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    Cars, Golf, IPhone text mess-ups, Travel, Rough-Housing, High Fiving, Inteligant Mintal Stimyulation, Surprises (pleasant only), Old Tractors, Ankhs.

    Telling people how the more I smoke the more I like Petite Coronas meter--132

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zeedubbya's Feedback

  1. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Always a great experience trading with Zane. I can't say enough. All around great BOTL and one of the best trading partners. I will certainly trade again!! AAA+++

    zeedubbya was Trading

  2. THEMISCHMAN left Positive feedback   

    Solid BOTL. Great trade and I would trade with again anytime.

    zeedubbya was Trading

  3. SMQQKIN left Positive feedback   

    Quick ship, great communication, quality trade, & nice guy.

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  4. Nekhyludov left Positive feedback   

    As usual, just amazing cigars and an terrific brother to get to trade with.

    zeedubbya was Trading

  5. backbone left Positive feedback   

    Z is an amazing BOTL! Always a pleasure dealing with him.

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  6. Jfeath74 left Positive feedback   

    Zane had an issue that caused him to take a couple extra days to ship, no big deal. To make up for it he put in 3 extra cigars and paid to have it overnighted. Completely necessary but totally awesome at the same time. Would be happy to trade with Zane again.

    zeedubbya was Trading

  7. nonameno left Positive feedback   

    Zane is a great guy to trade with!! I have done several trades with him over time and he is always coming up with wonderful cigars to offer. He is always fun to chat with and a fast shipper as well. He is a super member of the FOH family. Thank you, Curtiss

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  8. CrankYanker left Positive feedback   

    Sent some really really good aged cigars. One was especially for my 31st birthday. Will be trading again. Vacuum sealed packaging as well. Thanks again!

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  9. awkwardPause left Positive feedback   

    Wonderful trade all around. Zane is a great guy to work with - timely communication, good packing/shipping, and even an extra :) Look forward to our next!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  10. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Zane responded to my "ISO" post and hooked me up with a 5er of PSP2. Prompt communication, fast shipping, great sticks. Thanks Zane!

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  11. JohnnyCigar left Positive feedback   

    This gentleman is a wonderful botl. He hosted an excellent split that I was lucky enough to partake in. Thank you!

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  12. Gusmab980 left Positive feedback   

    Great BOTL. Excellent trade.

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  13. Habana Mike left Positive feedback   

    Zane's a great guy and a great trader!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  14. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic BOTL and great trading partner. Excellent on all fronts. AAA+++

    zeedubbya was Trading

  15. archosaur left Positive feedback   

    Just adding to Zane's spotless feedback...did a nice little fiver trade with him on some RG. Thanks zeedubb!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  16. tengel78 left Positive feedback   

    Great selection of quality sticks and some awesome extras. Great botl!

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  17. seattledude left Positive feedback   

    Good to have you on my split of Lusitanias. Excellent communication. Pleasure to deal with!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  18. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Great trading partner. Went great on all fronts and super happy. A+

    zeedubbya was Trading

  19. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Another excellent split with Zane. A+ BOTL!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  20. SaintMickey® left Positive feedback   

    One of the best. Great trader great FOH'r. Thanks!!!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  21. fabes left Positive feedback   

    Split a box of REs with Zane. He rocks! Shared some great chat about cigars and life. All around great asset to the community!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  22. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    Completed a nice trade with Zane. He's a prolific cigar trader, splitter and all around great guy to deal with. Thanks Zane, and many thanks for the extras.

    zeedubbya was Trading

  23. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Great all around experience and awesome trade with Zeedubbya. I am extremely grateful for his generosity. Thanks Z!

    zeedubbya was Trading

  24. clint left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trade, great botl! Thanks Zeedub.

    zeedubbya was The Seller

  25. Jimmy_jack left Positive feedback   

    Quick shipping and great cigars!!!

    zeedubbya was Trading

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