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  1. zyxwvu44

    Shaq's House for Sale

    Man that's just a shame.
  2. I have the same Ash tray and lighter! They work great. I got the lighter for my birthday in September and STILL have not filled it again. I smoke nearly a cigar a day too, it's great!
  3. If you are the type of person who will send an email on the 7th 8th 9th or 10th of January to follow up, do not order. So if we complain on the 1st-6th we are all good?? [emoji16]
  4. Well they have been known to give a rating based on just the first inch of a cigar....So this isn't unexpected.
  5. zyxwvu44

    So why no La Trova?

    I was lucky enough to get a single trova! was a fantastic smoke, have been on the lookout since....
  6. This year was a great year for cigars... 1) dip Bushido on my honeymoon. This was by far the best cigar I have ever had. Was just perfect. 2) 2005 dip #1 on the river Thames 3) 2000 hoyo double corona at JJ fox in london 4) LGC platinos on the deck in lake Tahoe 5) Trinidad EL 2007 on the river
  7. I think regular production that is still in production would be great.
  8. zyxwvu44

    Lost and Found

    I can only hope to get to the stage of losing some nice cigars only to find them later
  9. Hopefully they aren't as pricey as the Canada's. I'll be on the lookout for some of these simply because they are dips, but man 54rg
  10. zyxwvu44

    youngest cuban cigar

    Smoke one after a month of rest from shipping. See how it tastes! Maybe you well like it maybe you won't, the only way to know is sample.
  11. zyxwvu44

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Hm upman from the 80's or 90's I believe. I can't remember... Bought in Amsterdam last year. Seems to be a Churchill but just over 6.5 inches long. I'm not sure what it is? RG is definitely bigger than 42. Sir Winnie?
  12. Don't mind the shoe. It's customary in a group chat!
  13. Man yours are dark!!! Mine are rather light and very thin wrappers. Smoked the first one, middle had the classic dip flavors but overall was much lighter than I expected. Almost no flavor immediately when puffing then it built after several seconds. Very little smoke production overall. It was definitely young but I can see it being great over time.
  14. While on sale I picked up a few room 101 CCA and mc2. The boxes on these are amazing, and of course you get davidoff construction!

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