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  1. Havana is King!! Smoking as you shop is the only way to go! The Partagas store will get a lot of love from this group and rightfully so. The team is amazing, the atmosphere at the old shop was amazing. I wouldn't change anything about how they do what they do. This shop was the top of the list for me, easily. I cant wait to see the new location, hopefully later this year. I also love the Club Habana Shop. The team there isnt as warm/welcoming as the group at Partagas, but they're still very helpful. I've also found some gems here, 6 boxes of Upmann PCs 24 months after they where dis
  2. I think the BCG is a great comparison. I'm glad I have a couple boxes of both BCG and No. 4s, I will happily smoke through all of them. I don't see myself restocking at the going rate though. I cant remember the last time I smoked one of either, I need to dig into the Humidors when I get home next week and grab one of each.
  3. That's a spectacular price right now. I was referencing Yul Cigars Cuban pricing updates. The prices on the island are pretty well disjointed from prices anywhere else in the world. Thinking about it a little more, they actually dropped about 50% In "real" terms, when the new black market exchange rates are factored in, they are cheaper now than they've been in almost a decade!! Haha. I cant wait to get back down there!
  4. What IS the plan? We're talking about bundles of fermented leaves, rolled with a sole purpose in mind. Consumption through combustion. Burn EM!! If not, stop wasting the humidor space, prop open the box and throw them up on the mantle. At "retail" they where $125 a box and SAT on shelves. Which is probably a big part of the reason HSA Stopped rolling them so frequently. I've purchased them at $125, but are they really worth the $50 premium over PLMCs? Not consistently enough for me. They're different cigars for sure, but not that different. Its interesting. HSA Recently i
  5. We always talk about how great they are at making "Small Cigars" Maybe its because they aren't so good at making the bigger ones? 100 Million PCs is a lot less tobacco than 100 million DCs. Just like the Embargo, its all the Americans fault that the HSA lineup is getting shorter and fatter. Right? At this rate they could keep it at 100 million a year indefinitely. We'll be smoking Babybel's in a couple years. 🤣
  6. Australia is actually a Registered Entity with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Kind of A Quasi Corporation if you will. Wikipedia says all the conspiracy theories arent true, but we know better than that...... 😄
  7. This is all very confusing to me. These things where available, for very reasonable prices, for years. They slow down production for a couple years and now they're the best cigar out there? $1000 for a box? You need your head checked. I have a couple boxes, one purchased here, the other on the island. They're OK cigars, but I I'll take a well aged PLMC over a well aged No 4 every time. Especially at the massive price premiums the No. 4s are currently commanding. My 2014 box is still not where I would like it and the 2016 box has shown no improvement yet, at all. Meanwhile I have 8 differe
  8. Thanks for posting Nino. What a shame. Sugar Cane grows like a weed down there, but refining it is quite labor and input intensive. I think thats where the real bottle neck is. @Ryan Thats a Brilliant Idea! Way to good an idea for them to attempt it. So, I'll put my money on it never happening. Haha @Puros Y Vino I hadnt thought of that. I thought they use "raw" sugar (Turbinado, Brown, Etc.) rather than the fully processed white sugar that gets exported. Maybe they are only quoting numbers for the fully processed stuff? I really dont know how the domestic and import markets affect
  9. Most of it is pontification. Regardless of source. I find cigar aficionado's tasting notes comical. Its never "Vanilla" its gotta be "Madagascan Vanilla Bean" not "Mango" but "Dried Tahitian Mango" Blah Blah Blah. My favorite though and one my Dad and I still joke about regularly is "Lead Pencil" Most of these guys are MUCH better at creative writing than they are at utilizing their palates.
  10. I thought Long and Hard. I can't remember every tasting baked apple in a cigar. Cinnamon? Sure Tart, Green Apple? Maybe. But not Baked apple.
  11. If its truly Cuban inspired, it should run 15 to 45 minutes late. Or Maybe just a second set of hands that show "Island Time."
  12. Gotcha. Those arent Farmies or Customs though. Maybe "special regular production"? I was referencing the "KSA" banded cigars that you see photos of on social media and occasionally here. They are rolled outside of the HSA umbrella in non RP sizes and only carry the KSA bands.
  13. Its members of the Saudi Royal family, so you where close. But, this service isn't relegated only to them. Anybody can go to a print shop and get a batch of custom bands printed out. I ask for certain sizes and blends directly from rollers, I've even sat and tasted/blended some Coronas for myself a Hector's farm. All you have to do is fly to Cuba, drive the 3 hours out to the farms, bring a suitcase full of school supplies and other small gifts, and spend a couple nights on the farm. I have a couple videos of Miguel (Hector's old Roller) rolling me 2 bundle's of Corona's on the farm. It was ea
  14. Cuban Farmers are allowed, by law, to retain 10% of their harvest every year. I'm sure some farmers might keep 15% or more, others might keep very little. I think it would be silly for them not to keep at least some of their best tobacco. Farm Rolls or Farmies are the cigars rolled with the tobacco that certain farmers ferment and age themselves. They're my favorite Cigars. The tobacco comes from just a single or a very few farms, one or just a few rollers. The consistency, both in construction and flavor is much higher than what HSA pumps out. Not NC consistent, but better the regular p

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