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  1. Last time I saw "Mikey" was in Havana, I wasn't aware he had left the country, but it isn't a surprise. I'm glad to hear that his talents are being utilized better than they had been. He hadn't been working for HSA for years by the time I met him, but he was still very active in the Cigar community down there. I wish him all the best in his new endeavor. T
  2. I'm still rocking my 7-8 year old 5 count cigar caddy. It took forever to degas the super cheap foam inside, but it's traveled the globe with me since. I have several higher end cases of similar design( for rifles, shotguns, optics) and the pressure relief valve is a must on those larger ones. I'm fine prying the cigar caddy open with a butter knife/key/whatever is handy. Haha
  3. Its just rebranded "Ozium." Which was originally invented for Cigarette smoke, but works very well on FRESH cannabis or cigar smoke. If you give it some time to settle into fabrics/carpet, its not super affective. The science behind both is similar to the science behind an Ozone generator. If you can rapidly Oxidize the molecule (by adding an O in the case of ozone) you actually turn the bad smell molecules into a completely different compound. Ozone generators are amazing, but aren't great for long term/repeated indoor use because they can rapidly accelerate the breakdown of some synthe
  4. Thanks Andy!! Very thorough and I'm even more anxious to get a trip planned now! It makes sense that the government run establishments haven't nailed the exchange rate yet, they may yet catchup. 🤣 Its great to see Papo, Hector and Jose, Its been too long!
  5. There really are two separate groups of Cuban's right now. The ones with the means and Knowledge to push for this change (those with "too much to lose" to risk participating in protests) and the majority of the Cuban people. The majority, mostly outside of Havana, mostly in very rural areas dont have the same education, means or access to outside capital/information as the other group. One group is able, but unwilling. The other seems willing, but is unable. Nino's post above about Yunior Garcia really drives this point home. As far as Cubans go, his life was pretty good, as soon as the
  6. That's a big loss to the movement, but I'm glad they didn't "disappear" him. They had his house surrounded by sunrise on Sunday morning. As you mentioned in your first post, the "brain drain" continues. I don't see how/why he would return any time soon.
  7. The Cuban People need to decide enough is enough. I know this sounds harsh, but that's the next step. Its damn clear at this point, Nobody else is going to do it for them. I was in contact with half a dozen of my Cuban friends Sunday night and Monday morning. They all gave me roughly the same reason for not marching/even thinking about marching yesterday and their thought process seems to be shared by the majority of their fellow citizens. "I Have Too Much to Loss." Was the overwhelming consensus. I think a lot of that comes from generations of having nothing. If you suddenly do fi
  8. 12 people working at the same place, living in the same area(some in the same home), doing similar jobs couldn't have contacted each other or discussed symptoms? Ok..... Even the government's own reports are clear about discussions had with Neighbors and family members of the issues(weird, loud, mechanical sounds being heard), months before they where reported to the press. People supposedly complained to the front desk at the Hotel Capri as well. She said it was Mass Hysteria because that's what most of the early reports stated, and there hasn't been anything other than 1 low quali
  9. Im a CSU Grad, but both my Brothers, a Sister in Law and about half my friends are Buffs.
  10. You'll still be over paying, but I dont think you'll tire of it in 2 years. 😄
  11. There is no shortage of "Theories" and Feelings here and that's the main problem. Its all Theories and feelings at this point. There simply isnt any science that backs up all these vastly different and un related symptoms caused all over the planet. The diplomat running the investigation said as much, several times. So they fired her and found someone willing to go along with "the story." The CIA fired their Vienna station chief because he "wasn't taking this seriously enough." It seems like they've reached a conclusion and are now building the investigation to match the desired result. I
  12. Come on Rob, conspiracy theories aren't fun if you don't get creative. They could definitely be bouncing radio waves off the troposphere and hitting anywhere on the planet. 😆
  13. The Giants are an embarrassment. Again. I think they'll win just enough games to convince the Mara's/Tisch's to keep them around for another year, of mediocrity. We need new owners, not just a new GM, HC, OC, DC, and STC.
  14. You have a great Eye! I live in Denver, but spend as much time in the mountains as possible. I was managing a structural upgrade on the Monopine by the Ski Patrol Station at the very top. Cell Tower:
  15. I still love my 2010 F150. It handles everything I throw at it, its comfortable, it drives through Snow/Ice like it isn't there, I can do 90% of the maintenance myself and I haven't had a car payment for years. I love that almost as much as I love the Truck.
  16. That's current pricing. With only one carrier, flying one RT per week. They will drop significantly through December, especially if 90% of the customers (Cuban Based Mules) cant get into the states. Don't forget, the last regime threw a couple parting shots on their way out so it will be harder (but not impossible) for US citizens to make the trip now as well. Prices In January(with 5 carriers flying at least a daily RT) are maybe 15-20% higher than pre pandemic. I'm waiting to see if they drop more before I book anything. Its going to be choppy for months, with carriers adding/subtracti
  17. I havent booked anything yet, but I'm on the verge. I'll be very interested to hear how things go.
  18. I've seen countless people talking to Rollers and Blenders in Cuba asking "MORE LIGERO" they just laugh and shake their heads. Cuban Cigars can be so special because the Seco they have can still be very flavorful. I think there is far, far less ligero used in RP than most regular cigar smokers realize. I've also heard countless rollers and even some employees at EL tell me that 1 full leaf of good Ligero = 1 half leaf of MT. And that 90% of cigar smokers wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the final blend. Mas Fuerte doesnt directly translate into Mas Better. I was sitting wi
  19. I'm not a whiskey Drinker, so I had to look up "Dunnage" Haha. Its not exactly the same. Bollinger is the only producer I know that uses the "RD" designation, others use different names, but the point is the same. The Chef de Cave samples the Cuvees(all stored underground, beneath the fields themselves) every year, eventually every few months to check the "progress". Eventually, he decides that a certain vintage is ready to go. (4-10 years for most Vintage champagnes) The "Riddling" process begins where the bottles are rotated to ensure the remaining yeast or "Lees" settle in the neck. A
  20. It sounds like you tasted age. Particularly age "on the Lees" which gives champagne that heavy bread character. The mushroomy, Umami, flavor you describe also comes from aging. I prefer very dry champagne for the most part and I also drink most champagne young (less than 10 years) so I can't recommend a specific bottle under about $200 that would check your boxes. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, I'm just not aware of one. You'll probably be looking at something Vintage, most NV champanges get less than two years on the Lee's while some Vintage champagnes can sit for over a decade. Maybe so
  21. I Punch 95% of the Parejo's I smoke. Double Guillotine for everything else. I've never owned a V-Cutter. I dont have any inherent problems with V-Cuts themselves, I just don't like the asymmetric feel when smoking v cut cigars. I prefer a punch because it keeps the entire "shoulder" intact. A Triple punch like the one below also allows me to "Pick my own Draw" to a certain extent. The Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar cutter below is the single most used piece of cigar equipment I own. 5, 8 and 10mm diameters on the cutters, A Knife for opening boxes and the scissors are perfect for neat
  22. I'm very interested. I love pairing Cigars and Champagne. I also love learning about both. We're getting on the cusp of acceptable weather here, but we get 70 degree days in December and January, so its a crapshoot at this point.
  23. Don't lose hope yet. My boss got it last March. He and his wife where literally on a plane from Denver to Frankfurt when Trump closed the borders. They turned right around and flew home, but he caught it at some point during that 24hr marathon of travel. He lost pretty much all smell/taste for months, but almost all of it has come back. The only thing he cant seem to smell now is sulfury/sewage smell, I'm not going to tell the story of how he found out, but let just say he learned the hard way.

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