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  1. Do you smoke cigars in your car? I find that I am doing this quite a lot lately, especially if I am driving for an hour or more. I actually have an old classic that was never smoked in, and the interior is near immaculate. As much as I would like to preserve this, especially that 'old car' smell of the leather interior, I find a cigar to be the perfect compensation for either long driving trips, or an extended period of slow meandering through severe traffic to travel 2 miles (welcome to London). I always make sure to keep the car well ventilated, and have not yet encountered the smell of stale cigars when I re-enter the car. For fast driving on the motorway, I keep the side windows up, and the sunroof open. When it rains, I sadly have to abstain, as smoking with the windows shut feels like pure vandalism. As the frequency of my 'car smoking' has increased, I have decided to keep a supply of cigars in the car at all times...after all, you never know when you're going to be stuck in traffic, or even suffer a breakdown! So, here is my 'Carmidor'...actually I should trademark that phrase! I Googled it, and counld not find any use of it in this context hahaha. I already use 'tupperwares' to store my cigars, and I swear by this Australian (what a coincidence!) brand called 'Lock & Lock'. They have an excellent seal that I trust, and are available in many many different shapes and sizes. This one has a screw top for an even better seal than the usual clip-top ones. Without any humidification, a bunch of cigars stored in a small airtight container like this would probably last well for many weeks, but for extra safety, and to account for the constant temperature changes, I include a 65% Boveda. This does cut down on the number of cigars that can be stored, but offers me peace of mind in return! As you can see in the last pic above, this is the 760ml size and I find it's the perfect size for what I need. It's available from for only £4.87! As you can see, the storage size is pretty confortable - holding these 15 cigars at the moment, along with a 60g Boveda. I like to keep a selection on hand, and I always snip the ends off in advance so that I don't have to mess about in the car. The longest cigars here are the Bolivar Tubos #1, which is 142mm long, followed by the Super Partagas at 140mm. With the caps snipped off, they just about fit into the container, so consider this the maximum length you can store. In case anyone was wondering about the date on the Boveda...whenever I start a new Boveda, I mark it with the date it was opened - this is so that I can monitor how long it lasts. When the time comes to rejuvinate them with distilled water, I mark that date on there too. As you can see, this one has been going for almost a year with no recharge yet! I usually store my carmidor under one of the seats, or in the passenger footwell. Leaving it on the passenger seat is ok at night, but not a good idea in direct sunlight, and I have found that the glove box is susceptible to severe temperature changes when I use hot or cold air in the car. So, what arrangements do you guys have for enjoying cigars on the road? Oh, if anyone is interested, the cigars pictured are as follows (from left to right): 2 x Monte Media Corona, Monte Petit Edmundo, Cohiba Secretos (from the box that was made famous in the 24:24 guide ), H. Upmann PC, PL Panetela, 2 x Party Shorts, 2 x Super Partagas, Bolivar: Tubos No.1, PC, Tubos No.3, 2 x Royal Coronas.
  2. Yeah, that was 1st March 2016 I believe. Must be time for a meet! A London meet was in the works here, but has gone a little quiet.
  3. Actually I've never liked the Boisdale at Belgravia. I found the terrace sooo tiny, almost as small as their humidor. Also I had a bad experience with a food order there once. My favourite place to go for a cigar is Boisdale at Canary Wharf. Spacious terrace and bigger humidor with indoor smoking lounge too. Actually, I haven't been there for a while, as a new job has kept me away from the area....must go back there soon!
  4. Thanks for the assistance Rod. It turns out I had an issue with my browser, that would not allow me to open any drop-down menus. Problem has been rectified, and I'm looking forward to trying this out on my collection of plugged cigars!
  5. Why didn't Rob get me one of these for Christmas? That's what I'd like to know! He knows how much I hate tight draws!!! I tried to order one of these through but the cart only allows USA as the destination country. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks to Irate for mentioning this.
  6. Thanks guys! I must check out the Wellesley, I haven't been there! For anyone who doesn't know London, all these places are just a few minutes away from each other. Bourdon House (pronounced 'burden') is slightly away from the others, on the other side of Berkley Square. But even that was a 90-second drive at 3am hahaha. Anyone been to #1 St James's Street? Oh, the pics were taken with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It's true that I had difficulty in the dark, although it's probably possible to play around with the settings and get better results - must look into that at some point.
  7. Back in the days before the internet, if you were in South East England, and wanted a decent cigar, you were probably going to have to make a journey into Central London. What an annoyance! First of all you can forget about driving! The traffic, charges, and lack of parking just make it completely unfeasible. So then you are faced with a journey on the tube...not so much fun either. Anyway, in my current job, I work a night shift in Central London (we have our own parking ), and I get a lenghty break in the middle of the night. So, I tend to retreat to my car and smoke a cigar or two. One night this week, I decided to enjoy the novelty of being able to park my car pretty much anywhere I like at 3am. What a pleasure! It's a damn shame none of the cigar shops were open....they would have made quite a few sales! So here's where I went: Fortnum & Mason - Duke Street St James's Imagine being able to park this close to Fortnum & Mason! Ok, so it's a double yelllow line....hence the plate masking! Well, I don't think they actually sell any cigars here, but the important shop is behind me.... Alfred Dunhill - Duke Street St James's I remember visiting this shop to buy a pipe once. They looked at me like I had come from the moon! The store had long since discontinued selling any tobacco products, and now is just an outlet for overpriced men's accessories. Shame. Davidoff - Jermyn Street What a street! Lots of great shops to be enjoyed here. A mere stone's throw from Dunhill, this is the official Davidoff dealer for the UK - run by the Sahakian family. I've enjoyed excellent service here, and recommend it. Don't be fooled by the name, they do not sell Davidoff products exclusively, and have a well stocked humidor. Also good for high end pipes. JJ Fox - St James's Street Nice big humidor at this famous Cigar Merchant. Also benefits from a large lounge upstairs where you can sample what you have just bought downstairs. If only you could get a parking space like this in real life! No. 1 St James's Street This is a relatively new Cigar Merchant, at least at this location. I have never been inside, but it shows on google maps as 'Dunhill Tobacco of London Ltd'. I think some other members have been here, and had good things to say, so I must take a closer look at some point! Bourdon House - Bourdon Street Been here many times, and love having a cigar in the courtyard. It's Dunhill's Outlet/Member's Clubhouse. They have quite a bit going on inside, including a nice quiet humidor downstairs. It's also the only official Dunhill outlet that sells its own brand of pipes - although this might have changed since the arrival of Dunhill at No.1 St James's St. Small food menu, which is not cheap, but does use fresh, quality ingredients. Pretty good selection of whiskies too, and if that wasn't enough to warm you up, they also have outdoor heaters! I haven't yet found a cigar-friendly venue that is open later than about 1am. If anyone knows of a place....please let me know!!
  8. Well, one track has been released at least! Finally!!!!! What a pleasure to hear Chuck playing in tune, with a decent band. Album will be released 16th June.
  9. I keep a bookmark to 'My Activity' so that my first port of call, when coming to FOH can be to see if there are any new replies to threads I have posted in. Ok, that sounds a bit self-centered hahaha, but it's useful to see that if you're trying to arrange a meet, or waiting for some advice from members. So, in the past, threads would show up in bold if there were new replies, and I think there would be a red star if there were new replies AND I had started the thread. Now I don't seem to have that any more. Sometimes new replies are shown, and sometimes not. So I have to go to each individual thread I have posted in, and check them manually. Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. It's interesting how different people's opinions are! I came to this thread to post about Moore's genuine love of cigars, and the fact that cigars actually had to be laid on for him if he would star in a picture, but Ken already mentioned this. I think I heard about it on one of the 'extras' from a DVD a few years back if anyone is looking for it. But now I have to go against many, and say that Roger Moore was my favourite Bond!! I also think the movies he starred in actually had the best stories too. As for Daniel Craig....GOD. He's awful! Not only that but all the movies he has done are terrible too, in my opinion. The least unbearable was Casino Royale, but even that was really bad - especially the laughable vulgarity of a torture scene that occurred near the end. None of the latest movies are anything like a Bond movie. They have obviously tried to 'reboot' the series, which is a ridiculous concept. Why not just start a new series of Action/Spy movies??? What is the point in calling it a Bond movie if you are going to take away all the things that make it a Bond movie in the first place? It drives me beserk!! Favourite movie would be From Russia With Love, and best bond girl....really difficult to choose, but perhaps Jill St John.
  11. Huge fan of Chuck Berry's music. Together, he and Johnnie Johnson changed the face of 20th century music forever. I was lucky enough to have seen Chuck Berry in concert a few times, when he played in London. I'm 37, so unfortunately didn't get to see him in his heyday, but I listen to Chuck Berry songs in my car on most days. Didn't everyone grow up listening to these songs?? I can't think of a more recognisable artist really...when you hear a Chuck Berry song, you know what you're listening to straight away. I'm looking forward to the latest album - hope it still gets released!
  12. Ok, that's more realistic then. I actually had a great box of those Corona Gigantes from Rob. Smoke it slowly, they've been discontinued!
  13. I don't agree that your sales figures put you in the minority with regard to vitola preference. Your whole ethos is to advertise/push/sell whatever are the highest quality cigars in production at the current time. Therefore your figures are more likely to reflect which are the best cigars currently, rather than what people want. Case in point....we want more Cohibas, but if you look at your figures, they're probably less popular than most brands. I must say that I have been converted (by you) to care less about the vitola, and more about the quality of production.
  14. This is a good point. I also use tupperwares for storing my cigars. I only trust 'Lock & Lock' which I find have an amazingly tight and reliable seal. As people have mentioned, Bovedas will last a very long time (years) and can still be recharged. This is because the seal is better than any wooden humidor. There is also no variation caused by the mass of wood that a humidor is made from. No seasoning is required! Plus, you can sort your boxes into separate tupperwares, which I often find useful.. Anyway, back to the main point. The way I combat the problem of temperatures that change 'faster than the Bovedas can handle', is by using a lot of Bovedas. The largest tupperwares I use only hold about 6-7 boxes. In with those boxes I use around 8-10 Bovedas. This may seem like 'over kill', but by using more Bovedas, temperature changes, and humidity changes (when you open the tupperware for example) are remedied much faster. Under these conditions, each Boveda pack is hardly doing any work at all. Remember, you only pay for these once, and they will last......well, perhaps a lifetime!
  15. Seems like I saved myself a pile of money then!
  16. For over 10 years I have been considering buying an Arlin Liss Humidor. I occasionally visit his website to drool over his handcrafted humidors, and wonder which wood and specifications I would settle on. One of the major problems with spending so much on a humidor is that, as we all know, whichever one you get, it will never be big enough. At some point in the future, you're going to need another one! Then there's the issue of justifying such a huge outlay...especially when you start counting up how many boxes of cigars one could buy instead! Anyway, I find that I am sudddenly relieved of these problems, as the website says that the business is closed!!! I am sure it cannot be more than 6-12 months since I have looked there, so this must have happened quite recently. Does anyone know anything about this?? If you're not familiar with Arlin Liss, you can see some images here.
  17. So it's not a conspiracy by the studios, but more of a technical/budget issue? I haven't noticed it as much with TV shows, but then I do tend to watch more movies than TV. But even with big budget productions, the issue seems to be there. For example with something like the Avenger movies, or other big-budget action spectacles. On a less irritated note, I just watched Spellbound, one of the very few Hitchcock movies that I had not seen. I recognised the score at once! It has obviously been used in many other places and was excellent. Hitchcock really did well with his choice of composers. Movies like Vertigo and Psycho would never have been as successful without Herrmann scoring them, and here we have another great score by Miklos Rozsa, who also composed the fantastic music in Ben-Hur.
  18. That's a good call on the BBF, and you could be right. Actually I would like to find out which is the best seller....I always imagine the Robusto size being more popular. Perhaps there is even a case for the BPC to be their best seller, as that size is even more popular overall. I forgot about the Libertador....isn't that a limited edition though? I didn't know that they were being produced regularly. If so, I shall add it to my humidor!
  19. Hello all, I cannot be the only one who has noticed how noisy today's movies are. I am a fan of older movies, and in those days the soundtrack was nicely balanced between dialogue and special effects. These days it seems that the volume of special effects is boosted up, far above any spoken dialogue. When I watch a newer movie, I am constantly playing with the volume....having to crank it up for the scenes where the actors are talking, and then pounce on the controls when a gun is fired or, god forbid, an explosion takes place. Perhaps one argument is that a gunshot or explosion IS many times louder than the human voice, so then it should be reproduced as such, but that doesn't make things very comfortable or entertaining for the viewer in my opinion. Should we have our hearing damaged by a sound in the cinema, just because it would damage our hearing in real life? Besides, even quieter sounds are reproduced unrealistically louder than the spoken word. My cynical explanation is that today's audience is not interested in dialogue, or story telling, but just wish to be dazzled by special effects and imagery. Well, that and the fact that the majority of movies today don't actually seem to HAVE a decent story/plot/script, and rely on noise, images, and camera trickery. But then I suppose this stems from the audience demand. Another thing that irritates me is the loss of colour! It seems that a huge number of movies being produced now use filters to wash the colour out of the images. This is supposed to make things all 'dark' and 'gritty', but it's just so common now, that it's a bit ridiculous. Ok, this wasn't meant to be a rant....more like a question.....have these things annoyed anyone else? And, does anyone know where it all started? Was there a particular movie that was made this way, and then imitated by others, or was a it a gradual increasing of FX volumes? My guess would be that it started gradually from around 2002 or so.
  20. It has always surprised me that such a large number of brands/sizes was sustainable, even in recent years when the range of cubans has become smaller. I suppose the only hope is that fewer vitolas will mean better overall quality. Another shocker for me, is the tiny market share that Bolivar has. Among regular/experienced smokers (on this forum for example) Bolivar always scores very well in polls. I also think they are among the best value, when you compare the prices with Cohiba or Montecristo for example. To lose two lines out of an already shrunken range of Bolivar vitolas is quite depressing! I wonder if Bolivar will end up like Diplomaticos, with just one vitola available? My money is on the BRC to be the last one. I find the HUPC slightly less surprising, only because they make so many cigars in the PC size. Last time I counted, there were 15 in production, with the next most common size having 8 (Robusto). If I had to trim vitolas, I would probably focus on that size, and also on brands like RyJ or MC that have a huge number of sizes in production.
  21. Hello all, I have been tempted to buy boxes of both these cigars lately, based on great reviews from Rob and others on here. I have smoked the BCG and really enjoyed it, but I have never tried the RyJ Churchill! I was wondering if you could offer a comparison of the two cigars for me? Not so much which is 'better', as this is obviously personal. But I would like to know how they compare in terms of strength, flavour, construction, reliability etc. I will probably get a box of BCGs anyway, but I am hesitant to fork out for a whole box of Churchills if I'm not going to like them. Other RyJs that I have smoked: Cedros de Luxe No.1 - Loved this cigar! Cazadores - Another one that I enjoyed. I found it surprisingly full flavoured, and it was a bit of a beast to get through. Short Churchill - I liked the first 2 thirds, I found the last boring and disappointing. Belvederes - Did not like the flavour of this....kind of floral or fruity?
  22. I never liked the Coupe version of this car, but they fetch a pretty price these days. I would definitely fit the Lichteinheiten though - they look much better!

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