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  1. Agreed! Monkey 47 is near perfect gin. Worth the price tag.
  2. Nice selection! I have yet to try anything from the San Cristobal marca.
  3. For the benefit of us newer guys, can anyone give a rundown of what was in the Christmas sampler last year?
  4. Congrats! My first is due in May and I have been pondering the same question. I like the idea of handing out Cohibas. I also plan to collect some 2016 vintage wines, the kinds of bottles I can lay down for 20 years and open on special occasions in my daughter's life.
  5. I have a self assembled sampler coming next week that includes a few CoRos and RASS. Am I sacrifing a lot of upside if I smoke them right after the acclimation period?
  6. Thanks Corylax. Bernardsville/Basking Ridge is a great area with a lot of good restaurants. My Wife and I love Nicoletta Pizzeria!
  7. Thanks Habana Mike and Guy. I am from a small town called River Edge. It sits about 2 miles from the intersection of routes 4 and 17 (the center of the suburban retail shopping world). Its great to see NNJ represented here!
  8. Hi All, I have been lurking for a few weeks now and have come to really appreciate the FOH community. I am long time NC smoker (Padron, Tatuaje, Liga Privada, etc) and have just begun to expand my horizons into CC. I look forward to learning, contributing and becoming a member of the FOH community.

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