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    My family, cigars, golf, music and enjoying life!
  1. Thanks guys, I've sorted it now so they should look better. I can't wait to get into them soon 😀
  2. These arrived yesterday from our host. A fantastic box of 10 H Upmann Royal Robustos that are currently taking pride of place in the humidor. They look sublime and I can't wait to get into one after they've had some down time to get over the journey! Thanks to El Pres and the team for such awesome service as always!
  3. I've just put my first few CoRos in the humidor. My dad went on holiday and bought a 3-pack back with him for me. They look good but need some time in the humidor. Also, they have the old style bands on them. Does anyone have any idea how old they might be and any advice on how long to leave them in the humidor for? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm a keen golfer although I don't get enough time since I had my first child 15 months ago (not complaining at all though!) I play off 6 but always dream of scratch! I've always fancied doing a Jimenez (rocking a rather sizeable Cuban all the way round) but I actually find it a little distracting for my game! Anyone else use the course as an opportunity for a smoke?
  5. As I'm new to the forum and the 24:24 process I had a few questions, and reservations, which have now been totally answered. It looks like such a good way to buy cigars and I can't wait to place my first order. Thanks for being so thorough!
  6. Thank you so much ayepatz, that's exactly what I needed! Can't wait to place my first 24:24 order!
  7. Thanks everyone! I've been looking at the 24:24 deals which all look great if I can get in there in time with the time difference! Does anyone know what PE, PSP and HQ (high quality?) means? I know they are describing the condition but I'm not sure what each one means. Sorry if this has been discussed before-I've tried to find posts on this but had no luck. Thanks everyone!
  8. Hi everyone! I've been enjoying the occasional cigar ever since I went on holiday to Cuba 3 years ago. I'm relatively inexperienced but have a well stocked and maintained humidor with a mixture of Cohiba, Romeo Y Julietta and H Upmann, any recommendations would be gratefully received! Thanks everyone and I look forward to chatting with you all.
  9. As a total newbie I've found this information very useful! Thanks for the heads up!

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