If you buy these cigars You're getting DUPED!!
  11. Corylax18

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    Hopefully I'll be at the Commodoro within 2 hours of landing!! We'll definitely check out some more shops during the trip though.
  12. This quote almost made me spit my coffee on my computer. The outright lie about the 30th's all being rolled at EL wasn't enough I guess. They decided to step it up to a whole nother level and pinpoint the farm and certain rollers within a factory for this batch of almost a HALF MILLION cigars. What a JOKE!! "The leaves will come for the Hector Luis farm and the cigars will be rolled by the best cigar rollers at the Partagás Factory under the supervision of José Castelar, a.k.a Cueto. The world premiere of this release is going to be held in Beirut on November 8, 2019."
  13. I havent smoked Cubans for long enough to comment with any personal knowledge on years prior to '08. Ive smoked plenty of cigars from the 80s and some as far back as the early 50s, but nowhwere near enough of them to make a legitimate comparison between those cigars and what we have today. Ignoring all the distractions of laws, marcas, el/re, and the general bullsh*t thats over taken the industry in the last 15 years or so, I cant ask for more. If quality goes up from here I'll be a very happy camper. The only thing I consistanly have issue with is the huge variation of production quality. But thats been, to some extent, an issue with CCs forever. Are we in a "golden age" right now? I would say no, but I dont see it improving markedly in my lifetime.
  14. Corylax18

    My Vegas Mishap

    Heat? I guess I missed the part where he told us he left them outside the whole trip? Every Vegas Casino/Hotel Ive been in is kept at about 40f, its obnoxious. Its dry in Vegas to start and the A/C sucks even more moisture out of the air. Your cigars didnt pick up the extra moisture from the air in vegas, thats for sure. They may have been overhumidified to start or you may have just had an unlucky run. On trips under 4 or 5 days, I usually dont use a boveda or any other humidification device. Regardless of weather im going to New Orleans or Las Vegas. I've never noticed an elevated rate of smokability issues doing it this way. I may be an outlier though. Cigars are tough and I think we end up causing more problems than we solve by constantly trying to tweak their environment to some "perfect parameters." I leave cigars out, or in a ziploc for a week or two weeks at a time in Cuba, most smoke great there and most have smoked great since acclimitizing to my home setup. Dont over think it.
  15. Corylax18

    Campers....I need a hand

    I typically hike 3 to 15 or 20 miles a day while Scouting and Hunting (I don't do much camping otherwise) so my setup is what one would call "Ultra light" Tarp tent, sleeping pad and the best sleeping bag you can afford. The rest is food two guns and ammo. 30-40 lbs total for a trip up to 5 days. It may not look like it but if setup properly you can sleep comfortably well below 32f/0c. The first photo shows Everything (minus the guns, sorry)that my hunting partner and I bring into the woods with us. The bottom three picture's are "roughing it" with the ladies in tow.
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