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  1. Just lit up a Siglo IV purchased in France in October 2017 and calculated the price increase since then. 36% in less than 4 years. All of a sudden I regret buying only one box when they popped up on 24:24 a few weeks ago. 🤣
  2. '16 Siglo IV purchased a few years ago here in France when prices were still decent. It has become ridiculous since then.
  3. Not interested in it. I like the 1 and the A. I'm used to smoking them and I like them. To me the 2 is a bastard child between the 1 and the A and I don't see the need for it. It's too expensive for what it is as well. I will buy two singles to try it as I did with the B and the Mag 54, smoke one fresh, not like it (like the B and the Mag 54), throw the remaining one into a box that has a little room left in it and forget about it for a few years.
  4. Summers have been hell here in Paris as well. No AC in our flats so we move a Dyson fan with us from room to room.
  5. This happens every year and won't stop us from continuing to buy. 🤷‍♂️
  6. I smoke indoors so not really. But when I'm at my girlfriends I have to open the widow a bit so I'm not to keen on smoking a DC when it's winter at her place. Other than that I just light up what I feel like.
  7. I hope that the recnt boxes are as good as the 2017 one. 🤞
  8. I recently had one as well and it definitely was one of the top cigars that I smoked this year.
  9. I agree. The SP is one of the best recent REs that I've smoked.
  10. I'm a huge LGC fan and one of my favorite cigars is the MdO No.2. I could smoke one per week if only I had sufficient stock. I like the 1, 3 and 4 quite a lot as well even if the no.3 is a bit like playing Russian roulette since there's a big chance that it might be rolled too tight. The Inmensos is a very good cigar as well, as @JohnS wrote: jump on them if you see them. As far as the regionals go I have to say that most of the ones that I smoked were quite the let-down. I haven't tried the ones that were released up to 2010. The Belux No.1 was nice but nothing to write home about.
  11. Today's enjoyments: SLR Inca OLM DIC 14 Will try to smoke a Petit Robusto once per week from now on to reduce my over stock. Curious how long it will be before I stop. 16 Punch Punch A beautiful custom Churchil. I'm just starting the second third and it's smoking extremely well.
  12. I like a Sublimes from time to time too. It's my favorite big RG cigar. There will be a ERdM in France this year, will certainly give it a try.

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