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  1. This is interesting, and I'd like to see the experiment as well, but I think the experience of the yearly blind tasting test tell us loads. While no one says all the cigars taste the same, it's proven time and time again that without the band and box, almost none of us know what the hell we're smoking. How many reviews have we seen of people blind tasting cigars they've smoked and loved for years where they said "this cigar bears no resemblance whatsoever to" what it turns out to be? Even with the "cheat" of narrowing down the possible choices based on the size of the unlabeled cigar, a 60%
  2. Ah, the fascinations of youth. My dad made me wait till I was 16 to get one, which really sucked since my uncle invented it and all my cousins had one.
  3. Good point. We all seem to accept the 1 percentage point per week guide when changing rh levels, but then turn around and say a few hours to a few days in a dry box will make a significant difference. I could never square that.
  4. The office wasn't in Ohio, but he made his senate run there. We apparently have somewhat loose residency requirements for political representatives. Not long ago a senator from Kansas, who eventually made a run for president, was married to a senator from North Carolina; Bob and Elizabeth Dole. But, maybe we aren't talking about the same firm. Joel Hyatt was Howard Metzenbaum's son-in-law and is the guy I'm referring to. From Wikipedia: In 1990, Hyatt Legal Services paid a $157,000 settlement for having illegally fired an attorney in their Philadelphia offices, Clarence B. Cain,
  5. The founder and namesake of that law firm ran for US Senator when his father in law retired from it. He was a foregone conclusion to get it EXCEPT the movie came out that year. He lost. - MG
  6. Is it possible to mark a thread somehow so it will be skipped over when reading through the forum? In other words, it will never be the next thread loaded when I've completed all the unread content of the current thread?

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