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    Cigars, Golf, Pipes, and single malt Scotch among many other hobbies and interests that are too expensive.

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WhiteMamba's Feedback

  1. FatherOfPugs left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade with Mamba! Cigars arrived well packed.

    WhiteMamba was Trading

  2. backbone left Positive feedback   

    Great split! Smooth experience with fast shipping!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  3. encephalization left Positive feedback   

    Mamba organized split. Updates, shipping, everything A+. Thanks again!

    WhiteMamba was Trading

  4. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    Great split smooth as butter.

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  5. FatherOfPugs left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic BOTL and great trader! Top notch!

    WhiteMamba was Trading

  6. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade once again with Michael, a great brother. Thanks Mamba!

    WhiteMamba was The Buyer

  7. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    Very smooth split with Micheal. Thank you brother.

    WhiteMamba was The Buyer

  8. seattledude left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for joining me on my Cohiba Shorts split. Great communication. Pleasure to deal with!

    WhiteMamba was Trading

  9. zeedubbya left Positive feedback   

    Awesome split with Mamba! No worries here. Sticks were great--great BOTL! Thanks!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  10. busdriver left Positive feedback   

    Ran a great! Look forward to many more!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  11. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    Great split, run smooth as butter!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  12. topdiesel left Positive feedback for a topic   

    COMPLETE-Por larranaga Montecarlo
    Thanks for letting me participate, great split.

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  13. zeedubbya left Positive feedback   

    Great split partner! Great BOTL!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  14. zeedubbya left Positive feedback   

    Participated in a 2016 box pass and was responsible for over 40 cigars. Performed well as a great member of the pass! Mamba posted a great review of a mystery stick as well.

    WhiteMamba was Trading

  15. topdiesel left Positive feedback for a topic   

    DONE-Punch Punch Box Split
    Smooth Transaction. Good communication and fast pay.

    WhiteMamba was The Buyer

  16. BigRay023 left Positive feedback   

    Great split! Great communication, fast payment. Legit!

    WhiteMamba was The Buyer

  17. RWhiz left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal with, cigars arrived safe and sound!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

  18. irratebass left Positive feedback   

    2 box splits! Monte 5 & PSD4 They arrived safe & fast! Thank U!!!!

    WhiteMamba was The Seller

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