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  1. Chemex pour over coffee. Nothing better for drip.
  2. In my experience only some do. I have some JL2 that got super dark and oily with age. Other marcas I haven't noticed too much change.
  3. I agree with the aging potential. I have had both experiences - Some Maduros that are not very complex, but I have had some that were one of the most complex cigars I have smoked. Very complex, but perhaps not a "journey" of changing flavours throughout.
  4. Wipe off and forget about it. It won't come back unless your RH is too high.
  5. The obvious one that comes to mind is the Magnum 50 - tons of those stone fruit notes. I heard the SLR DC does as well but haven't tried one yet.
  6. You could probably do that but checking every so often you would be interrupting the smoking process and mess with your smoker temp. Also you wouldn't know what your grill/smoker temp is since built in thermometers are usually highly inaccurate. I don't think you would find anybody in competition smoking continually checking with a thermapen. Any competition folks I've met use either the maverick or igrill to monitor both smoker temp and meat temp and they may check with a thermapen when it comes off just to be super sure of accuracy.
  7. For steaks - yes. The op asked about monitoring brisket for 10 hours - can't do that with a thermapen. If you can you've got talent ?
  8. He talks like he is talking to a child. He reminds me of Dr Phil...who I can't stand.
  9. Good to hear. BUT...Did you put a hygrometer inside to monitor them. Or did you not learn from your mistake the first time...
  10. I am curious what happens to the cigars that are sent back. I meant to ask this before. Do they get discarded by PCC or by H. SA or do they get distributed by PCC to other vendors?
  11. Interesting...I've noticed the same. At least with the monte 4 and a few others. The PD4 seems to be consistent for me. I wonder if you are on to something...
  12. I agree with you - I don't think there is any way to have the same consistency with cigars as there is with wine - simply because there are so many different hands that the tobacco/cigars pass through before the final product is boxed. My only point when comparing aging wine and aging cigars is that both products (wine and cigars) benefit with some age. That being said, you can not make a crap wine good with age and you can't make a crap cigar good with age. But my original point was that aged cigars demand a higher price because there is potential for them to be better and not because it is a made up phenomenon.
  13. I am cheap when it comes to accessories so I use Tupperware when traveling. They have thin ones for kids lunches that are about as long as a Churchill that work perfectly. Or you can get a case to look a bit more classy than me :-)
  14. I still stand by my statement, but I don't disagree with you either ?
  15. I agree with most of what you said, but I have to disagree with this statement. I think of cigar and wine collecting/aging to be very similar. The market demands a higher price for aged cigars/wine for a good reason. Cigars, just like wine, can improve with age if the product is good to begin with (as you said). Therefore, if you have a good wine/cigar and you enjoy the benefits of aging (which some but not all people do), the cigar/wine becomes more aligned with your pallet. I enjoy young bordeaux, but aging definitely rounds out the tannins and brings out some wonderful complexities in some of the better bottles that you would not get when the wine is young. The same happens to some cigars. Just my 2 cents.
  16. I would see what notes you can get out of what ever it is you are smoking, then look up a review from FOH to see what Rob and Ken think about it - I find they are usually spot on with the flavour profiles. (Their pallets match mine at least). I also look at other member reviews to see what their pallet is picking up. That way you might be able to pick out some notes that you were not really paying attention to. Other than that just kick back and enjoy!
  17. I am looking at getting a Colibri as well. They look nice and I heard good things.
  18. For smoking Pork shoulders, brisket, ribs, etc - IGrill2 - monitors perfect temp and has 4 ports for probes For quick reads on steaks thermapen is great.
  19. My situation is opposite, but the same idea. In the winter we crank the heat for the kids and the temp in my humidor moves to between high 60's and 73 and in the summer it is around 67 because we use the AC a lot. I adjust the humidity accordingly and have no issues. Never saw a beetle in the 15 years or so that I have been into CC's. I don't freeze either (not sure if that is foolish)
  20. I feel the same way. Although, I have only tried fresh Mag 50's and the first half is pretty bland to me. That being said, the last half is absolutely amazing. The last half of these easily makes it one of my favourite cigars. I hope that in time they will be consistent right through. Huge amounts of stone fruit, cloves, cinnamon, etc. As Rob describes it, it is a kaleidoscope of flavour.
  21. I keep the tops on and age in the tube as is. My boxes have aged wonderfully this way. I have a box of monte that are 8 years and are superb right now.
  22. The reason for that particular question was actually because I had a Mag50 that gave me those peach/apricot notes that I love. Curious to see what else is out there with those flavours.
  23. I have two questions in this thread because I didn't want to take up two threads. The first is as the title states - what cigar took you on the biggest journey from start to finish (the one that evolved and changed the most) the second question is what cigar gave you the most "stone fruit" while smoking. It doesn't have to be present throughout, but a good amount in parts of the cigar.
  24. They look good and smell good. The cold draw was nice, but there wasn't a whole lot going on otherwise. I had a magicos the night before and it blew my socks off it was so good. I don't mind waiting. I just hope they get there.

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