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    Cigars, Golf, Pipes, and single malt Scotch among many other hobbies and interests that are too expensive.

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  1. Not much on that list appeals to me. Change the Millie fleurs to RyJ and that’s my pick.
  2. As others have said and posted pictures. The LGC no2 would be my choice. It’s a great size and the flavor profile works for all occasions. I wish they were still available why couldn’t they have left those and took the no4s?
  3. Must not have had enough clicks
  4. Great time guys! I look forward to the next one
  5. Actually I just pretty much became the white mamba
  6. This is gonna be fun. Might be a little late.
  7. A good time was had by all.
  8. WhiteMamba

    Reviews thread

    I guess it's alright I was more or less thinking/posting out loud without necessarily giving it too much thought (as I am apt to do). I was just thinking maybe it could be a little more organized. I guess I'm a little ocd and everyone is different in there preference.
  9. WhiteMamba

    Reviews thread

    As I was scrolling through I was thinking. Has it ever been considered of organizing the reviews based upon marca? Sure I can scroll through all of them but if I'm looking for something particular it hard to find especially since I am not good with search engines.
  10. Assuming nothing comes up I will certainly plan on being there. Look forward to seeing y’all again!
  11. Thanks bud for the punch punch never thought I would need this heater in Houston.
  12. WhiteMamba

    Your first ever box buy?

    HUHC They were cheap for a box and turned out to still be one of my favorites.

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