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  1. gojira

    RyJ Tacos EL 2018

    I'm dry boxing one now. Will probably smoke it next weekend. Box code: TEO MAY 18
  2. gojira

    Regional Releases

    Yeah, as usual. But there are a few of the 2017 REs that haven't been released yet. Two of the 2018 ones have been released, HK and the first of the French ones. The second one probably won't be available before Spring 2019. I was in Germany last week and neither the 2017 or the 2018 had been released. The 2017 one will probably be presented at nest months Intertabak and should be available shortly after.
  3. gojira

    Regional Releases

    The German 2017 RE hasn't been released yet so it will take awhile before wel'll see the 2018 one.
  4. gojira

    RyJ Tacos EL 2018

    I will smoke one as soon as I have them in hand and post my thoughts where we usually hang out.
  5. gojira

    RyJ Tacos EL 2018

    Yeah. €480 per box in France.
  6. gojira

    RyJ Tacos EL 2018

    They are going to be released in France tomorrow. Will pick up a fiver in the next few days if I have the time. Not going for a box, too expensive (unless they are really good).
  7. Haven't posted in this thread for quite a while. One of my recent findings: 2013 Mag 46 50 cab missing a few sticks.
  8. No worries Steve. We'll have a cigar the next time you venture into my part of town. 😉
  9. I have been looking for a friend from Andorra for years. Haven’t found one yet 😪
  10. The distributor released a small amount of boxes. Sufficient stock should appear in stores in a few weeks. Nice looking cigar but around two cigars per box are a little underfilled. I checked 10 boxes and ended up buying one. The new QdO RE should hit stores here by the end of the year. It will be another big stick: Libertador sized.
  11. Message me the next time you come over Steve so that we can enjoy a cigar together.
  12. Le Lotus still have plenty of the QdO. Boli Tiempo is coming to an end but you should be able to still find some. You probably can still find the Hexagone outside of Paris but that would need a little planning as Hookmaker suggested. The PL Opera is long gone as is every other French RE for that matter.
  13. Haven't been on here for a long time. I kinda disappeared a little under a couple of years ago. Just a quick hello to the guys who know me and my apologies for disappearing to the guys with whom I was chatting back then. Here are some of the different box codes that I have seen. See ya in two years....
  14. gojira


    I just purchase a bottle of this in Germany. Haven't tasted it yet.

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