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  1. Corylax18

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    I agree that getting good sleep is important. I also agree that sleep apnea is a thing. But, I dont believe in slapping band aides on everything so we can justify our unhealthy lifestyles. Insurance companies aren't the only ones to blame for Skyrocketing healthcare costs. Sleep Apnea used to be treated exclusively with lifestyle changes. CPAP's and Insurance companies footing the bill for them are relatively recent development. But CPAP's don't cure anything, you aren't suddenly "cured" when you put that on. You still have sleep Apnea, and you still haven't addressed any of the underlying causes. Insurance companies love it, its no different then someone being placed on painkillers for the rest of their life because they throw out their back. I'm sure that would make it tough to sleep, but wouldn't you wanna get your back fixed? Scuba masks are uncomfortable when I'm scuba diving. I would never, ever, get comfortable wearing one of those contraptions on my face everynight for the rest of my life, nor would I put up with lugging with everywhere I went. There are other, therapeutic ways to improve the condition. I would exhaust ALL of them before I even thought about a CPAP. BMI is definitely not a fail safe indicator of health, we can agree on that. But lets not compare about .5% of people with high BMI's to the vast majority of them. Just how many body builders are walking around in society? (Not counting crossfitters 😂) The vast majority of people with BMI's over 30 are genuinely obese and live unhealthy life styles. I've been to the south, I've seen it with my own eyes. I live in Colorado and work in Boulder. Boulder is regularly ranked among the "Healthiest" and "Skinniest" towns in America. And its not because we've moved the target. Nobody here is complain about the BMI being an insurance company scam. I've also lived in Texas and Kansas City, where lifestyles are drastically different. Its not a coincidence that the drastically opposing lifestyles in these two locations lead to drastically different health demographics. Smoking Cigars, eating red meat and drinking alcohol also suppress you immune system, very possibly leading to the issues you mentioned above, as well as a myriad of others. Have you considered the possibility of causal affect or eliminating/cutting back on any of those activities?
  2. Corylax18

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    I'm not disagreeing with Sleep Apnea being a real thing. Its a diagnosable, preventable, treatable, and relatively well understood medical condition. But the OP didn't mention sleep apnea, he was discussing a far more abstract set of problems leading to irregular and therefore unsatisfactory sleep patterns/quality. That sounds like a lifestyle issue to me, not a medical problem. Lets not conflate the two. Again, I've battled insomnia, and General anxiety for most of my life, but I've learned what causes the issues and what I can do to not only prevent them, but solve them when they do pop up. I didn't run to a doctor asking him to invent some "medical condition" to justify my feelings and make me feel like I'm part of a "community." I just don't understand people's need for constant validation of their myriad(and often made up) issues. Everybody seems to think their so f$&king special, so marginalized, so unique. I'm over all the constant whining. Do you think "Sleep Hygiene" is a thing for Cuban citizens? When people have real problems to worry about like feeding their kids, keeping their house standing, trying to find and figure out how to pay for the Basic's, these kinds of "conditions" don't seem to appear. Have you ever heard of a Cuban with a peanut allergy? Lactose intolerance? Gluten Intolerance? Unhygienic Sleep? I haven't.
  3. Corylax18

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    5'-8" 220 is a normal build? When did that happen? If the Body Mass Index means anything (its up for debate) a BMI of 34+ puts you well into the "Obese" range. At 6'-3" and about 155-165 I'm technically in the meat of the "normal" range, but try finding a pair of pants that fit me off the shelf. I think we can both agree that a true normal would be somewhere in between the two of us.
  4. Corylax18

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    Sleep Hygiene? Really? That's a thing now? I'm happy for you that you are able to profit from it, but that is a boom time "sickness" if I've ever heard of one. I'm all for more doctors, but if were to the point that "Sleep Hygienist" is a type of Doctor, I think we've hit saturation. I have battled with bouts of insomnia through out my life, so I understand how it can affect a person. I also had a grandfather who would stay up drinking until 1 or 2 in the morning, then wake me up at 5 am go fishing all day, and he was still on top of everything. Telling me "Don't be a Candy Ass" any time I complained about anything. I wish everybody had a grandfather like him. The world would be a better place.
  5. When did this "significant amount of scientific research" happen? Last time I checked, Marijuana's classification as a Schedule 1 Narcotic causes almost all scientific research a federal felony. Other than the University of Mississippi's Single Greenhouse and Laboratory I am aware of no other legitimate research facilities in the united states. Europe may be a different story, but I've never seen any peer reviewed, published papers on the subject. Can you quote/link any studies that definitively prove marijuana smoke is not carcinogenic? Lets be honest, Smoking ANYTHING is bad for you. You will not become a healthier person by ingesting decarbonated smoke through your lungs and into the blood stream. That's not to say that some of the ingredients in Marijuana, when isolated, purified, and dosed correctly, by professionals don't have positive medicinal affects. But, that's not what's happening. "Medical Marijuana" is a joke and always has been. We had it in Colorado starting in 2001. When I was in college(18-21 years old) I walked into a doctors office, told him I couldn't sleep, and walked out with a recommendation for a "Card" as they call it. Most of my friends did the same thing. None of us had any real medical issues that we were trying to address and the doctor new it, so did the dispensaries. Its very similar in most states today, there are few that have real requirements though. Its nothing more than a guise to make old people comfortable with it. "Slippery Slope" if you will. Cigarettes, Cigars, Weed, unhealthy Food, Boose. They're all the same. Either all of them should be completely outlawed or we should decide that Adults can make their own decisions. But where does it end? Driving a car is dangerous, very dangerous. Should we just ban anything that increase or death risk at all? It seems like that would be the most humane thing to do. Keep in mind, I partake in all but one of the above "vices" on a regular basis and I think cigarettes are gross.
  6. Ahahaha, S#!^. I didn't even think of that!
  7. Price and Value are two different things. $3-5k is extremely expensive for a piece of furniture, functional or not. That being said, I agree completely that his Units are an exceptional value. Its hard to find that level of craftsmanship in anything built today. resale values will only continue to go up now, so within a few years you could arguably selling your used unit for more than you paid for it. Lets put this entire conversation in perspective though. 99% of humanity (non cigar smokers) would read this and think we're all completely out of our minds. $25k for something you're just gunna light on fire?
  8. The leaves turn from Green to Brown in the Drying barns, before they ever leave the farms. The rough shade of the leaf is pretty much set during this drying/curing period.(Candela wrapper is formed by rapidly curing the leaf, locking in the chlorophyll) So said under cured leaf would have to pass through about a dozen further processes between the farm, fermenting, ageing, sorting, bundling, resorting at the factory then blending. It could happen, but even with Cuba's poor QC practices, the chances are pretty low. I've never seen a green leaf in a bunch in a legitimate cuban cigar. Green spots? Fine, but not an entire leaf. Your storage conditions don't really matter in this case. If the leaf wasn't properly cured at the very beginning of the process, then there isnt much, if anything, you can do to make it better in the Humidor. Are you 100% sure of authenticity?
  9. Corylax18

    Someone Offered Me A Box Of Siglo VI. Real Or Fake?

    Completely fake. It looksl ike they do have 1 real band. The date stamp on that box is a joke and the monte bands don't look embossed. RUN.
  10. It doesn't surprise me at all. His Humidors gained the following they did because of the unwavering pride he had in everything he produced. Why would he possibly sully that reputation by selling the brand name to someone who almost certainly wouldn't put the same pride/care in the process? Bob Staebel is Aristocrat. Aristocrat is Bob Staebel. His humis weren't cheap. My guess is he's set for life and cares more about maintaining the legacy of the brand than another few thousand dollars.
  11. Corylax18

    LGC 109 RE announced

    The post Directly Above your's is a review.

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