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  1. Haven’t posted in a good while but figured I would toss my thoughts in. The wine spectator scale seems to have worked well for me in that it effectively tells the story that we are already rating a premium product. Also it is somewhat defined and a reference for me personally. 50 points is a given—it’s a premium cigar, 5 for color/appearance, 15 for aroma and bouquet, 20 for Taste and Finish, 10 for overall score. I try to sort of work it out around this for a general score in my mind for my own recollection. It’s not complex, it’s just a way to consider a cigar and reference to others I
  2. Ok. This cigar was just awesome. I don’t love the size really, but it smoked like a much older cigar. Second one I’ve smoked, first was just pretty good. Regret smoking on the course a bit because I missed some complexity I know is there. Phenomenal smoke. 95/96 pointer on a windy unfocused day. No wonder they are a bit hard to find. Trinidad La Trova MUP DIC17
  3. First NC I’ve smoked in awhile. Figured it was the “Cigar of the Year” so why not? The first half was pretty interesting although the draw was extremely loose. Second half, not good. I could see if someone only smoked about an inch of this cigar they might think it was special, but deeper in, it was pretty bad. I am sure I’ll give the others away.
  4. Those look great! I have never seen these. I see they’ve been compared to Coronas and Petit Coronas, of which the PCs were some of my favorites before they were discontinued. Maybe I will try and track some down. Thanks for sharing. Z
  5. I do not like them. I like the JLS1, but I find the 2 has something I just don’t like. Something in them doesn’t agree with my tastes. Granted I have only had a few but none were memorable and one I just tossed. Maybe I’ll give them another try soon. Now where might I find those Patricia’s @dvickery ?
  6. I know this is completely impossible, but maybe an exception could be made. A re-issue of the H. Upmann Tang Monarchs as a furthering of the Sir David tribute. Or because the Upmann is a pipedream actually make the Punch Sir David into an AP RE in boxes of 10 so they could be purchased by the masses. The Hong Kong 50 Cab release would remain a rarity, but the cigars could be a reality for more people.
  7. Not to hijack your thread Fuzz, but I snapped a pic of this the other day thinking there was some major significance to the numerology. 33 degrees F and 8888 miles, should have sped up to 77 MPH!
  8. I don’t think anyone else noticed it. I’m a huge SP fan so that’s what stood out to me more than the unbanded ones. Does look pretty nice with the Special Ed bands.
  9. Neither one of those boxes has the correct band...unless I missed a band change for Reg. Prod Sancho Panza. ??
  10. @PapaDisco I am not sure what I did to deserve such generosity, but I don’t think I am the only one here who has had to pick his jaw up off the floor while trying to stifle a silent scream when I opened something from...the legendary...(said in a hushed tone)...CigSid...
  11. Met up with @JohnInCleveland today and we smoked a pair of 1994 Sir Winstons. These were generously gifted by @CigSid. Bill, you truly made my day today! I appreciate you allowing us this opportunity. Thank you so much. The cigars were powerhouses that delivered a dense, yeasty bready, clean clean toasted tobacco taste. Minor transitions, but unecessary here. Started off with a bang and just kept coming. Not afraid to say the rich, decadent power kicked both of our asses, but in a very good way! Looooooonnnnggg legs even after 25 years. Can still taste the distinct magnificent
  12. I should probably get to bed—I had to scroll back to the top to see if I was reading the Trinidad Short thread and not the “Left or Right” thread....?
  13. 1.) Do what @Brandon says and/or 2.) Beg @PigFish to build a solution for you. The log below is from a CigarClimatology system. An old one at that. Side note—I generally keep my humidor at 62% but recently because it’s been colder in my basement I turned it up to 64. Cigars seemed a little dry to me at 62/62, better at 64/62.

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