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  1. Can you change the 24:24 time table in you info page? The east coast and west coast times are off by an hour. Maybe due to day light savings. It should read east coast, NY, 20:30 and pst 17:30.

    1. Smoker


      I only just saw this message.....sorry for the late reply.

      The times in the post should be correct.  The east coast times are EST.  I realise that it is not currently EST in the States, although I seem to see it still being called as such during US TV broadcasts for example!  Anyway, I did go on to provide an explanation about the times - basically that one needs to adjust for when the US is on EDT and not EST.  Actually....thinking about it, most US TV tends to state the time as 'ET' which is not very useful at all!  In any case, when I originally wrote that article I thought it better practice to provide an explanation, rather than have to go back and edit the article over and over.

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