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  1. It has been a few weeks so I might as well post something good: Partagas SdC No.1 REC DIC 01
  2. Cohiba will probably be more than I'm willing to pay so RG looks like the winner in my book.
  3. This JL 2 ULT JUN 17 begged to smoked due to the small hole in its wrapper.
  4. It all depends on how much coin you want to spend. Here are the 2018 ones that smoked good when they were released IMHO: El Rey del Mundo Petit Cayo - Andorra El Rey del Mundo Taínos - Formosa La Flor de Cano Mágicos - España Punch 8-9-8 - Asia Pacifico This one smoked good young but I recently had one and found it disappointing: Quai d'Orsay Capitolio - Francia These will turn out to be something great even though the ones that I've smoked all had some construction problems: La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos - Suiza This one will probably be amazing, even th
  5. Today's enjoyments: CoRo ALO ENE 17 Stunning despite its youth. El Morro FJN JUL 05
  6. This reminds me of something that happened here in France a few years ago. 5 guys left a nightclub completely drunk and stole a llama from a nearby circus. The toured the city with it and even took it on a tram ride before they were apprehended by the police.
  7. I tried many times to retrohale in the beginning and never got it to work. I tried to move the smoke to the back of my mouth and it often ended up in my lungs resulting in ridiculous coughing. And then, one day it just worked. Don't know how though, it just happened automatically.
  8. I try to age some boxes and keep them separated from my smoking stash so that I do not see those boxes that often, that way I don't get tempted to break into them. But it isn't easy. I'm craving a Don Alejandro and have only one box left that is rather young (BMP OCT 16), not sure if I can manage to keep my fingers off it.
  9. The ones that I really love are mostly discontinued cigars that I only have a few left off. If I had enough stock I would smoke a Grandes de Espana every 2 or 3 months. Sadly that's not the case. Then there is that QdO Panetelas that I cracked recently because a friend wanted a few in trade. I smoked one and was blown away by it. But I probably will never buy a new box because these are hard to find and they would probably go for quite a bit of money if they showed up in an auction. I will gift a friend a single because he sends me very nice gifts on a regular basis and I try to send equally n
  10. Mood definitely is a determiner for me as well. Place and time not so much any more since one can't go anywhere and everything is closed here anyway. I built up a sufficiently big stash that I don't have to rotate through a few boxes any more. I smoke from approximately 50 or 60 open boxes and a ton of different singles and see myself zigzagging through what's in my "smoking" cabinet rather than regularly rotate through a certain amount of boxes. I would find it a bit boring to smoke the same 5 to 10 cigars over and over again.
  11. Today's enjoyments: Bolivar Regentes OSU LL00 Very nice, definitely the best cigar of the day. This one was in my Monsdales by Jorge box but it didn't taste like one. Either something else found it's way into that box or this one was a dud. Encantos MLO MAY 11 La Fuerza TOS MAR 16
  12. Right now: Gorilla Biscuits Start Today. A good dose of NY/HC to get the day going. Having espresso and a Monsdale by Jorge with it.
  13. It was really good. I hated these fresh but they finally have come around. This one started out very mild, the first third smokes like a dessert, sweet caramel stands out quite a bit. The second third was stronger and earthier. Strength kicked in in the final third, no more sweetness at all, very earthy and leathery. Construction was amazing, the burn and draw were perfect . I sold a box a couple of years ago and really regret that now. This one definitely was one of the best cigars that I smoked this month.

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