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  1. Probably the MdO No.2 with a few years on them. I'm also smoking faster than I should through a Dippy 2 2014 box.
  2. I'm gonna give them one more years or so. 🙂
  3. That's good to know. I have a box and a 50 cab of Lusis, a box of Sig III and a box of Boli CG from that code but none has been cracked into.
  4. Hi guys, I have a few boxes with the PUR box code, all from ENE 16 to FEB 17. As these boxes are still a bit young I haven't cracked into them yet. A friend and I were wondering about that particular box code. Did any of you smoke any cigars from that code? What did you think if yes?
  5. ‘97 Boli Inmensas earlier today and now smoking a Party D No.3 EL ‘01 Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. Cheers! I never take the risk when I fly back from outside of Europe. Always bring back 50 sticks or less. Except once, I flew back from the US with a few bundles of custom rolls that a friend had held for me. When I went through customs I was quite a bit nervous, so I was looking at my phone avoiding to make eye contact. I was lucky, but never again, lol.
  7. I'm in Germany right now. Taking the train back to Paris tomorrow. The limit is 200 cigars, I have 210. Gonna take the risk, lol.
  8. I might need a bigger suitcase [emoji23] Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. MdO No.3 age unknown. Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. 2003 Grandes. Yesterday@Hookmaker visited and we had a Punch Panetelas Grandes and a QdO Panetelas. Skinny cigars all weekend [emoji6] Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. 98 SLR Lonsdale Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. 01 Mdo No.1. Had to put the perfcedraw to it and it's still very tight on the draw. Have been smoking for 80 minutes now and my jaws are starting to hurt, lol!
  13. Received a partial box of 2003 Grandes from a friend today! He included a Boli 5th Avenue 109 as a bodyguard. 😊
  14. I had to break into my ULA JUN 14 QdO Imperiales box for a trade and smoked one a couple of days ago. Definitely the best cigar that I had this month so far.

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