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  1. I think the idea of the fridge is to acclimate them a bit more slowly. Since the humidity level drops in cold (I think?) It's probably slightly less risky to drop that RH more slowly to avoid cracking.
  2. I've had great draw on a whole '15 box but no complexity at all. Great creamy flavor that did not change at all throughout the whole smoke. For the price these are really great... definitely will look for another box given the value
  3. They said that area is strictly members only. I didn't know about the restaurant though!
  4. I've only been to a couple... Hong Kong had a small selection but great lounge. Amsterdam had great selection and NO lounge. Rome had medium-small selection and im not sure about lounge.
  5. Haha well you got it covered then!! I'm just going through my first kid...19 days old now and it's been a bittt of a life changer!
  6. Congrats!!! Be prepared for lack of sleep! You get used to it after about a week though
  7. Use a temperature control module. The refrigerator plugs into the control module, and it will cut the power depending on your settings. This way you can keep your temp at 65 instead of 55.it also helps the unit running so much and lowering your humidity.
  8. I went in there during a holiday a couple years back, picked up a Trinidad topes because I was already stocked up from other places and looking for the regionals... very friendly staff and great place. They had boxes of 1966 on the shelf and I asked if they were available...he smiled and said nope, as expected
  9. Cigar: any cuban maduro. They just aren't good and definitely not worth the added cost. Else: Facebook. So much privacy invasion but I kind of HAVE to have it these days. Even if you don't use it, they know everything about you.
  10. I have a box of Sancho panzo non plus from 13 and over half are packed so tight I can't even smoke them with a perfect draw type tool (the Redeemer). It's really frustrating especially when you know the cigar could be so good. I tossed the box in the bottom of my humidor with the beads so I don't see and get annoyed. Maybe I can use them to set up my kids first tent in the backyard. On average, I'd say maybe 3 out of a box are bad. Then again, since I've been smoking more habanos I tend not to care as much about perfect burn lines and just focus on the delicious!
  11. I'm thinking the same thing! I have a 50 cab of hoyo DC on order for whenever they come in. Hopefully those will stand the test of time!

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