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  1. Check out this guy. He does excellent work. Cigar rests, nub tools, and a casing for PerfecDraw. He's a great guy. I have bought several things from him.
  2. Wolves with Butler, Rubio, Townes and Wiggins should be formidable. They got the best deal in this draft. As a Kentucky fan, I absolutely love Fox. I hope he has a good career, hate to see him at Sacramento.
  3. The sweet hay / lemongrass is so unique to Cohiba. To me, that is the difference between cohiba and all others. Don't get me wrong, each marca has their own great qualities, but when I want that sweet hay smell and flavor, it's a Cohiba. ^^^ I didn't mean for that to sound like a commercial lol
  4. Years ago, wifey and I ate in a mediocre steakhouse in Lexington, Kentucky. The waitress was great. The bill was $40 or so. I left her a $20 bill because that's the only bill I had left. She followed us out into the parking lot while crying saying that she really needed that $20 as she had fallen on hard times and she couldn't believe someone could be so generous. That really got to me and now, with decent service I generally leave a good tip. You never know what someone may be going through. If they are working as wait staff in a mediocre restaurant, they are probably out of options.
  5. I'm in the US. I generally leave no less than 15% no matter what. If service is exceptional, I will leave 20%-40% depending on final price. Our wait staff get the shaft at a lot of places. We also have a lot of older people who will go sit at a restaurant all morning gossiping and drinking coffee. They leave a 50 cent tip. That is just wrong.
  6. Z23, Zaya, and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva are all excellent with a cigar. The Diplomatico would have to be my favorite by a long shot.
  7. I agree with your assessment of the Cazzie. Cazzies are great young and aged. The strength is just right and most of the time you get that nice cherry twang. Great review. Thanks!
  8. Rye is my drink of choice with a cigar. Sazerac, Pikesville, Angels Envy Rye, EH Taylor Rye, and a Russell's Reserve Rye Single Barrel are by far my favorites. Rittenhouse is a great value as well. Sazerac is the best value of all at around $30 a bottle if you can find it retail. When I do, I buy a case! For what it's worth, rye usually needs less time in the barrel than bourbon to mature.
  9. The sampler is a great place to start. I would have recommended the RA Specially Selected and the Bolivar Royal Corona. There are a lot of great petit coronas out there as well. The Partagas Mille Fleur, RyJ Mille Fleur, Monte #4, Por Larranaga Petit Corona, and several PC tubos. All 3 cuban lanceros mentioned are excellent smokes, but tend to be pricey ($15-$20 US per) and hard to find at times. The RyJ Churchill is a classic that should not be passed over as well. One piece of advice I would give is to not worry about, medium, full, etc. I find in different moods I like everything from light to extremely full. Good luck on your journey! Keep it slow and simple.
  10. LUB and MEG have been great codes for Upmann in my experience.
  11. Bottled in Bond was started because bourbon distillers, distributors, whoever, were watering down bourbon. Bottled in Bond meant that it had to be 100 proof to prevent problems with watering the bourbon down.
  12. It just depends on what you want at the time. Both of these are great marevas fresh or with time. My best advice would be to listen to the posters above.
  13. If I'm reading this correctly, my rotation would be: Sancho Panza NonPlus RyJ Cazadores Montecristo Media Corona Montecristo #4 & #5 Punch Punch VR Famosos VR Unicos RyJ Mille Fleur Partagas Mille Fleur just a few...
  14. It has been at least 20 years ago since I saw Bruce in Lexington, Kentucky. I wasn't really a Bruce fan, but I didn't really dislike him either. After the show, I definitely had more respect for the guy. When he is done, he is done. He leaves it all on the stage. To say it is a high energy show is an understatement. Have fun!
  15. The Petit Robusto size to me, is almost an insult. However, the Inca is a fine cigar. Highly recommended.
  16. Fwiw, I leave mine in the foil for aging.
  17. I completely agree with the others, '09 and '15 are smoking great.
  18. You really can't go wrong with any VR. It may be time to buy a box of Don Alejandro as they have been axed. VR is one of my favorites.
  19. Myself and a few friends have boxes from '07 that have been very good. I bought mine in '15. The code is GAS.
  20. The #5 have been amazing in 2015. I am smoking one now. To me the #5 and MMC are two of the best cigars on the market when considering sizes smaller than PC.
  21. 1. New England 2. Julio Jones 3. Tom Brady 4. Julio Jones

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