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  1. Hahaha. I forgot about that, we had to deal with constant "turbulence" too. I guess you're right, I can tolerated more than I give myself credit for.
  2. I always laugh when people tell me "bear spray" works better than a gun as protection when hunting. If pepper spray cant stop an angry dog, what makes people thing it will stop an angry 400+ lb bear? That's a good dog. It sounds like this postman got what was coming to him.
  3. I love the "Men in Black" movies. If I understand you correctly, you are of the mind that these movies are actually closer to reality then fiction?
  4. Intelligent life somewhere other than earth is a statistical certainty. The Universe is far to vast for Humans to be unique. However, it is very unlikely, due to that vastness, that we have, or ever will have contact with another intelligent species.
  5. Filler tobacco is almost free compared to wrapper leaves. We're talking a 15-1 or 20-1 difference between volado and wrapper leaf. Wrappers take far more effort to produce than filler leaves, both in the field and during processing and a high percentage of what is produced doesn't make the grade for export grade cigars. So, the more filler HSA can pack into each wrapper leaf, the better. For HSA.
  6. Just finished up a work breakfast at Aria and I'm about to head to the airport. I've got a free minute so I thought I would update. I smoked at both Montecristo Cigar Bar and Rhumbar this time around. You really can't go wrong with either. It just comes down to your preferences. Rhumbar is outside, about 30 yards from the strip, they have nice views of Venetian, Palazzo, Harrahs, Casino Royale, and the Volcano fountain at Mirage. Ask for Monica, or Roxy theyre both great waitresses and people. My only recommendation is go during the afternoon to evening, it was over 100 f both days, remained in the 90s until almost midnight. So you've gotta like the heat. Montecristo is still on point too, air conditioned and inside, its probably more comfortable for most of the day. Ventilation is pretty good too. The humidor has some rare/limited NC Montes and a pretty good selection of others as well, but I always bring my own and that would be my recommendation. Prices have the usual LV bump, so don't expect to find any deals. Have fun and let me know how the trip goes!
  7. If these people where spending the money on Mercedes and Rolex I would agree with you 100%. But they aren't. This money puts food on the table, clothes on their children's backs, etc. As others mentioned, this type of activity is the rule, not the exception, across all facets of Cuban society. Its a matter of survival, not luxury. 90% (or more) of government employees didn't all decide to start stealing because they wanted to, they have to. Everybody has their hussle, fake cigars, shakedowns at the airport, stolen fuel for your taxi, you name it. Most of the Cuban of the economy happens "off the books." Anger with the system is understandable, I don't understand how anybody could be mad with the people forced to live and work within in. Seeing how the sausage is made is ugly, no doubt. I continue to eat it despite the facts, but its not for everybody. But the government is? If socialism worked, and the government was distributing the hundreds of millions spent by tourists (you and me included) to the populous, than this thread wouldn't exist. I'm not saying you have no reason to be angry, just that your anger is a bit misplaced.
  8. Let me get this right. You prefer buying cigars with mold, to cigars without? If so, why? What makes a moldy cigar better than one without? As I stated earlier, most mold and the mold on the cigars pictured above isn't a deal breaker for me. But it makes me take pause when the frequency rate of molded cigars from a supplier approaches 100%. I understand mold on cigars in or straight from Cuba, climate control and ambient climate being what it is. I don't understand how or why PCC would put away beautiful cigars for 5 years without investing in the proper climate control needed to store them properly. I'm guessing where talking hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of stock, so money shouldn't be an issue. If these are the "best" examples imagine the science experiments they have brewing. Mold only grows if cigars are stored too wet and/or to warm, occasionally during shipping, if the cigars had extra water content before they where shipped. You never know the journey a cigar has taken during its life, so I've always preferred to buy young, high quality stock and age it myself. This program is an easy pass for me at this point. I did see that. But the Lusi's where the worst offender, and unfortunately not unique. All the cigars looked beautiful, and most looked poorly stored. That's confusing to me when the premium that will be demanded is because they have been stored for 5 years. It seems like PCC is shooting themselves in the foot.
  9. Don't worry about it. 10 CUC is roughly 2/3rds a Customs agents monthly Salary. I go to the airport prepared and happy to pay the toll if it means I get to export well over the legal limit. I tuck a couple 20 CUC notes in strategic places just in case. Its funny listening to people who just spent several thousand dollars on travel, cigars and booze bitch about losing 10 bucks to someone who earns that in a lifetime. Scarily out of touch.
  10. In Terminal 2 there is a "VIP" Lounge upstairs. I believe it is reserved for first class passengers, but its Cuba, so there must be a way to buy yourself in.
  11. I just read a similar article in Granma: At least the Reuters article mentions, albeit briefly, the real cause. A more than 90% reduction in the free oil they where receiving from Venezuela. Regardless of who's to blame, the only people being harmed are the ones t hat deserve it the least. Fuel was already expensive, (about 4USD per gallon), rolling blackouts weren't uncommon in Havana either.
  12. From Granma, the Cuban State Newspaper: I wasn't able to find any reason behind it, but I' glad twitter is going after the real villains. 🙄
  13. I'll be there this weekend, we'll miss each other by a week. I'll post an update when I get back. Montecristo Cigar bar is my favorite spot to smoke, by far. The back area does a great job fooling your senses into thinking you're outside and I've always had great luck with the staff. They've got a very large and well stocked humidor as well. Its located in the hallway connecting the front and back casino floors, right across from Cleopatra's barge. I tried Rhumbar for the first time during my last trip in late May, and I was pleasantly surprised. I stayed at the Mirage that trip (also my first time staying there) and enjoyed the entire property a lot more than I was expecting. Don't buy cigars there, the humidor is an after thought and not sealed at all, so plan to bring your own. But, the staff was Top Notch and the drinks where tasty and reasonably priced(for Vegas). The only negative (for some) is that you can only smoke outside. I love the heat and they have misters, but if you don't, go in the afternoon, after the sun has gone behind the hotel.
  14. Am I the only one that noticed the mold in all but one of those boxes? I understand it can be wiped off with relative ease, but it makes me question the conditions that these boxes spent the last 5 years in. Rob, are these shipped to you by the mastercase, or random mix and match?

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