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  1. Thank you all! Tokyo is in rainy season,I'm nervous about my cigars. @LukeC HIDEYOSHI!! I've been there! @LeafLover Yes,that's true. "HIBIKI 12y" and "YAMAZAKI 10y" become non-age, also other things are ultra short supply. most of the cause is TV drama series "Massan",next is tourlist buyout. see this page Suntory says that supply will be restored after 4,5 years. FYI, I prefer NIKKA. "FROM THE BARREL","YOICHI","TAKETSURU"... these are awesome! I’m sure you’ll like them!
  2. Hi all! This is wonderful place, I was surprised at a lot of the volume of information. Affection and passion to cigars can be felt! I'm so glad to be here. Please forgive that I'm not good at english. Thank you!

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