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  1. Spoke to a few people who purchased boxes. Best not buy this one blind as there seem to be quite a few boxes with horrible wrappers out there.I will probably sit this one out. More exited about the Senadores and I don't have space for the two of them.
  2. I have to admit that I wasn't blown away by the single that I had. But I loved the last third. Then again I'm rarely a big fan of fresh cigars.
  3. Lol, but the £ is on the rise agan. I was just being curious. Was lucky and found some when they were released at a slightly more decent price (£725). Crossing my fingers that they become a stellar cigar with time....
  4. Interesting, the Reinas seem to be from the second batch. Are they still widely available in UK?
  5. This hurts! My first year? Maybe 5 or 6 boxes. Now I would say that I buy at least 50 or so but at least half of those are 10 count boxes. Don't ask me to do the math or I'll probably stop buying, lol!
  6. Lol! I take care of my friends (as they do for me)! 😉
  7. You might be able to find some. I scored a UGO SEP 18 50 cab recently.
  8. Probably the MdO No.2 with a few years on them. I'm also smoking faster than I should through a Dippy 2 2014 box.
  9. I'm gonna give them one more years or so. 🙂
  10. That's good to know. I have a box and a 50 cab of Lusis, a box of Sig III and a box of Boli CG from that code but none has been cracked into.
  11. Hi guys, I have a few boxes with the PUR box code, all from ENE 16 to FEB 17. As these boxes are still a bit young I haven't cracked into them yet. A friend and I were wondering about that particular box code. Did any of you smoke any cigars from that code? What did you think if yes?
  12. ‘97 Boli Inmensas earlier today and now smoking a Party D No.3 EL ‘01 Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Cheers! I never take the risk when I fly back from outside of Europe. Always bring back 50 sticks or less. Except once, I flew back from the US with a few bundles of custom rolls that a friend had held for me. When I went through customs I was quite a bit nervous, so I was looking at my phone avoiding to make eye contact. I was lucky, but never again, lol.

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