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  1. Ok. This cigar was just awesome. I don’t love the size really, but it smoked like a much older cigar. Second one I’ve smoked, first was just pretty good. Regret smoking on the course a bit because I missed some complexity I know is there. Phenomenal smoke. 95/96 pointer on a windy unfocused day. No wonder they are a bit hard to find. Trinidad La Trova MUP DIC17
  2. First NC I’ve smoked in awhile. Figured it was the “Cigar of the Year” so why not? The first half was pretty interesting although the draw was extremely loose. Second half, not good. I could see if someone only smoked about an inch of this cigar they might think it was special, but deeper in, it was pretty bad. I am sure I’ll give the others away.
  3. Those look great! I have never seen these. I see they’ve been compared to Coronas and Petit Coronas, of which the PCs were some of my favorites before they were discontinued. Maybe I will try and track some down. Thanks for sharing. Z
  4. I do not like them. I like the JLS1, but I find the 2 has something I just don’t like. Something in them doesn’t agree with my tastes. Granted I have only had a few but none were memorable and one I just tossed. Maybe I’ll give them another try soon. Now where might I find those Patricia’s @dvickery 😉
  5. I know this is completely impossible, but maybe an exception could be made. A re-issue of the H. Upmann Tang Monarchs as a furthering of the Sir David tribute. Or because the Upmann is a pipedream actually make the Punch Sir David into an AP RE in boxes of 10 so they could be purchased by the masses. The Hong Kong 50 Cab release would remain a rarity, but the cigars could be a reality for more people.
  6. Close my eyes and reach into singles drawer.
  7. Not to hijack your thread Fuzz, but I snapped a pic of this the other day thinking there was some major significance to the numerology. 33 degrees F and 8888 miles, should have sped up to 77 MPH!
  8. I don’t think anyone else noticed it. I’m a huge SP fan so that’s what stood out to me more than the unbanded ones. Does look pretty nice with the Special Ed bands.
  9. Neither one of those boxes has the correct band...unless I missed a band change for Reg. Prod Sancho Panza. ??
  10. @PapaDisco I am not sure what I did to deserve such generosity, but I don’t think I am the only one here who has had to pick his jaw up off the floor while trying to stifle a silent scream when I opened something from...the legendary...(said in a hushed tone)...CigSid...
  11. Met up with @JohnInCleveland today and we smoked a pair of 1994 Sir Winstons. These were generously gifted by @CigSid. Bill, you truly made my day today! I appreciate you allowing us this opportunity. Thank you so much. The cigars were powerhouses that delivered a dense, yeasty bready, clean clean toasted tobacco taste. Minor transitions, but unecessary here. Started off with a bang and just kept coming. Not afraid to say the rich, decadent power kicked both of our asses, but in a very good way! Looooooonnnnggg legs even after 25 years. Can still taste the distinct magnificent flavor now. Just awesome. I won’t forget the experience any time soon.
  12. I should probably get to bed—I had to scroll back to the top to see if I was reading the Trinidad Short thread and not the “Left or Right” thread....😏
  13. 1.) Do what @Brandon says and/or 2.) Beg @PigFish to build a solution for you. The log below is from a CigarClimatology system. An old one at that. Side note—I generally keep my humidor at 62% but recently because it’s been colder in my basement I turned it up to 64. Cigars seemed a little dry to me at 62/62, better at 64/62.
  14. Glad you enjoyed it. Great review. These have all been very good. They were stored properly for 20 years—I know this makes a big difference. It will be a sad day when they are gone. I sure wish I knew in 2001/2002 what I know now about how Punch ages. Think I might as well shorten the lifespan of that box up a little more right now.
  15. Those are so so sexy. I recall having a few sticks of them in the early 2000s, and thinking they were maybe the most bland Cuban cigar I’d ever smoked. I sure wish I knew then what I know about ERDM now. Bet they are just stunning now with over 20 years. Beautiful.
  16. Huge fan. Have read all of them at least 4 times. Some books more than 4. When I started reading them was right before The Prisoner of Azkaban came out around 2000 I think it was. Started reading #1 and #2 for a college literature class. I was shocked to be reading a kids book in a college class, and then I waited in line on day 1 for each of the remainder of the series to come out. I am a fairly prolific reader and the series is in my personal top 3 fiction list and it might very well be at the top. She has a special gift. My favorite is The Goblet of Fire. I had already planned to begin reading them again soon—might start this week.
  17. Late night Trinidad Short, thanks to @Lotusguy yet again. Good taste, didnt like it as well as the CoSho but still very tasty. Might be a fuller smoke, but I’m not sure they put that much into blending these. Will have to smoke a few more. If you are serious cigar smoker, and haven’t done so, pick up some of these and/or CoSho. They are a very pleasant 20 min Cuban Tobacco hit—they hit a home run with these for sure.
  18. Revive some legends from years past. 1.) 6 3/4 (172mm) by 50 in the best representation a blending panel can come up with of a blend similar to the PL Magnum. Yeah I know it’s been done, but why not do it again, only nude! 2.) 7 1/2 (192mm) by 38, Woody, Clean, Slighlty Floral Sweet Tobacco taste. Think aged Boli Tubos 1 and 3 combined. Replica of Bolivar Especiales 2 or Partagas SDC1. 3.) 4 1/2 (116mm) by 40, make it taste like a 10 year old Choix Supreme crossed with a Sancho Panza—Nuts, and Honey and Saltiness. Replica of EDRM Lunch Club. Have to have a small one.
  19. The most dramatic change to Habanos has to be in the EL and later the RE program. In my opinion, a lot of great cigars were discontinued to make room for an EL program and then an RE program. Just go to CCW and look at the list of discontinued in 2002/2003 and then in 2006-2010. Would we still have Punch Ninfas, RG Lonsdales, Partagas SDC, Bolivar Coronas Extra, Upmann Super Coronas, ERDM and LGC Tainos if it wasn’t for the EL and RE program? Who knows, just seems a bit too coincidental? Maybe they needed all that tobacco to roll Siglo 6s? The most obvious EL that changed pricing is the Talisman. And it makes sense from a marketing perspective. What do they cost wholesale from Havana to distribution? $25-$30 USD a stick? I would say that’s likely double the price of ANY cigar we’ve seen before. Even BHK were likely 1/2 that when it debuted. The Talisman craze is just plain pricing madness.
  20. Cohiba Short (and now event Trinidad Short). They last me a bit longer than 15 min but not by much. Perfect for what you’re looking for. You can keep a pack in your jacket pocket if you want. I’m certain I’ve smoked more of these than any other cigar this year. Thanks again to @Lotusguy for the original recommendation.
  21. Your phrase of the year my friend! Tops last years “little brown mouse” by only a smidge. 😁
  22. And now for some actual advice. As has been discussed here many times (but not lately as much it seems) some cigars suffer “travel sickness” worse than others. A while back @PapaDisco and myself agreed Sir Winston’s are some of the worst offenders. I would also say, in my experience Epicure Especial, Upmann PC, RYJ Short Churchills and the smaller size Bolivars do as well. My guess is he’s is experiencing this rather than the negative effects of freezing. In a reply email I would reassure the person that many many members have frozen cigars with absolutely no effect on taste—pre freeze or post freeze. Also make sure to mention that all Cuban cigars for export are frozen by HSA thus people all around the world buy cigars which still taste great. Recommmend that the person allow them to rest for a few months and try them again. Even better, introduce him to dry-boxing. Everyone who’s been at this for even a small amount of time knows freezing in the proper way makes no difference in taste, and also that travel sickness is pretty common in some cigars.
  23. 1.) Except for the SLRDC, and this is completely counter to my belief about cigars, but I would like to see BHK come back to a price, blend, and availability in which it would make sense to pick up a few boxes to actually smoke! ....No wait I came to my senses at the end of that run-on. Screw the BHK bring back around the SLRDC, so I could get just one more Cab to put away for 20 years. 2.) TAINOS—Bring back LGC and ERDM. Please. How many Julieta 2s are left? 3? Reeeeeeefrickindiculous.

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