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  1. How the hell do you find your desktop icons in that mess?
  2. I suppose I should have included some instructions! To change the icon for a folder: Right click the folder, and choose Properties. Then go to the 'Customize tab' along the top. Then choose 'Change Icon', and browse to find the location of the BRC.ico file that you downloaded. To change the icon for a shortcut: Right click the shortcut, and choose Properties. You should already be on the 'Shortcut' tab, so just choose 'Change Icon', and then browse to find the location of the BRC.ico file that you downloaded. You may need to refresh your desktop before the new icon will appear. To do this, just right click any empty area on your desktop and choose 'refresh'. If you want to see how the icon will look before you make any changes, just put the BRC.ico file on your desktop, and it will be displayed in the same way.
  3. I've created a desktop icon from a photo of a box of Bolivar Royal Coronas, so that my cigar folder looks more attractive! I've uploaded it here in case anyone wants it. I like my desktop icons to have some context, as I find it more visually appealling. Actually the .ico file doesn't have to be used on the desktop, it can be used to replace the icon of any folder or shortcut in Windows. Here's an example of some of the icons I use, that are actually shortcuts to folders: BRC.ico
  4. My favourite western is Last Train from Gun Hill, but there are many that I love, so it's difficult to choose a favourite! I think it depends what 'type' of western you like. Some revolve around 'Cowboys & Indians', some have the American Civil War as the main theme etc. For me, the best westerns involve gunfights/gunfighters/duels. My top 5: Last Train from Gun Hill The Gunfighter The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly The Fastest Gun Alive For a Few Dollars More
  5. I chose a bundle of blend #2. Please send the tracking number.
  6. hmmmm, you never know. You don't believe all those fishing trips do you? He's probably just busy hand-rolling the next box of PSP Churchills.
  7. I used it once, a few months back, and I found that it worked ok. One of the few areas of their idiotic website that did! On a side note, I wondered if it is actually that useful? Wouldn't a counterfeiter just need one valid code from each type of box he is going to manufacture? A valid code is easy to come by obviously. He can sell 50 boxes, all with the same code, that will always come back as genuine. I suppose an issue might be if someone buys two boxes from him. That's it, I'm doubling all my orders from now on.
  8. Some factors I thought about for this project: Some brands are not as readily available as others - case in point is Cohiba! Perhaps if these were as easily available as Upmanns, then the results might be different. Because this survey is taking place on the FoH forum, the results will be skewed towards what is offered/purchased through 24:24. Never see Vegueros there for example. Actually, there is no Vegueros listed at *****INT either....any reason behind this? Also, I tend to smoke the cigars I like, and leave the others in the humidor for much longer. An example is that I bought a 10 box of Monte 2s and was quite underwhelmed by them (still haven't found a Monte that I like). In the same time that I have suffered through 3 of those, I have smoked more than 25 Bolivars . So, the contents of a humidor might not accurately represent what the owner is actually buying and smoking.
  9. Nice thread! I love poking my nose into other people's humidors lol. Plus it's fun to see that other people are even more analytical with their collections than I am. My sheet definitely needs some more work! I haven't made graphs or anything fancy, but then I am quite new to collecting, and I've only bought 12 boxes so far: Bolivar - 131 (53.91%) Cohiba - 80 (32.92%) Diplomaticos - 25 (10.29%) Montecristo - 7 (2.88%) You can blame Rob for the lack of Partagas - he owes me 50 shorts.
  10. Hmmm. Been using photobucket for my images since we had this discussion. Now there seems to be an issue with their site, and all the images I have put in my posts are dead! I hope you're pleased with yourself lol! I need to hard-wire the images from the 24:24 guide at least, because it looks damn awful right now!
  11. Had a great BRC for breakfast! Perfectly even burn, spent just over an hour enjoying this one....
  12. Ok, just for fun let's see what people have as their desktop wallpaper! I'm betting that cars are probably quite popular, or perhaps things with a cigar theme? Personally I love landscapes and seascapes. Hmmmm, for all the time I spent choosing my wallpaper, it occurs to me that I rarely see it lol. After all, I don't come to the PC to look at the desktop! At the moment I'm using this one...
  13. Hello all, I recently picked up a box of Bolivar Tubos #3 from a 24:24 sale. Actually, if memory serves, I think this was the first cuban I ever smoked at the age of 17. Anyway, these will be the first box of Tubos in my humidor, and I came across this comment at Habanos recommends removing them from their tubes if storing in a humidor although MRN advocates leaving cigars in their tubes for improved (but slower) aging. Until I read this, I hadn't even thought about whether I would remove the cigars from their tubes or not. I think I would prefer them out of the tubes, simply because it's easier to pluck one fro the humidor and smoke it. Besides, I will obviously have to take each cigar out when they arrive, to see what I've got! So, the question is, do you guys store your cigars out of their tubes, or do you leave them in? Oh, and who wants to buy 25 empty cigar tubes? :)
  14. Happy Easter to the whole team at FOH. This will be the first one in years that I have not had to completely work through, so I'm also looking forward to a break!
  15. I heard Ken, in a recent video, explaining that the hot finish is more of an issue with newer cigars. Meaning that if you smoke something that has a little age on it, there is less chance of that hot last third. EDIT: Here's the video - he mentions it at around 3m30s. I've found the same to be true, and you don't neccesarily need 20 years on it either.
  16. Welcome Sir! Lots of info on here about aging. One recent topic that came up is here:
  17. Congrats on breaking the silence and welcome to the club.
  18. Welcome Sir! They have plenty of opportunities for meeting up here.
  19. Your collection will certainly grow quickly as a result of joining this forum. Welcome welcome!
  20. This is what happens when the wife gets hold of the credit card statements. Haven't tried George Dickel - adding it to my list.
  21. You need to contact Rob, and the prices vary depending on what's available etc
  22. Always loved Newman as a teenager, and tracked down pretty much all of his movies at that time. The Hustler is my favourite, followed by The Sting. But one of his less publicised great movies is The Verdict. Cool Hand Luke is a classic too. Don't forget Hud, and The Towering Inferno!! God, there are too many to list lol.

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