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  1. Enjoying this SLR on the deck, after power washing said deck. Enjoy your weekend FOH!
  2. Ladies and Gents, Down to my last 10 or so of these and decided that this night would be good as any to do a brief review. I lucked out on locker sale a few years ago from the boss and have stored them near the bottom of my humidor for fear of rash use. 1/3 A bit tight to open up at first, but once it starts the dominate flavor is nuts and small bit or sweet cream. The best way to describe would be the flavor would be Good Humor Toasted Almond. I spent many days of my youth sucking down these while sitting on the beach. Almost a bit salty. 2/3 Cream star
  3. Got called in to put out a work fire. going to try to make it.
  4. Should be able to make it for a few hours Saturday afternoon
  5. On my third currently. We have a bit of love/hate relationship, but she doesn’t care when I call her a piece of €^%#. I see a 4th in my near future. Enjoy!!
  6. count me in....Sundays or Friday afternoons are best for me

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