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  1. If you get the $3500 I expect a share. The website is perfectly legitimate though - seems like a false positive from those fools at Norton. In fact, if one installs Norton software on their computer, the consequences are much worse than clicking a dodgy link by accident.
  2. Where did you click Akela? If you clicked on 'Scan my computer', then I think that is some kind of trash advertising. I uploaded and downloaded the file myself to make sure it was ok. The site is definitely not unsafe, although if you click on the advertising links, then you might have an issue. Note to Trevor - Is there a way of uploading an Excel file to the forum? Or is there a file-uploading site that you recommend for the forum?
  3. My understanding of the process is that they get truckloads of cigars in. Rob goes through them all, and the best ones (PSP & HQ and a few PE) get put up in the 24:24 thread. The ones that are 'only' Premium Economy (PE) are sold in the regular way. The rest are sent back to the distributor with a letter of reprimand. Hopefully Rob will clarify all these points for us. Someone get that man out of bed!
  4. That's a great site. In fact it was the owner of that site who introduced me to FOH. It's an invaluable resource, and I did use it for some of the sizes etc. But I wanted a spreadsheet where I could see everything in one place, and also enter my own comments. The masterplan is to order up singles from all the vitolas that interest me - then start on hoarding boxes.
  5. I've recently started to smoke cigars more regularly, and I'm building up my collection. These days, information is nicely available at one's fingertips, and I have been all over the web looking to see what's available. The most appropriate starting point, I thought, would be the Habanos S A website, after all they are the official licensers of distrbutors of Cuban cigars. Wrong! The site has many discontinued cigars still listed, and pretty much anything that has been released in the past 2 years is absent from their lines. I'm not sure what's worse...advertising a product that you no longer produce, or failing to advertise a new product that you are trying to sell!! Anyway, I have used various sources to build up a complete list of available Cuban cigars. I have not included limited editions, just the cigars that are in regular production (no machine-mades either). Here is the link: Just click on 'Download This File'. The format of the spreadsheet is one page for each brand, arranged from left to right in order of flavour strength (F=Full, MF=Medium to full etc) you can view each page by clicking the tabs along the bottom. The flavour designations are from the Habanos website, and I notice they seemed to have changed from many years ago when I was introduced to cigars. I think I'll have to start another thread on that matter. Regarding the photos, they should be scaled accurately within a brand, but sometimes not if you compare one brand with another - sorry about that. Anyway, I've been working on this sheet for a while, and thought it may be of use to others. There is also space to make notes on each cigar, give it a rating, or record stock levels of your humidor. Please let me know If you have any issues downloading the spreadsheet, or getting it to work - or if you find any errors/omissions. Martin PS I arranged the measurements in the order that I like to see them (ring gauge in 64ths and then length in mm, you can always swap these columns around if you prefer seeing length in inches. On the other hand, if you don't like it, you can always ask for your money back EDIT - New link posted. I have also added 2 pages to the spreadsheet. One has all vitolas on the same page, the other is a list of all vitolas that is sortable (with no pics).
  6. It looks like I'm the only one making an issue out of it lol. But come on, for someone new, this is really quite confusing. You see different boxes being offered - so, these boxes are PSP, these ones are HQ, this lot are PSP HQ (mix), and then these ones are 'hand picked'. I still think that maybe there could be some other explanation rather than 'hand picked means PSP/HQ/PE (mix), but we need El Pres to confirm.
  7. Ok, this makes sense. But then the question I have is, why not label the auctions 'PSP/HQ (mix)' and 'PSP/HQ/PE (mix)'? That would be clearer I think.
  8. Well, I was also curious about the mixing, because it seemed a bit of a conundrum to me.
  9. Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I will stick with my 65s for now, but in an ideal world, I would have liked 66 or 67, and as far as I know, they do not make them.
  10. Hello, I have read all the stickys, watched the video, and even bought a couple of boxes from the 24:24. However, I'm still struggling to understand one point about the gradings. I'm either a moron, or.....well, let's hope there's another explanation. In the 24:24 sale there are often selections marked 'PSP/HQ (mix)'. There are also some that are just marked 'Hand Picked'. Can someone please explain the difference to me? I presume that 'Hand Picked' refers to boxes, and not individual cigars within those boxes. So, 'hand picked' is defined in the 24:24 thread be Rob as being ''selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP''. Isn't this just like the 'PSP/HQ (mix)' with some PE boxes in there too? Aren't the PSP/HQ boxes also hand picked? We really need a better sticky to answer all these questions, so that everything is clear to new members. I'll happliy volunteer to write it once I understand how it all works.
  11. Hi all, Last week I sent a question to Boveda, but they haven't responded. Now that I have joined FOH, I'm sure you guys know the answer to this one! Main section of original message: I would like to know the effect of placing two different Boveda packs into a sealed bag. For example, placing a 65% and a 69% pouch into a bag or container. Would this create an environment of 67% RH, or would one of the packs dominate the other? Would this affect the life of the pouches, or would it be just the same as placing two 67% pouches into a container (if you made 67% packs of course)? ________________________ Thanks for the help!
  12. I think maybe you have to catch them before they dry out completely. Recharging may not work on totally dead Bovedas. I could be wrong - I'm sure someone else knows more about this than I do.
  13. Thanks a lot for the recharge tips, I didn't know about that.
  14. I have also been buying from Amazon, as that was by far the cheapest I could find at £5 ($7.2 USD) per pack. I was a little worried about buying in bulk. My concern is that the packaging of Bovedas seems very thin and flimsy, and it doesn't seem far fetched that the packaging could have a tiny split or break in it somewhere. If this is the case, I don't want my 50 packs sitting on a shelf being used up for nothing! If anyone knows a cheaper source in the UK, please let me know. Martin PS I hope I haven't broken the rules with discussing prices - my understanding of the forum rules was that cigar vendors/prices should not be discussed.
  15. Thanks a lot for the replies. I thought it might have been my imagination - but sadly not! On the other hand, this news has probably saved me from myself. EDIT: I guess I spoke too soon. Damn Secretos on 24:24!
  16. Hello all, I have had some trouble finding Cohibas lately. Well, I say lately, I don't shop for them regularly, so perhaps this is normal? It appears that all the Siglos are out of stock, and as for Exquisitos...they are often not even listed. I am referring to some online vendors that I have looked at - there doesn't seem to be a shortage in London shops. Is it normal for Cohibas to be in such short supply? Are there certain times of year when they are more abundant? Thanks for any advice! Martin
  17. Hello All, I've been smoking since I was 13 (23 years!). I smoke pipes at home, and hand-rolled cigarettes when I am out and about. I was introduced to Cuban cigars when I was 18, and have smoked just 2 or 3 per year on average since then. I was put off smoking these regularly by the inconvenience of having to store them properly. I experimented a few times with cheap humidors, or by placing cigars into a bag with a wet sponge, but it was all too much trouble! Now, with the easy-to-use Boveda packs, I have finally taken the plunge and bought my first box of cigars - 25 Bolivar Royal Coronas. Unfortunately there are only 23 left, and my next order is already in progress. I can see this is going to be costly. Anyway, I love smoking, and I'm looking forward to learning more about Cigars. Martin - London, UK

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